Genshin Impact: How to Increase Adventurer Rank Quickly

Try this guide on how to increase your Adventurer Rank quickly in Genshin Impact! It can get a little bit frustrating, but with help, anyone can glide through the game. Don't be the one stuck because your Adventurer Rank is way too low and you can't do the main quest.

Genshin Impact: How to Increase Adventurer Rank Quickly Cover

There will come a time in Genshin Impact where you’re going to meet a wall called “Adventurer Rank too low”. This can get a little difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Adventurer Rank allows for further progression into the world of the game, so ensuring that you’re always at an adequate level is crucial to seeing and doing everything it has to offer. So, to save you time, consider these tips on how to quickly increase your Adventurer Rank in Genshin Impact!

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Xiangling Exploring

Xiangling Exploring

If you checked out my article about the beginner mistakes you should avoid in Genshin Impact, then you’re probably familiar with this. Exploration in Genshin Impact is rewarded with appropriate, well… rewards. Just unlocking waypoints and Statues of the Seven will give you adventurer experience and it’s not even that hard. You can also seek out oculi to upgrade said statues which also provide a nice chunk of experience. Not to mention chests, puzzles, trials, and random quests that you’ll encounter in the open world!


Stormterror and Venti

Stormterror and Venti

Commissions are unlocked after Katheryn from the Adventurer’s Guild talks to you about it. Think of it as daily quests. Each day, there are four commissions that you can do which are all across the map. It can go from killing monsters, a fetch quest, destroying some structures, and many others. These quests provide a nice chunk of adventurer experience and if you complete them all, you can talk to Katheryn and she’ll give you more rewards that scale with your adventurer rank.


Adventurer’s Handbook

Not really my article without Fischl, right? Also, images you can hear.

Not really my article without Fischl, right? Also, images you can hear.

Another one that people seem to forget. Doing your adventurer’s handbook is really good as it actually helps with progressing the game smoothly. It forces you to ascend and refine your weapons, artifacts, and characters, and rewards you for it. Just make sure that the stuff you ascend are the ones you’re going to use in the long run. Artifacts are safer to refine as there’s literally no reason you wouldn’t want to. There’s going to be a point in the game that artifacts will matter more than the weapon you’re wearing, so keep that in mind.

Elite Bosses, Weekly Bosses, and Domains

Domains and Bosses

Domains and Bosses

These are lower in priority because adventurer experience is not really the main goal when you do these. You usually go for this when you want their materials, while the adventurer experience they give is just a nice bonus. Kind of like a cherry on top! Weekly bosses aren’t unlocked immediately though, you need to progress the main story to unlock them.

I hope that helped point you in the right direction! When I was there, all I did was explore the whole area of Liyue and Mondstadt. I unlocked all of the waypoints and Statues of the Seven while collecting the oculi that I see lying around. If I ran into chests and some bosses, I’d just deal with them appropriately and go on my way. I also did the adventurer’s handbook and the commissions for the experience. Basically, just explore!

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