Genshin Impact: All Mysterious Clipboard Treasure Chest Locations

Within Genshin Impact's Sumeru Region, there is an item known as the Arankaya. This item has a special feature called the Mysterious Clipboard which shows images of various hidden locations around Sumeru which all hide buried treasure. Here is everything you need to know about the Clipboard, including how to start the quest and how to find every chest available in Version 3.0.

Genshin Impact: All Mysterious Clipboard Treasure Chest LocationsGenshin Impact’s Sumeru region is one covered head-to-toe in secrets and quests that players can uncover. A lot of these quests have to do with a special kind of nature spirit called the Aranara, and one of the most rewarding of these quest chains has to do with the Mysterious Clipboard.

The Mysterious Clipboard is part of an item known as Aranyaka in Genshin Impact. It shows painted pictures of several locations around Sumeru as well as the location of a hidden chest in each image. In total, there are 10 chests that you can currently scout out, but some are quite tricky to find. This journey will take you all across Sumeru and, in the end, will give you access to over 20 chests (including a Luxurious Chest). 

Here is the location of every Aranara Mysterious Clipboard treasure chest in Genshin Impact.

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How to Unlock the Mysterious Clipboard

To unlock the Mysterious Clipboard in Genshin Impact, you must first unlock the item called the Aranyaka. This item is earned through the aptly named Aranyaka questline, which is a very long series of world quests in Sumeru. It begins near the outskirts of Sumeru City where a young Forest Ranger is being beset by a few Fungi. Defeat them and you will begin the quest and meet the character of Rana.

Follow the quest up until you reach Part 2 of the Aranyaka quest chain. This is after Rana is trapped by Aranara magic after being corrupted by the Withering. You will then be taken to the home of the Aranara, Vanarana. From here, you will be taken to the Realm of Dreams and will gain further access to more Aranara quests and activities that will continue the Aranyaka quest chain. The Aranyaka book will also be given to you, which can be accessed at any time in the Key Items section of the inventory. 

Once you have spoken to the chief of the Aranara and are asked to help various Aranara so that a festival may eventually take place, you can begin working towards your Mysterious Clipboard treasure chests. If you wish to learn more about this sequence, you can find more information in our Sumeru Crafted Weapons guide

Glowing Postbox

Glowing Postbox

Static Dreams Part 1 Quest

In Vanarana, you will find one of the houses has a postbox outside of it. When you first encounter it, it will be glowing blue. Interacting with it will begin a quest called Static Dreams which is the start of the Mysterious Clipboard.

You will be shown an image of a location within Vanarana and the icon of a chest hidden somewhere within the image. Next, you have to find the location and dig up the treasure to tick off this location in your Aranyaka. If you wish to see the location of this chest again you can find it in your Aranyaka, in the option below the Traveller’s learned Aranara songs.

You need to complete this quest and find the first treasure chest to unlock all other Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard images.

Treasure Chest 1

The first chest can be found very near the postbox where you first get the images. You’ll find it in Vanarana.

Chest 1 Painting

Chest 1 Painting

Specifically, the first chest is right next to the Statue of the Seven, on the right side. Simply walk over to the area and a ‘Dig’ interaction should appear. However, you need to be in the Realm of Dreams to get the chest. In the normal world, the prompt will still appear but it will instead just produce nothing. 

After you dig up this chest you should complete the Static Dreams quest and be able to access the other Mysterious Clipboard paintings from the same postbox you first used. Now, you have access to paintings 2-8: paintings 9-10 will be unlocked at a later stage.

Aranyaka Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest 2

The second treasure chest can be found in the South of Sumeru, in the region known as Apam Woods. This chest is in an area which is heavily featured in one of the Aranara side quests which you need to beat for the Aranyaka quest.

The painting shows a large tree encircled by swirls of water. You can find the chest somewhere around the base of the tree.

Chest 2 Painting

Chest 2 Painting

When you get to the Apam Woods, you will see the same large tree to the South. This tree will become engulfed in water during certain times in the day, just like is seen in the Aranara painting. 

Make your way over to the tree and carefully climb down and around the rocks at the base. The water below will break your fall if you don’t succeed. Walk over to the correct spot and the ‘Dig’ prompt will appear. 

Treasure Chest 3

The third painting is in the same area as the last, Apam Woods, but you won’t be able to access it normally. Instead, you will need to progress through the Varuna Gatha Aranara quest which tasks you with helping rid the Apam Woods and the Varuna (the big tree) of Marana. 

In terms of the actual painting, it depicts the chest nearby a log littered with mushrooms. The log is next to a tree-like structure with a gem-like orb at the centre of its branches.

Chest 3 Painting

Chest 3 Painting

To get here, complete all the quests for the Varuna Gatha quest until you have united all 4 of the Aranara. You will be asked to venture inside the Varuna and rid it of the Fungi within. As you are exploring the innards of the Varuna, you will come across various enemies and challenges, and even a Domain down there. For the chest, it is recommended that you finish the quest before proceeding.


Once you have completed the Varuna Gatha quest and have received the Aranara song which allows you to change the weather (which is used for several puzzles around the Apam Woods) you can get your chest. From the big tree where you play the weather-changing song, turn around and you should see a cluster of orange mushrooms next to a log. Walk over to it and the ‘Dig’ prompt should show up to signify your 3rd chest found.

Treasure Chest 4

The fourth chest may seem a bit strange, as it depicts some Aranara who will not be there when you arrive. You will find this chest nearby the Mawtiyima Forest.

The painting shows two Aranara spending time together around a log stump, with a house in the background. In the distance, the blue mushroom trees of the Mawtiyima Forest can be seen towering over.

Chest 4 Painting

Chest 4 Painting

This Aranara house and the chest are closer to the Palace of Alcazarzaray than the Forest. From the Statue of the Seven, start heading to the West toward the palace and you will eventually come across the main road. Follow that path North and then continue West once the path bends back towards the Mawtiyima Forest – this should be on a bit of a cliff. 

Climb up the slope and at the top, you will find a small Aranara house and a familiar-looking tree stump. The chest is by that stump. This location also begins a separate Aranara quest which you may want to complete while you are here. 

Treasure Chest 5

Chest number 5 can be found pretty early on in Sumeru, geographically anyway. In reality, you will need to complete another Aranara side-quest to progress and get this chest. It is located near Gandharva Ville

The painting shows a raised platform above a body of water. There is an Aranara house on top of the structure and the chest is apparently on the floor directly underneath the raised stone.

Chest 5 Painting

Chest 5 Painting

The quest you need to follow here is called Agnihotra Sutra. You can begin it by talking to a group of Eremites nearby the State of the Seven at Gandharva Ville – they are sitting around a campfire. Following this quest will eventually give you a way of repairing a Dendro monument that is blocking off your entrance into a cave (and a Dendroculi) that you have likely noticed by now. The chest is also in that cave.

After the quest takes you inside this cave space to speak with a mushroom, you will see the same sort of risen stone structure among the water. Walk beneath it and you will be able to dig up your 4th treasure chest for the Mysterious Clipboard in Genshin Impact.

Treasure Chest 6

The sixth chest takes us back to the Mawtiyima Forest in the North-East of Sumeru. This one is a bit easier to find, as it doesn’t require any quest progression.

The painting shows that the chest is buried between a group of large plants and rocks, with several large mushroom trees looming overhead. You can also see the faintest bit of water at the edge, indicating that it is by a lake or body of water.

Chest 6 Painting

Chest 6 Painting

In the middle of the Mawtiyima Forest, you will find a small pool of water. There are various enemies and puzzles to complete around this area, but this is also where the chest is. To get here from the Statue of the Seven simply follow the main road as it should pass by this pool and you can glide down to it.

Walk along the Eastern bank of the pool and you should see a familiar stack of rocks and plants. Your chest will be waiting there for you to dig it up. If you want, you will visit this exact area during the Agnihotra Sutra quest chain (which you needed to progress for chest 5). You can wait to collect it until then. 

Treasure Chest 7

Chest number 7 is found very close by the Vimara Village, a place you visit with Rana at beginning of the Aranyaka quest chain. Once again, this area requires you to progress another Aranara quest to get into the necessary location. 

This painting shows a strange mechanical object resting on a raised platform covered in moss and branches. The chest is coiled beneath this massive metal thing.

Chest 7 Painting

Chest 7 Painting

Chest 7 asks you to progress the Vinama Agma quest chain of the Aranara. This involves the massive Ruin Guard-like entity that is resting in the Devantaka Mountain. The Arana associated with this quest, Ararycan, can be found nearby the Statue of the Seven on Devantaka Mountain. Follow this quest chain until after you return to Vimara Village from Port Ormos. After this, you should learn a song which lets you spin the massive seeds that sometimes block your path in Sumeru, allowing you access to a secret cave.

As soon as you enter this cave, you will see the metal structure from the painting. It is suspended on a piece of rock and you can casually walk over a connected branch to make it there. Then, just find the spot at the base of the object where the ‘Dig’ prompt shows up and another Mysterious Clipboard treasure chest is yours. 

Treasure Chest 8

This is the final chest for the first part of the quest. You will find it while continuing with the Vinama Agma quest in  Devantaka Mountain. Eventually, you will make your way inside the mountain and will be asked to help the Aranara. 

This painting depicts the chest being in an underground setting, buried beneath a stone building or structure. There are two lamps nearby, with the chest being by the closest lamp. 

Chest 8 Painting

Chest 8 Painting

While progressing the quest, you will eventually arrive at an area which was once sealed off by vines (you may have to lead a Seelie here to unblock the path). You will also be nearby a teleport point, a hidden one which can now be activated. From this teleport point, you can see the area you need to go to directly when you teleport.

There are several points that you can zip to get across the wide gap easily. Once you get to the other side, it is simply a case of standing in the right place and finding your chest. This concludes the first part of the Mysterious Clipboard in Genshin Impact.

Static Dreams Part 2 Quest

To access paintings 9 and 10, you must progress the main Arankaya quest. This requires you to complete several other quests for other Aranara so that you may bolster their numbers for the Aranara festival. Doing this may take you quite a while, so don’t forget about this yet.

Once you have completed the Children of the Forest main quest and are asked to return to Vanarana, you should accept the next quest. This asks you to interact with all the Aranara that you have aided throughout your journey and spend time with them. At this point, the postbox will begin glowing once more and you can continue onward.

Interacting with the postbox begins Static Dreams Part 2. If you have previously explored The Chasm, you may already have some of the next few objectives completed (including chest 10). If not, you may continue.

Treasure Chest 10

It may seem confusing that chest 10 comes before chest 9. However, you will access chest 9 until you have found chest 10. This chest isn’t even in Sumeru at all: instead, it is located in the depths of The Chasm in Liyue. 

The painting this time depicts a massive set of tree roots that stretch down into an underground space. There are small grassy islands everywhere and the chest is sat neatly on the ground.

Chest 10 Painting

Chest 10 Painting

In The Chasm, make your way to the Main Mining Area. There should be a Teleport Waypoint on the Western side of the Mine, up high. From here make your way around the rim of the Main Mining Area and you will find a hole in the wall (follow the map if you need help). This hole will lead you inside a small corridor which opens into the area seen in the painting. 

Instead of just digging up a treasure chest, this one asks you to complete a small Elemental Monument puzzle to access it. These are found all across the room. When you complete it, you’ll find a chest which rewards you with something called a Shrivelled Seed. This is the item required for chest number 9. 

Treasure Chest 9

The final chest for this part of the Mysterious Clipboard is a bit tricky to get to. As previously stated, you must first get the Shrivelled Seed from chest 10 before you can proceed. Even then, finding the location required can be kind of tough. This location is South of Vanarana. 

The image shows several Aranara congregating around a hole in a stone wall. This hole is covered by branches and vegetation. 

Chest 9 Painting

Chest 9 Painting

From Vanarana, make your way out of the town to the East using the main road. This may have been the path you took to first get into the village. Follow this path South until you hit the teleport point on the bank of the river. From here you should be able to see that the path continues to the West, but it splits as one path goes North before stopping. This is the path you need to follow.

Following this takes you to a cave (the entrance of which is marked by a pick-axe on the map image). Enter the cave and eventually you will find a Withering Zone. You need to take this out before you can proceed forward. Destroying the Withering Zone allows you to freely explore the area.

You should see a large root that was directly above the Withering Zone. At the end you will find a small white flower on the ground. This flower should respond to one of the songs that you play on your Lyre and the wall behind said flower should disappear, revealing a room completely full of chests and one Aranara. 

From here a cutscene will play and upon concluding, you will get an achievement and complete the Static Dreams quest. Congratulations! You have completed all the Version 3.0 Mysterious Clipboard chests in Genshin Impact.

How to Unlock the Other 15 Chests

What is next, though? After you find the final room with all of the chests, you can’t even open any of them. There are 15 chests here in total, ranging from common all the way to luxurious. You can open all of these chests, but you need to do something first.

Around Sumeru are numerous lost Aranara. These are unnamed Aranara who are either being attacked, lost or need to be reactivated by Dendro. There are about 75 of these Aranara in total all over the wilds of Sumeru. For every 5 Aranara that you find, one chest can be unlocked. First, you go through the common chests before slowly making your way higher through the chest rarity system. 

One of the Aranara will remain inside this cave and you must talk to them if you wish to unlock any of the chests. Upon speaking to them, several chests corresponding to how many Aranara you have saved will unlock and you will be able to loot the contents. Once all the Aranara are found, every chest can be looted.

The Chest Room

The Chest Room

Another Image

If you visit the postbox after completing all of these steps, you will find it glowing once more. Interact with it and you will receive an image of a desert town. This location is currently inaccessible and will likely be added in Version 3.1 with the Desert area of Sumeru. This implies that the Mysterious Clipboard will also continue.

Desert Painting

Desert Painting

For now, however, that is how to find every chest from the Mysterious Clipboard in Genshin Impact Version 3.0. 

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