Genshin Impact 2.8 Diluc Outfit Showcase: Is It Worth The Money?

Genshin Impact has been releasing new skins for its characters since Version 1.6, and it has bought with it 2 new offerings in 2.8. The most interesting of these is the games first 5* skin for Diluc, featuring new animations, attack effects and more. But it does beg the question: is this outfit worth the high asking price?

Genshin Impact 2.8 Diluc Outfit Showcase: Is It Worth The Money?

Since Version 1.6, Genshin Impact has slowly been releasing new outfits for its 4* and 5* characters. It’s been a year since 1.6, and with the coming of the 2.8 Version update, Hoyoverse has given us two brand new outfits: one that is earnable for free for Fischl, and a paid outfit for Diluc.

While 5* characters have received outfits before, this new outfit for Diluc is unique in quite a few ways. It changes a lot more than just his outfit, even including new animation and voicework, but that also means a difference in price compared to the other skins in the game.

Is that jump in price warranted? What does the 5* Red Dead in the Night outfit actually get you? 

Let’s have a look at everything the new Diluc skin has to offer and see if we can decide whether it’s worth the money Hoyo is asking.

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Diluc NEW Skin vs Classic Outfit (Side by side) - Genshin Impact

(YouTube video by Abyss Breakdown)

First 5* Skin in Genshin Impact

Red Dead of Night is the very first 5* skin in Genshin Impact

Red Dead of Night Splash Art

Red Dead of Night Splash Art

Diluc is not the first 5* character to receive his own unique outfit, however, but he is instead the third. Jean was the first, alongside her sister Barbara, in the 1.6 Version Event, with an outfit for Kequing arriving a few months later during the 2nd annual Lantern Rite festival. 

What makes Diluc’s outfit a 5* outfit compared to every other one in the game, including both Kequing and Jean, is that his has special properties. This includes changing a variety of his attack animations, adding unique effects to his attacks, new voice lines and a new idle animation pose as well as the actual outfit change. Previously, outfits only gave an appearance change and no change to the characters animations.

Going forward, I would expect that we see a lot more 5* outfits because the extra additions are certainly more enticing, especially on powerful 5* characters… and, of course, these are the skins that also cost more money. 

So what changes does the Diluc skin actually make?

Changes to Diluc (Outfit, Animations, Attacks)

Diluc’s new outfit is based upon his time as a covert agent, and was an outfit he apparently wore during that era of his life. This gives him an overall edgier look, one that while still in line with his original design, is far more visually diverse and interesting at a glance. 

The skin adds a few distinct pieces to his outfit.

The first is a change to his hairstyle, changing out Diluc’s signature long hair for a high ponytail with a slightly lighter shade of red. His puffy fur coat has been switched out for a slick red leather jacket, complete with a myriad of chains that go across the entire outfit. His shirt has a bunch of intricate ornamentation and a few jewels that are so visually distinct from his original outfit. 

Other changes include a new set of boots, and, comically, about an inch of extra height.

Diluc gets access to a new idle animation when wearing this outfit, too. His trusty falcon companion swoops down, giving him a rolled up note, which Diluc reads before burning the paper in his grasp. He also gets a new voice line, about how the outfit brings him back to his past endeavours.

Overall, the outfit is really well made. All of the Genshin Impact outfits usually are, but Diluc’s is of especially high quality 


Attack Changes

Something other skins in the game do not have is a change to how the character’s attacks look, which Diluc’s does.

Usually, the Pyro element generated by Diluc’s attacks is a bright orange flame, one which is very clear and visually distinct. This visual design is carried through all of his abilities, including his Elemental Skill and his Elemental Burst.

When you have Red Dead of the Night equipped, however, his attacks are altered. The flames now have a black tint to them, and the fire is a much darker red colour. 

It’s Diluc’s Elemental Burst which receives the biggest overhaul. 

The fire bird that Diluc usually summons with his Burst is now the same dark red and black as his Elemental Skill, instead of the bright orange that it usually is. When the bird leaves the field after dealing Pyro damage to all those around it, it usually begins to arc upwards before disappearing: with Red Dead of the Night equipped, the fire bird wraps itself up before shooting off into the sky at high speeds. It’s a change that you notice, and it ultimately does make the Burst look a lot cooler.

In general, the outfit makes Diluc’s animations a lot more distinct and makes his fire stand out compared to the other Pyro characters in the game. Whether this is something you want is debatable, but it certainly is very cool. 

Is It Worth the Money?

The Red Dead of the Night skin cost 1980 Genesis Crystals, which is already 300 Crystals more than any other skin in the game. 

However, it is only this price due to being discounted during the duration of Version 2.8. Normally, this skin would be valued at 2480 Genesis Crystals, almost 1000 Crystals more than all of the other skins. 

The lowest amount that you could get this skin for, when the skin is not discounted and without the bonus double Crystals upon first purchasing a pack, is about £30. If you were to purchase it during the 2.8 Version Update, the least you could get it for is £25.99. 

Obviously, if you have access to the double Crystal bonuses, that price will go down: for example, I was able to get the skin for £13 because of the double Crystals on the 980 pack. That is a much more understandable price, especially when compared to the other skins in the game, but instead the outfit would be double at it’s usual price.

Looking at it this way, the price will most certainly sour a lot of people. Diluc’s new skin is really nice, and the animation changes that come with it are a very big boon in favour of the skin – I mean, I bought it because I don’t like Diluc’s original outfit and it means I will actually use him. It is one of the most high quality skins in the game, and one that if you are able to get it at a lower price, is almost certainly worth the money (especially is you like Diluc or want to use him).

Outfit Shop Screen

Outfit Shop Screen

If you cannot get it at that lower price, however, I do not think this is worth the money. 

Unless you are a massive Diluc fan and use him all the time, the £30 price tag is just too steep a cost for a cosmetic. In specific relation to Genshin Impact, a £30 spend would net you about 15+ Pulls (which is still absurd to a lot of people, including myself) so if you value new characters or weapon pity more, there is something else to spend that cash on.

Genshin Impact has always been a pretty free-to-play friendly game (they do give out all their outfits for 4* characters for free after all) but it is monetised extremely harshly. The new Diluc skin is just another example of that, and at the end of the day it is up to you to determine the value of this outfit dependent on how much you are willing to spend. Cosmetics are always harder to judge than other content, as they are simply appearance only and do not affect gameplay with extra stats or sliders, so people can make their own judgement. 

For £13, this is a very good quality skin that will make me want to use Diluc. For £30, this is a waste of money, at least in my eyes. 

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  1. The monetization in Genshin is anything but harsh. Go look at Diablo Immortal…that’s harsh


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