Genshin Impact Updates Coming, Including a New Zone

Although they've already got a hit on their hands, developer miHoYo has outlined big Genshin Impact updates coming in the next years. Among these will be map expansions, the ability to use food and medicine without opening the inventory, and other quality of life improvements.

Genshin Impact Updates Coming, Including A New ZoneFans of the newest hit open-world RPG have a lot left to look forward to. Developer miHoYo has confirmed that there’ll be big Genshin Impact updates coming in the next year. While some of these updates are small quality of life changes, others will add a whole host of new content to jump into. So, what exactly can fans expect from these updates?

The first changes will be coming with Update 1.1 on November 11. This will mostly be a series of small bug fixes and changes to in-game systems. Although it won’t add new content, there’ll still be noticeable improvements to the game; a whole bunch of stuff is happening around inventory management, as well as other helpful features, like a monster encyclopedia and being able to alter the game’s controls. Much of this can be seen in a Reddit post that translates the Chinese developer’s roadmap.   

A new zone, Dragonspire Mountain, will be added to the games open world in December

A new zone, Dragonspire Mountain, will be added to the games open world in December

The second entry in the series of Genshin Impact updates will be a much bigger one for content. Coming on December 23, it will add an entirely new area to the game in Dragonspire Mountain. Not much is known about what the area will provide in terms of challenges and puzzles, but if it’s anything like the rest of the game, it’ll definitely give players a lot of enjoyable new content. Finally, update 1.3 will launch in February and will bring the “Lantern Rite Festival” to the game. We’ll have to wait to hear more about this event; hopefully, it’ll add another incentive for players to come back to the already wildly popular game

Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Update Official Release Date - Genshin Impact

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