Genshin Impact Creator Unveils New Trailer for Upcoming Game

Mihoyo of Genshin Impact fame have just announced their new upcoming project entitled "Zenless Zone Zero". The studio has garnered massive fame due to the release of their worldwide hit game Genshin Impact, and now they have their eyes set for a new game set in a different world.

Zenless Zone Zero Characters Shown in the Trailer
The recent announcement trailer showed visuals and cinematics regarding Zenless Zone Zero, which is the title for Mihoyo’s upcoming game . Those who have played or seen their games before would see that the visuals are reminiscent of their previous releases which feature cell-shaded graphics and a poppy anime feel.

The trailer has garnered plenty of positive buzz online. Most people notice the visual and character design being reminiscent of the Jet Set Radio aesthetic. Said aesthetic depicts what seems to be either a post-apocalyptic or abandoned settlement setting overrun with monsters. The character design takes notes from modern and slightly techno clothing.

They were announced for PC, iOS and Android. People speculate it to be out in late 2022, though no concrete release date has been given. There is also no concrete information about other details such as monetization, genre and gameplay style. But going with Genshin‘s monetization it’ll most likely feature an energy system or similar, along with gacha mechanics.

Mihoyo’s previous Genshin Impact has managed to gross approximately 2 billion dollars in revenue and if that’s anything to go by, Zenless Zone Zero has some big shoes to fill. However, people’s hopes are high and hype is building up, eager to see what Mihoyo has in store. Though, most of how the game will fare depends on what type of game it is as there has been no concrete confirmation regarding the gameplay style of the game.

Closed beta signups are also available now by registering through the game’s official website. The site also includes information about the characters of the game and some world building elements.

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