Genshin Impact: The Complete Vimana Agama Quest Guide

Genshin Impact's Sumeru region holds a massive amount of quests that are awaiting the players. One of them is the Aranyaka Quest Lines, and today, we'll be providing information on one part of it, the Vimana Agama Quest.

Genshin Impact The Complete Vimana Agama Quest Guide CoverWith the Sumeru update for Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse brought a lot of mysteries and quest lines. One of them is the Aranyaka’s Vimana Agama. 

This guide will delve into Vimana Agama Quest Line, giving step-by-step information up until the end. Buckle up for the ride!

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Vimana Agama: First Chapter

After you finish the initial parts of Aranyaka’s Dream Nursery, you can open the guidebook to find Vimana Agama right next to it. Press the Go button to start the navigation on the quest’s location.

Vimana Agama In the Aranyaka book

Vimana Agama In the Aranyaka book.

First, teleport to the Statue of The Seven in the Devantaka Mountain area, and after you go there, head northeast towards the quest icon. There, you’ll meet Ararycan that appears to be afraid of something. Talk with the Aranara to begin.

Devantaka Mountain's Statue of The Seven

Devantaka Mountain’s Statue of The Seven.

After the strings of dialogue with Ararycan, head to the first suspicious area that’s just behind you. There’s a Four-Leaf Sigil that will help you speed up to the location, so use that.

After you investigate the ruin, head to the following location by following the marker. There are two Four-Leaf Sigils and a few Hilicurls on your way, so you can defeat the enemies first to make sure you’re undisturbed when investigating the area.

While this location also ends up fruitless, the party suggests that they can hear voices from underground. The next marker will show itself, and you must go across the cliff to your left. Utilize the Four-Leaf Sigils to cross it.

From here, you will find a massive tube that will lead you to the underground. However, there is a variant of Ruin Drake guarding the entrance. Defeat it before proceeding.

Once you defeat it, head down the tube, where you will find a massive underground cave.

Vimana Agama First Chapter's Cave

Vimana Agama First Chapter’s Cave.

The Cave Journey

Though you might be tempted to travel manually, for guide purposes, we will follow the Four-Leaf Sigils that are spread around the cave. Use the one in front of you to start your journey through the cave.

On the left, there are two more Sigils to help you get into the next platform. Hop on to them, and after this, there are three more in front of you to sling you to the next area. 

After you get near the quest mark, travel on foot and you’ll see it on the front of a large rusty pipe. Paimon will comment about the lushness of the cave, and this marks your next objective. 

Again, use the Sigils to help you glide through the cave’s area. After you reach the large machination area, turn to your right, as the left path will take you to the bottom of the cave.

As you continue further, you will find other branching Sigils, but don’t worry, as you can safely pick either to advance yourself to the next area. 

Here, you will find a hidden Teleport Waypoint just right before the quest icon’s target location. Activate it before you talk to the suspicious person. 

A Hidden Teleport Waypoint in Vimana Agama

A Hidden Teleport Waypoint in Vimana Agama.

After you discuss with Jazari, return to the Teleport Waypoint to talk with Ararycan. The Ruin Golem that he currently researches lacks the core, and Jazari will inform you of a way to get to the underground. Vimana Agama: First Chapter is complete.

Vimana Agama: Royinjan’s Chapter

Once you’re finished the dialogue with Jazari, head to Port Osmos and locate Royinjan, the merchant Jazari mentioned.

After you finish the conversation, Royinjan agrees to take you to his secret base in Vimara Village. Use the Teleport Waypoint there to save up your time.

Pass through the village until you encounter the hidden base’s entrance. Ararycan will tell you that the entrance is called Vamadha, an architecture built by the Aranara.

Royinjan's Hidden Base Entrance

Royinjan’s Hidden Base Entrance.

To open these structures, Ararycan will teach you the Rhythm of Vamadha, which you can play on the Vintage Lyre.

Approach the Vamadha, and play the music using the lyre. The tunes are Fa – Mi – Mi – Re – Do. Once you complete the rhythm, attack the ball once and it will spin, shifting to a small cutscene and dialogue.

Keep traversing the cave until you reach the quest icon. After the dialogue, keep going further and head down to the right for the next spot.

Once the dialogue here ends, you’ll get another objective, which is to dig the Amiti Device that Jazari needs. Go to the quest icon north of your position.

The next task after you found the first fragment of the Device is to go to Vimara Village and find Amadhiah. After you do so, you will need to find the remaining two fragments of the Amiti Device.


Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga

The next part of the Vimana Agama quest involves two different quests you must complete. The first quest is the Linga sub-chapter. Head to Devantaka Mountain’s northernmost Teleport Waypoint to start.

Here, you will find a submerged cave like in the picture where you must follow the Seelie to its home. Glide down to the pond and approach it.

The Submerged Cave

The Submerged Cave.

Once you get there, the Seelie will start moving but don’t worry, there are Four-Leaf Sigils to help you out here. After you arrive at the shore, keep following the Seelie until you reach a large green door.

Unfortunately, this door requires another Seelie before you can unlock it. To find the second one, jump down one floor and guide it to the structure.

Royinjan's Chapter: Linga 's Green Door

Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga’s Green Door.

There’ll be a Bouncy Mushroom when you guide the second Seelie. Use Electro to activate its special effect, since the Seelie will go so high up you won’t reach it with the usual height.

Once it reaches its home, an Exquisite Chest will spawn. Now, activate the mechanism to lower the water level.

The Green Door's Exquisite Chest

The Green Door’s Exquisite Chest.

Glide down in the northwest direction until you find another Vamadha blocking your path. Play the Rhythm of Vamadha and attack it once to open it.

After you’ve done that, you will now encounter a room that has three Dendro objects, each with a Dendro Totem underneath, as well as two inactive Ruin Sentinels. If you wish to fight them, you can do so before you advance further.

The Room's Three Dendro Flying Objects + Dendro Totems

The Room’s Three Dendro Flying Objects + Dendro Totems.

Use the Dendrogana and utilize bow attacks to hit them. There’s no sequence to follow here, so you’re free to hit any of the three first. 

Repeat the same process to light up the Dendro Totems. If you have a Dendro-based character, such as Tighnari or Collei, then you can use their charged attacks to do it.

Once you complete both sequences, a Luxurious Chest will appear. Now, head south and activate another mechanism to further decrease the water level.

Now, your objective is to investigate the area near the large gear. Do so, and you will earn the second Amiti Device fragment, as well as the Strange Parchment. This sub-chapter is now complete.

Royinjan’s Chapter: Yoni

The next quest in Vimana Agama is the Yoni sub-chapter. For starters, travel to the Teleport Waypoint where you first meet Jazari.

Keep using the Four-Leaf Sigils to help your journey to the next quest area. Once you reach it, you will encounter a blocked path that needs to be cleared. Don’t worry, there will be a Dendrogana to your left. Use it to smash the boulder.

The Blocked Path

The Blocked Path.

Follow the path down, where you’ll encounter a Withering Zone. After the dialogue with Ararycan, clear the Zone from the enemies.

Once you neutralize all enemies, head to the big red flower to cleanse the area from the Withering. An Exquisite Chest will spawn, as well as a tree, which houses the final Amiti Device fragment. Grab them.

The Third Amiti Device Fragment Location

The Third Amiti Device Fragment Location.

Head back to the secret base, where you’ll have a dialogue with Royinjan to report on your findings. Once you’re done, head to Jazari and give him the Amiti Device fragments. This concludes both the sub-chapter, as well as Vimana Agama: Royinjan’s Chapter.

Vimana Agama: Jazari’s Chapter

The next chapter’s quest location will be where you first found Jazari. Use the Teleport Waypoint to decrease your traveling time. There, you will open the Ruin Golem’s cabin door, where you’ll be greeted by a cutscene showing the insides.

The Ruin Golem's Insides

The Ruin Golem’s Insides.

After the dialogue with Jazari, head to the center of the room and jump down. You will encounter a Ruin Sentinel there, so defeat it first before moving on with the objective. 

There will be three Energy Blocks lying on the floor, so grab them and infuse one Energy Block into one of the three Power Relays. This will trigger a dialogue with Jazari. Once it finishes, plug the remaining two Blocks into the other Relays. A cutscene will play afterward.

Talk to Jazari again, and use the elevator to go back up. Press the ‘Go to the middle level’ button on the floor before entering the elevator.

Ruin Golem's Power Relay

Ruin Golem’s Power Relay.

The Four Relays

Once you reach the middle level, head northwest where you’ll find a Relay. Remove the Energy Block from it and use the Block to power the Glowing Glyphs right next to the Relay.

Inside, there will be another Relay. Grab that Relay’s Energy Block as well, and reclaim the one you used to power up the Glowing Glyphs. 

Head south and go to the left Glowing Glyphs. Open it, and you will find a Mysterious Chronicle inside.

The Mysterious Chronicle

The Mysterious Chronicle.

Head back and go to the Glowing Glyphs next to the one you just entered. Behind the gate will be a Remarkable Chest. Grab it, retrieve the Energy Block, and head to the next gate to your left.

This gate has an engraving in front of it, where you must infuse the two Energy Blocks you currently have into it. Do that, and the gate will open.

Inside, you will find the third Energy Block and Power Relay. Equip the Block, and use it to power up the Relay. A Ruin Sentinel will spawn, so you must defeat it before continuing. There’s another Mysterious Chronicle here, you can read it to get an idea about what happened many years ago.

A Gate That Needs Two Energy Blocks

A Gate That Needs Two Energy Blocks,

Retrieve all three Energy Blocks and go right across the room where you’ll find another gate. This time, however, it needs three Blocks for you to access it.

Inside, you will find another Energy Block and a Power Relay. Repeat the process, and defeat another Ruin Sentinel that will spawn. 

This time around, leave the newest Energy Block in the Power Relay. Grab the three inside the engraving instead. Go back to the room where you found the third Energy Block.

Again, place one Energy Block into the Power Relay, and retrieve the remaining two in the engraving. 

From here, return to the first Glowing Glyphs, the one that has a Power Relay inside. Open the gate with one Energy Block, and infuse the other into the Power Relay.

Finally, place the last Energy Block into the very first Power Relay you encounter on this level. Once you do so, Ynghildr, a Black Serpent Knight and possibly the pilot of the Ruin Guard, will appear.

Ynghildr has a unique power where he can blink around the area near him. Be mindful of this ability, and you can defeat him quite easily. Return to Jazari to report your progress.

The Pilot Cabin

After the dialogue, you can now summon the elevator and choose the ‘Go to the top level’ option. Your task now is to connect to the pilot cabin power system.

The Pilot Cabin Area

The Pilot Cabin Area.

Head towards the Power Relay that is currently active. Grab the Energy Block, and use it to power up the Glowing Glyphs on the left of the Power Relay.

Interact with the Mysterious Chronicle inside, retrieve the Energy Block and go across to room to find another gate. Power it up, and you will find the second Energy Block. Retrieve the one you used to power up the gate, and exit the Power Relay’s room.

Go across the platform where you’ll find an exact layout like the previous room. The only difference is that the left Glowing Glyphs gate is broken. Inside, you can find Zandik’s Note.

On the other side, you can activate the gate and find a Luxurious Chest inside. Grab it, retrieve the Energy Block, and use one in the Power Relay.

The Luxurious Chest Inside the Glowing Glyphs

The Luxurious Chest Inside the Glowing Glyphs.

Return to the other side of the platform and use the last Energy Block to power up the Relay. A small cutscene showing the Pilot’s Cabin will appear.

The Pilot's Cabin

The Pilot’s Cabin.

Head inside and you’ll have a discussion with Jazari. After that, you now have control over the Ruin Golem. You can see the Sumeru landscape through the screen. Attack three times to initiate another cutscene. The Vimana Agama: Jazari’s Chapter is complete.

Vimana Agama: Dev Delver Chapter

Thanks to the bravado in the previous chapter, there’s a new pathway through the western exit. Go there. Keep heading down until you are reunited with Ararycan. It turns out that the Ruin Golem’s severed hand creates an opening to the underground ruins. 

Jump down the hole to enter the underground ruins. There’s another hidden Teleport Waypoint here, so you can activate it first.

Vimana Agama's Second Hidden Teleport Waypoint

Vimana Agama’s Second Hidden Teleport Waypoint.

Continue gliding across the room using the Four-Leaf Sigils where you see the Abyss Mages. Defeat them.

After you defeat the Abyss Mages, continue down the tunnel until you find a massive chamber with the Ruin Golem’s Core at the center of it.

The Ruin Golem's Core

The Ruin Golem’s Core.

Once the cutscene and the dialogue end, you are now tasked to defeat the Abyss Mages in three different locations. These are pretty straightforward, you just need to head to the quest icons. Utilize the Four-Leaf Sigils to help your journey.

After you defeat the Mages in any of the three locations, the Core’s Seal will start to change, and after the last part, Paimon will comment something regarding the Core.

Once you complete the task, you must now fly toward the Core’s location. Approach it and a cutscene will begin. A fair warning, there will be a battle that follows after this, and it is recommended to have Hydro and Pyro characters in your team to get ready.

The Ruin Golem's Core

The Ruin Golem’s Core.

An Abyss Lector called The Blazing Thunder of the Dark Depths will appear and you must defeat him before moving on to the next objective.

Once you defeat the Lector, head back upward using the Four-Leaf Sigils scattered around the area. Turn off the extractor device, and the Core will shut down, saving the forest.

The Exit

The Exit.

To find the exit, find the location in the picture above, and sling towards it. Continue upwards and jump using the Bouncy Mushroom to finally get out of the underground ruins.

Your next objective is to find Ararycan outside. Once you find him, talk with him, and he will say that even though the forest’s illness is cured (The Withering), he must remain alert in case the illness returns.

The Vimana Agama: Dev Delver Chapter is finally complete, and you will also earn the achievement …Let Me Fade With Memory. This also marks the end of Vimana Agama: First Chapter.

Vimana Agama: Until Vana Is Healed

This is the second chapter of Vimana Agama. This part of the quest is locked until you complete several other Aranyaka quests.

You also need to help other Aranara in Chapters III and IV of Aranyaka as well as participate in Festival Utsava before you can continue the Vimana Agama questline.

Vimana Agama in Aranyaka

Vimana Agama in Aranyaka.

Once you’re able to access Vimana Agama again, head to Ardravi Valley in Ashavan Realm to meet Ararycan.

After the dialogue finishes, go towards the north area below, where you must cleanse off another Withering Zone. Clear the zone to get the next objective.

Entering the Cave

Next, you need to head into the cave nearby to search for clues. However, shortly after you get near the entrance, two Abyss Mages (a Pyro and a Cryo) will obstruct your path. You need to defeat them before moving on with the quest. 

There will be three areas you need to search for the answer to the riddle. Go across the cliff to find three murals. They are, from right to left, Dusk Bird, Shroomboar, and Rishboland Tiger.

One of the Murals

One of the Murals.

Head back to Ararycan to discuss your findings. To find the correct answer, we need to find the right order of the murals.

The order of the murals is The Dusk Bird mural (the rightmost), then the Shroomboar mural (the middle one), and lastly, the Rishboland Tiger mural (the leftmost).

If you’re successful, the screen will shift and both Paimon and Ararycan will make small comments on it. A Luxurious Chest will appear, and you can now access the “Labyrinth” using the Rhythm of the Gloomy Path.

Vamadha’s Labyrinth

Once you go inside, Ararycan will tell you that you’re now in Vamadha’s Labyrinth, and the structures won’t move as usual, and they’ll need a bit of thinking to solve.

Vimana Agama's Vamadha Labyrinth

Vimana Agama’s Vamadha Labyrinth.

Go to the first Vamadha. After you play the Rhythm of Vamadha, attack it twice to reveal an opening. Go inside and from here, hit it with another two attacks to rotate the opening to the other side.

Go to the Vamadha in front of you, and again, attack it twice to rotate it to the other side. Be careful, as bow attacks might also hit the sphere in front of the one you’re in right now. Use swords for more safety.

Once you do this, there’ll be an Investigation area up ahead. Go to it, and another dialogue will trigger. The group decided to go to Jazari for advice, so return to Devantaka Mountain.

Returning to Dev’s Cavern

Jazari will be in the room where we solved the four Power Relays puzzle, he’s standing on the left side after you pass the giant door. A dialogue will commence after you meet him.

Your next task is to go to Dev’s Cavern. Use the Teleport Waypoint nearest to the cave to save your traveling time.

Once again, you will encounter the Ruin Golem’s Core, and your task is to protect Jazari while he tries to seal it. Three Abyss Mages will immediately spawn behind you, named Gibica, Gundahar, and Gundomar. Defeat them to advance with your next objective.

Another set of three Abyss Mages will spawn, and you must defeat them as well. Finally, the last set of enemies will spawn, and after you defeat them, go to the Core and talk with Jazari.

The Ruin Golem's Core New State

The Ruin Golem’s Core New State.

Once the dialogue ends with Jazari and Ararycan, you will get an achievement Walking With Water and Wind. This marks the end of the Vimana Agama questline.


The Aranyaka Quests are, undoubtedly, a whole lot of journeys. Different and new areas, meeting all kinds of Aranara, you name it. The Vimana Agama, being a part of the greater story, is also a unique and satisfying quest that players will certainly like. With Version 3.1 looming closer; new quests and contents for Sumeru will certainly be a part of the main attractions.

Genshin Impact is available for free on PC, PlayStation, and Mobile.

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