Genshin Impact 3.4 Livestream Overview: Lantern Rite, New Area and New Skins

Here is everything you need to know that was revealed in the Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Livestream. In a Livestream celebrating the Chinese New Year and the upcoming Version, Hoyoverse showed off plenty for Travelers to be excited about, including new characters, a new area and more, This piece will go over everything you may have missed.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Livestream Overview: Lantern Rite, New Area and New Skins

Another new Version update is close at hand in Genshin Impact. Specifically, Version 3.4, which Hoyoverse and Mihoyo just held a live stream for. This update happens to include this year’s rendition of the famous Lantern Rite Event and Festival, which happens to be one of the game’s most lucrative and fun events to date. 

Alongside the Lantern Rite, Version 3.4 promises two brand new characters for players to pull and use, a brand new area of Sumeru’s desert to explore, new quests and events to complete for Primogems and plenty more things to do. There’s plenty to see and do this year in Genshin Impact, and Version 3.4 is just the start.

Here’s everything you may have missed from the Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Livestream. 

Version 3.4 "The Exquisite Night Chimes" Trailer | Genshin Impact

Primogem Codes

First and foremost, here are the free Primogem codes which were given out throughout the stream. If you can enter these into the game, you will be awarded 300 Free Primogems to spend or save. Hurry, though, as these codes will only last for the next day or so. 


New Characters and Version Banners

Two new characters are joining the roster in Version 3.4. They both belong to the Dendro Element and, for one of them at least, people have been waiting a very long time. 

Since art was spotted of her over two years ago, Travellers have been awaiting the return of Yaoyao. Now, in 3.4, she has arrived! As a close friend to many of the Adepti-related characters of Liyue, this little 4-Star Dendro Polearm can exude a level of grace and innocence that few others can. Alongside her rabbit companion, Yaoyao is a great healer and someone who will help keep you topped up in battle.

Alongside her suite of Normal and Charged attacks, Yaoyao can send out her rabbit companion, Yuegui, during her Elemental Skill. While it is on the field, it will repeatedly spit White Radishes at either the player (if they need healing) or at the enemy if you need a bit of an extra punch. She will be the first healing unit belonging to the Dendro Element.

Yaoyao Character Bio

Yaoyao Character Bio

The other new character is the playable form of the Sumeru scholar Alhaitham. Since his introduction in the first part of the Sumeru Archon Quest and beyond, players have been keenly interested in the shady scholar of the Akademiya. In 3.4, Travelers will get to pull on and use the 5-Star Dendro Sword

Wielding a sword in one hand and an additional blade in the other, Alhaitham has an interesting fighting style and stylish animations that set him apart from other Genshin Impact characters. His Elemental Skill allows him to shoot forwards at blistering speeds, while his Burst summons several bouncing lights similar to Kequing’s Burst. He is intended to be a strong main DPS, one who will easily slot into many Dendro-oriented teams.

Alhaitham Character Bio

Alhaitham Character Bio

Version 3.4 Banners

In the first half of Version 3.4, Ahaitham will be one of the main 5-Star Units running alongside fan-favourite Anemo Polearm Xiao, the Slayer of Demons. Alongside both of these characters, the new 4-star Yaoyao will be on rate-up for both Banners.

Then, in the second half of the Version, the Wangshen Funeral Parlor owner Hu Tao makes her long-awaited return. Joining her is the mysterious agent of the shadows, Yelan, in her very first rerun. These two banners will be held together during the later parts of Version 3.4.

There is also a brand new 5-Star Sword making its way to the game. During the first half of the Version, the Light of Foliar Incision will be available on the Event Weapon Wish. This is Alhaitham’s Signature Weapon and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it and the man himself will surely be very happy. This weapon will run alongside the banners in the first half of the version before disappearing. 

New 5-Star Weapon

New 5-Star Weapon

New Explorable Area

Sumeru will get an expansion with Version 3.4: the Desert of Hadramaveth. To access this area, you’ll need to accept a new questline where you return to the troupe you accompanied in The Golden Slumber series of quests. 

This portion of the desert is centred on a gigantic swirling sand tornado that can be seen from the Desheret Desert. With intense sandstorms and expansive stretches of barren land, this part of the desert isn’t to be taken lightly. That danger, though, has cultivated a new group of untouched ruins, tons of caverns to explore and even some hidden oases that people can find.

New enemies stalk the sandy lands of the Hadramaveth. Two new Eremite enemies join the fray, a Lorekeeper who utilises the element of Pyro as well as a Ring Dancer who uses the power of Dendro. Alongside the human enemies are various augmented beasts and creatures who will try and impede your exploration of this new section of the desert.

The Desert of Hadramaveth will be available to the North of the Deshret Desert in Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact

The Desert of Hadramaveth

The Desert of Hadramaveth

New World Boss

A new World Boss also makes its home in the Setekh Wenut. This gigantic predator lurks deep beneath the sands of the Hadramaveth, listening out for the sounds of likely prey above.

Similar to a massive sandworm, the Wenut cuts through the sand as the Ruin Serpent found within The Chasm. With the ability to hurl vast spikes of homing energy at you as you battle, the Wenut is a fearsome foe who isn’t to be taken lightly. The entire fight seems like something straight out of Shadow of the Colossus.

The materials dropped from the Setekh Wenut will likely be useful in levelling up and ascending characters such as Alhaitham and others going forward.

The Setekh Wenut

The Setekh Wenut

Genius Invokation TCG Updates

Since launching in Version 3.3, the Genius Invokation TCG mode has become wildly popular and played by many all over the world. Since then, Hoyoverse has promised to keep new cards coming to every update, alongside balance passes and updates to the game experience. 

In Version 3.4, two new Character Cards join the roster. The Spark Knight, Klee and the Captain of the Alcor, Beidou, both make their way to the game as new Character Cards for players to control. Like the other cards in Genius Invokation TCG, they are sure to emulate the abilities and skills of their playable counterparts in the nuances of a TCG experience.

Additionally, a new PvP mode is being released. Instead of having to rely on luck for good Elemental Dice rolls, players can focus solely on strategy with a new casual PvP mode. At the start of every round, players will receive 8 Omni Element Dice to use instead of having to roll – this allows you to focus on your Action Cards and get the most out of each round. 

Genius Invokation TCG

Genius Invokation TCG

Version 3.3 Events

The Lantern Rite

The Lantern Rite is arguably the most important event in all of Genshin Impact and it returns for 2023 in Version 3.4. This event is used to welcome in and celebrate the Chinese New Year and has become one of the most rewarding and expansive events in years past.

This year, the storyline of the Lantern Rite seems to involve Liyue holding a special Music Festival. Alongside the usual suite of Liyue characters like Yunjin, Xiangling, Xinyan and Hu Tao, other friends from across the continents of Teyvat will make their appearance as well, including the Tone-Deaf Bard himself, Venti. It also seems as though Ganyu will be accompanying us as we discuss tales of the past with her mentor, Cloud Retainer. 

The Exquisite Night Chimes

The Exquisite Night Chimes

There are several kinds of gameplay events to take part in across the event. This includes a new kind of point-and-click mode involving Paper Theatre where you must rearrange the scene to keep the story going, classic combat challenges to test your skills, Waverider trials and even a new parkour mode. There is plenty to do this year’s Lantern Rite.

The biggest reward here is the chance to obtain any of the Liyue 4-Stars for free. This includes the brand-new character Yaoyao, so be sure not to miss it. There will also be a log-in event where Travellers can earn up to 10 Special Event Wishes for free.

Choose any Liyue 4-Star in the Lantern Rite - Genshin Impact 3.4

A Fortuitous Invitation

Other Events + New Skins

Apart from Lantern Rite, several new events make their way to Genshin Impact in Version 3.4. This includes a new Event for a free 4-star Skin for Lisa. 

The first event is titled Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl. As the name so subtly suggests, this event will involve the return of the One and Oni, Arataki Itto, as he involves Travelers in his favourite past time of beetle battling. During the event, players will raise and train their beetle before engaging in contests against fellow combatants, hoping to prove their beetle stronger than the rest. This event awards Primogems and plenty of upgrades and Ascension materials.

The Beetle Brawl Event

The Beetle Brawl Event

The next event is titled Warrior’s Spirit. This is a combat challenge event similar to some others we have seen in the past. You will play as the Traveler as they face off against several difficult opponents. By using things like Parrying and special attacks you can turn the tide on much stronger foes. This event is also where you will see the brand new Outfit for Kamisato Ayaka. While the outfit won’t be available from the event, players can use it in the exhibition match where it can then be purchased from the store.

The final event of 3.4 does have a free skin that players can earn. In the Second Blooming, players will accompany Lisa, in one way or another, as she returns to the land of Sumeru where she studied as a scholar. You will fight through a tiered, tournament-style series of combat challenges. If you can complete them all, you will unlock the 4-star outfit A Sobriquet Under Shade for Lisa for free. This is alongside the usual suite of rewards, Primogems and level-up materials.

That is everything you need to know about Genshin Impact 3.4. The new Version launches on the 18th of January 2023.

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