Genshin Impact: All Desert of Hadramaveth Shrine of Depths Locations

3 new Shrine of Depths have been added to Genshin Impact in Version 3.4 and you can learn exactly where they are in this guide. Shrines are unique areas that must be unlocked with special keys in order to obtain some great rewards and this guide will show you the exact locations of all 3 Desert of Hadramaveth Shrines.

Genshin Impact: All Desert of Hadramaveth Shrine of Depths Locations

Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact has bought with it the Desert of Hadramaveth. This is an expansive new addition to the desert area of Sumeru filled with ruins, dunes and sandy hurricanes galore. Another thing that was added is a new batch of Shrine of Depths.

The Shrines of Depths are special areas dotted around each of Genshin Impact’s major regions. They are shaped like small mausoleums and are locked until you obtain a Shrine of Depths key. If you can find these Shrines and unlock them, you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful Luxurious Chest from each, complete with 40 Primogems, high rarity Talent Books, materials and more. 

The Desert of Hadramaveth has bought an additional 3 Shrine of Depths Sumeru. Finding each one in the vast sandy desert can be tricky, especially when they’re hiding around rocky inclines and canyons.

Here is where to find all 3 Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact’s Desert of Hadramaveth.

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Shrine of Depths Keys in Version 3.4

Before you start trying to find the 3 new Shrines in Genshin Impact, you must first gather the required keys. Shrine of Depths needs a Shrine of Depths key to open: each Region has their own type of key which is designated by colour.

Sumeru’s Shrines of Depths, and their keys, are a nice Dendro green colour. Any green Shrine of Depths key can be used on any Sumeru Shrine.

With the addition of 3 new Shrines, Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact also added 3 new ways to get Keys. These are:

  • Raise the Sumeru Statue of the Seven Level 8
  • Raise the Sumeru Statue of the Seven Level 9
  • Hit Level 38 with the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana
Where to Get Keys

Where to Get Keys

Shrine of Depths Locations

Now that you have your Keys, you can venture into the Desert of Hadramaveth to find the Shrines. 

Shrine 1

The first Shrine can be found on the border between the Deshret Desert and the Desert of Hadramaveth. 

Just North of Khaj-Nisut, the ancient ruins you explore in the Golden Slumber quest, is a new stretch of sharp rocks that pepper the desert landscape. These have been newly added in Version 3.4 and hide a wide variety of secrets including chests, enemies, Dendroculi and, of course, a Shrine. 

The easiest way to get here is to go to the teleport point which borders the Desert. From here, start making your way South-West and into the spires of rock and stone: you may even start to see the Shrine come into view ahead. 

Continue weaselling your way around the rocks and eventually, you’ll come to overlook the fallen ruins of Khaj-Nisut. And, next to this overlook, will be the first Shrine of Depths for the Desert of Hadramaveth.

Shrine 2

The next Shrine is to the North of the Desert of Hadramaveth. 

The Fane of Panjvahe (or Fading Rumination) Domain is the easiest teleport location for finding this Shrine. If you have yet to unlock that, however, make your way down the main path from either the Passage of Ghouls or Old Vanarana: when it diverges, head down the Northern path and you’ll eventually make it to the Domain. 

Once you’re here, simply run down a sandy slope and the Shrine will be waiting for you. You can easily get over to it using some Four-Leaf Sigils that dot the area. 

Shrine 3

The final Shrine in the Desert of Hadramaveth can be found to the far West in the Wounded Shin Valley. 

To get here effectively, you can simply follow the Western path from the Fane of Panjvahe Domain. This path will move around the edge of the map, eventually taking you to the Western edge of the Desert. There is also a teleport point close by, on the side of the valley closest to Mt. Damavand. 

The Shrine is located on the very edge of the map near the end of the explorable terrain. You’ll need to scale several tiers of a tall rock, so it’s best to try and find areas where it thins out and where climbing can be made far easier.

Make it to the top, though, and the final Shrine of Depths in the Desert of Hadramaveth is yours.

That is where to find all 3 of the new Desert of Hadramaveth Shrines of Depths in Genshin Impact Version 3.4.

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