Genshin Impact: All Chess Piece Locations and How to Use Them

Check out this guide to find the locations of all of the new Chess Piece items in Genshin Impact Version 3.4. If you manage to collect all the Chess Pieces in the desert, you will be rewarded handsomely with Primogems and achievements, so this guide will not only tell you where to find all the Chess Pieces but teach you how to use them as well.

Genshin Impact: All Chess Piece Locations and How to Use Them

The new Desert of Hadramaveth area in Genshin Impact is filled to bursting with secrets and puzzles. Whether they be chests, achievements or just cool places in the environment, there’s plenty to chase and search for in the desert ruins. One of the most interesting new additions is the Chess Pieces and the Chess Board

In the Temples Forsaken area of the desert, you’ll find an ancient, decrepit Chess Board if you have progressed far enough through a certain questline. Alongside that, you will also begin finding certain special Chess Pieces which are sprinkled around various ruins and caves. Reuniting the Chess Pieces and the Board can take some effort (and time) but doing so is well worth it. Primogems and achievements await you.

Here’s where to find all Chess Pieces in Genshin Impact and how to use them.

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What are the Chess Pieces?

Chess Pieces are unique quest items that can be obtained around the Desert of Hadramaveth. If you manage to collect all 5 and bring them to the Chess Board at the Temples Forsaken area of the map, you will start a new Quest chain. This will eventually culminate in almost 100 Primogems earned and a few achievements unlocked, too. 

In order to begin collecting Chess Pieces (and to actually uncover the Chess Board) you will need to start and progress the Dirge of Bilqis Questline. This is a continuation of the Golden SlumberQuest that players previously undertook in the Deshret Desert. If you have previously completed Golden Slumber, simply visit Katheryne in Sumeru to start the Quest. If you have yet to start the original quest chain, you can find more information on Golden Slumber here.


Once you have the Dirge of Bilqis, you simply need to progress through it. Doing so will unlock several key areas of importance and to fully unlock all Chess Pieces, you will need to complete the Dirge of Bilqis. This quest is pretty lengthy and has a lot of exploring to do, but it is well worth it for the extra unlockable areas and the Primogems (not to mention access to the Chess Pieces). 

The hunt for said Chess Pieces begins after you explore the Safhe Shantranj Temple during The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears. Doing so will clear the sand that previously swallowed the lower half of the temple, revealing a luxurious Chess Board. From this point on, you can begin collecting the Chess Pieces (although most of them will require you to continue progressing through the Dirge of Bilqis). 

Chess Pieces

Chess Pieces

All Chess Piece Locations

King Deshret’s Pillar

King Deshret’s Pillar is actually one of the first Chess Pieces you can encounter. After draining the sand during The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears, Azariq will leave the Traveller and Jeht to explore a nearby ruin where Jeht believes the Mother of Jinni can be found. This ruin can be found straight ahead of the Chess Board and leads into a beautiful area, framed by a massive evergreen tree.

Upon interacting with Jinni at the tree’s core, however, it will wilt and you will gain the companionship of Liloupar. There will be some more narrative preamble and a back-and-forth between Jeht and Liloupar before the Eremite suggests that you head back to the Tanit Camp. Don’t leave just yet, though, as the first Chess Pieces is close by.

Pillar Piece Location

Pillar Piece Location

Now that the tree has wilted, the area surrounding where Liloupar slept has changed. There are now a few puzzles and chests to collect, as well as monuments to activate and enemies to fight: a polar opposite to the lucid tranquillity that was once here. And if you return to the spot where you originally found Liloupar, in the core of the now mummified tree, you will find a strange Exquisite Chest. 

Opening this chest will grant you the first of five Chess Pieces: King Deshret’s Pillar. If this Exquisite Chest isn’t in this location for you, continue through the Dirge of Bilqis and return to this location later on.

Pillar Piece Chest

Pillar Piece Chest

Border Fort

The next Chess Piece you can stumble upon is the Border Fort piece. This can be obtained during the Dune-Entomed Fecundity: Part I quest, which opens up a large portion of the underground beneath the Desert of Hadramaveth. Following the direction of Liloupar, the Traveler makes their way into the depths of the desert sands with Jeht. 

You’ll make your way beneath the Passage of Ghouls map area, descending into a large cavern. Liloupar will unlock a device used to channel sand and open your path further into the ruin, which is where you will find the Chess Piece. Continue making your way through the cave, defeating any beasties or unlocking any chests as you go.

Border Fort Piece Location

Border Fort Piece Location

Eventually, you will pass a Primal Obelisk (the stone statues that require Sacred Seals to activate). After passing this, you will enter another room filled with Pyro Torches and a locked switch at the centre. If you approach this switch, you will be ambushed by a Consecrated Scorpion enemy. Defeating said Scorpion will free the switch and allow you to progress, while also spawning an Exquisite Chest in the same room.

This Chest is the one which contains your next Chess Piece: the Border Fort Piece.

Border Fort Chest

Border Fort Chest


The third Chess Piece is the Soulferry, modelled after a raft that can still be seen in the Mausoleum of King Deshret. To obtain the Chess Piece, continue to progress the Dirge of Bilqis until you reach the quest Dune-Entomed Fecundity: Part II. In this part of the quest, Azariq will instruct you on how to control the massive Ruin Guard found to the North of the Desert. Using this knowledge, you will move it until it reaches a new location – just North of the Sands of Three Canals – where it will unlock a new cavern for you to explore.

This cave is where the next Chess Piece is located. You simply need to push through this part of the cave until you pass the Teleport Waypoint. At this point, you will unlock one of the ruined doors covered in these strange purple vines. Inside will be the next part of the quest, but also a familiar Exquisite Chest.

Waltz on over and open it up to receive the next Piece: the Soulferry


The Khaj-Nisut Chess Pieces require you to further progress through the Dirge of Bilqis. You will have to continue through the quest until you begin to move the massive Ruin Guard (originally found in the Debris of Panjvahe) in Dune-Entomed Fecundity: Part III. Alongside Jeht and Azariq, you will move the Ruin Guard twice – once just above the Sands of Three Canals and again to the Wounded Shin Valley.

When it eventually arrives at the Wounded Shin Valley, it will collapse into the ground and create a new cave system that you can explore freely. To enter said cave system, travel inside the Ruin Guard via its outstretched left arm: the hole leading to the interior is still intact and you can use it to breach inside. Once inside, exit out the other side of the arm (which has been destroyed in the crash) and you will enter into this cave system. 

The Chess Piece will be waiting inside the locked door just after the underground Teleport Waypoint. This door unlocks after continuing through the Dune-Entomed Fecundity: Part III quest. After progressing enough, the door shall open and there will be an Exquisite Chest waiting patiently within. This contains the next Chess Piece you require: the Khaj-Nisut Piece.

Temple of Gurabad

The Temple of Gurabad piece is a bit trickier to find than the rest. To obtain it, you must do two things:

  • Complete the Dirge of Bilqis Questline.
  • Wait one full server reset after completing the Dirge of Bilqis

Like several other Genshin Impact quests, you will need to wait until the server reset the day after you complete the quest before you can get this Chess Piece. This means waiting until Daily Commissions, Battle Pass Daily Missions and Talent Domains change over to the next day.

Tadhla Quest Start

Tadhla Quest Start

Once that has occurred, head to the Tanit Camp and you’ll find a new sidequest called Tadhla the Falcon. You must accept and progress through this quest, which is actually the beginning of a three-part side quest. You’ll be introduced to an Eremite known as Tadhla, as well as her ‘Master’, and asked to help her. 

The Temple of Gurabad Chess Pieces can be found during the second quest in this chain – The Falcon’s Hunt – where you simply need to follow the quest steps. Alongside Tadhla, you will hunt down several large creatures around the desert. Once you have defeated the final creature, a Flying Serpent, you will unlock a new piece of Liloupar and fall unconscious in a previously hidden cave.

Upon waking, you will experience a short exchange between the Jinni, Paimon and Tadhla before being told to head back to the Tanit Camp. Before you do, though, an Exquisite Chest will spawn right where you awake. This Chest contains the final Chess Piece you need: the Temple of Gurabad

Activate the Chess Board

Once you have collected all 5 of the Chess Pieces, you can bring them back to the Chess Board at Safhe Shantranj. You’ll notice several large blue boxes marking certain points on the Chess Board: these are where you have to slot the Pieces. Simply walk up to each one and insert the desired Chess Piece to continue.

Once you slotted the final Chess Piece, a cutscene will play as the Chess Board begins to transform. Afterwards, you will receive a new quest: Apocalypse Lost. This quest is important for a good few reasons – story, lore, closure on Liloupar – but most important to this topic is that you need to complete it to finish the next part of the Chess Board. The quest is pretty short, so get this done before continuing. 

Now that the Chess Pieces are on the Board, they must be activated before they can function properly. 7 Chess Pieces in total need activation – the 5 you found alongside the Mausoleum of King Deshret and King Deshret’s Glass Goblet – and they only give up their prized rewards should you do so. To activate them, you’ll need to find an Activation Device that fits each Chess Piece: these are usually found in places of significance related to the Chess Piece, itself.

Should you manage to reacquaint a Chess Piece and its Activation Device, you will be rewarded a Remarkable Chest for every Piece. This includes unique furniture and 5 Primogems per chest (totalling 35 Primogems from the Chests alone, not counting the Primo you get from the associated quests or achievements). 

Chess Piece Activation Device

Chess Piece Activation Device

King Deshret’s Pillar Activation Device

The first Activation Device we’ll be going after is for King Deshret’s Pillar. You’ll be going underground for this one, specifically travelling to the Opet Hall. You would have previously visited this location during the Golden Slumber questline and should already have a Teleport Waypoint close at hand.

After teleporting, make your way across the gaps and cliffs using the Four-Leaf Sigils, and head to the entrance to the Opet Hall. Sitting in the open doorway will be the Activation Device for King Deshret’s Pillar. When you approach, it will begin to move away from you, toward the holographic pyramid in the centre of the room.

You simply need to keep following it until it comes to a standstill. Then you can pick it up and claim the Activation Device for King Deshret’s Pillar for yourself.

Border Fort Activation Device

The second Activation Device is for the Border Fort Piece. This can be found in the location where the Border Fort is based: Aaru Village. The location you want to travel to for this one is the Teleport Waypoint located on the top of Aaru Village, as opposed to the Statue of the Seven. 

Once you are there, head towards the cliff edge overlooking the lower half of the village and you should see the Activation Device. Like the previous one, it will attempt to flee as you approach. This time it will take you across a wide gap that you must glide over (hopefully with little trouble). 

Follow the device for as long as is necessary and, when it comes to a stop, pocket it. You are now the proud owner of a Border Fort Activation Device.

Soulferry Activation Device

The Soulferry Activation Device can be found inside Khemenu Temple. You’ll be trying to make your way back into the large room containing the Soulferry itself, but getting there can be a bit confusing. 

First, fast travel to the Khemenu Temple Teleport Waypoint. This is an underground Wapoint and, after transporting here, take a sharp left into the nearby corridor. You will ascend some stairs and come across the Activation Device as you round the corner. Just like before, it will run away from you as you approach, so just keep following it.

It will lead you straight into the room housing the Soulferry before coming to a stop below it. Wander on over and pick it up to claim the Soulferry Activation Device. 

Khaj-Nisut Activation Device

Next up is the Khaj-Nisut Activation Device. Unsurprisingly, this can be found in Khaj-Nisut to the East of the Deshret Desert. This is another location that you previously explored during the Golden Slumber questline and there should be a Teleport Waypoint at the ruins entrance.

Once you’re here, start making your way to the main Khaj-Nisut temple in the middle of the gorge. There will be some convenient Four-Leaf Sigils that you can use to zip around on to make the journey a bit easier. The Activation Device itself with be sitting before the grand locked doors of the Khaj-Nisut, beckoning you forward.

Follow it as it predictably turns tail and wait for it to stop before you grab it. You’re one more Activation Device down with the addition of the Khaj-Nisut Device.

Temple of Gurabad Activation Device

The Temple of Gurabad Activation Device is pretty easy to find, especially considering that it is right next to the Chess Board. At Safhe Shatranj, return to the entrance of the temple you explored with Jeht as part of the Dirge of Bilqis questline. You can either take the Teleport Waypoint nearby or use the surrounding Sigils to pull yourself towards the entrance.

The Activation Device for the Temple of Gurabad will be sitting patiently at the door of the temple. When it moves away from you, it will begin to move in the direction of the Chess Board. Diligently follow it until it takes a break at the cliff edge, overlooking the vast Chess set below.

Pick it up to another Activation Device to the collection. That’s the Temple of Gurabad Device acquired: only 2 more left to go.

Mausoleum of King Deshret Activation Device

The Mausoleum of King Deshret is a Chess Piece you didn’t have to actually collect. Alongside the Glass Goblet, it was already on the board. It does still require an Activation Device, though, so go ahead and travel to the Mausoleum of King Deshret to claim your prize.

The Teleport Waypoint will take you right behind the Activation Device, which is gazing out onto the sands below. Approaching it will make it start heading towards Khemenu Temple and this is probably the longest stretch of time you will have to follow a Device for. 

Keep at it until you see the Device begin to slow above the elevator to the Mausoleum. When it does, take it and you’ll only have one more Activation Device left to claim.

King Deshret’s Glass Goblet Activation Device

The final Activation Device can be found in one of the most visually striking areas in the Desert of Hadramaveth. The Activation Device for King Deshret’s Glass Goblet is found, unsurprisingly, at the Glass Goblet area itself in Mt. Damavand. To get here, you need to complete the Dirge of Bilqis questline, as it will automatically add the Teleport Waypoint for the Goblet once you reach a certain stage in the quest.

Head on over to the Goblet and the last Activation Device will be awaiting you there. You’ll need to chase it around the Goblet, of course, but after you do it will eventually still. Then you can pick it up and claim the final Activation Device as yours.

Return to the Chess Board with all 7 Activation Devices collected. Run up to each of the Chess Pieces and equip them with their Activation Devices. Each of them will spawn a Remarkable Chest when you do so, gifting you 5 Primogems and a furniture item. You can also stand on each of the Chess Pieces to teleport you to the associated location (such as the Border Fort taking you to Aaru Village) for a handy way to get around the map.

That is where to find every one of the new Chess Piece items in Genshin Impact Version 3.4 and how to use them. 

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