The Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume Event Adds New Features, Including Dating Minigame

Get ready for the Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume event. The latest festival will add a number of interesting features, including a quite surprising one. Participate in mini games, fight dangerous bosses and even take a character out on a date. All this and more in the upcoming Patch 1.4.

The Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume Event Adds New Features, Including Dating Minigame Cover

There is never a dull moment in Genshin Impact. With the Lantern Rite Festival behind us and a new character to play around with it, it’s nearly time for the new in-game event. The Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume Festival will once again introduce a ton of features aiming to keep you neatly occupied for the next few weeks. Releasing on March the 17th, it will add new story quests, a new character, mini games and much more.

Venti: The Four Winds

Similar to the last event, the Windblume Festival will kick off with a story quest. This time it will resolve around the Archon of Mondstadt himself, Venti. The Anemo bard makes a triumphant return and will be the main focus of the story quest as well as of the new banner. That’s right, one of the most desirable characters will star in the new banner, a first since the game’s initial release. A new banner will also increase your chances of opening Childe as well as the new 4-star hero Rosaria.

If you have felt a severe need for a “sexy nun” type of character in Genshin Impact, well then this hero should not disappoint you. Wielding a polearm, Rosaria is a Cryo champion that can dash behind smaller enemies and dish-out tons of physical and/or elemental damage, depending on the way you choose to build her.

Character Teaser - "Venti: The Four Winds" (English Voice-Over) | Genshin Impact

Date night (featuring Fall Guys)

While the Lantern Rite event added a tower defense mode, the new festival will introduce several new mini games in case you wish to take a break from all the monster slaying. You’ll be able to participate in 4 types of activities: wind-gliding, a balloon popping game, jump and run type of levels where you need to avoid environmental obstacles and even a QTE musical event. Participating in these tasks will allow you to buy cool stuff from the Event Shop. On offer once again is the highly-desirable Crown of Sagehood and the 4-star bow Windblume Ode, among other sweet rewards. 

The more interesting addition will be the chance to hand out with some of the characters. You will be able to spend time with Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett in a series of different quests. Each character will have a branching story with different dialogue choices and different outcomes for each story. 

The Best of the Rest

Genshin Impact 1.4 will also add a new set of weapons and a bunch of new enemies to test them on. Featured in the new arsenal are a 5-star bow and a catalyst, a sword and another bow for the 4-star selection. There will be a new boss to try them on, the Abyss Herald. Unfortunately, this monstrosity will be story-related and players won’t be able to grind it endlessly for resources, though it may be made a permanent inclusion in a future patch. 

Speaking of bosses, you’ll be able to clash once again with Rhodeia of Loch. This version of the fight promises to be less annoying from the original, as you’ll be able to directly deal damage to the giant Oceanid. Participating in this event will earn you lots of resources, Primogems and even a mini-oceanid pet.

Version 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer | Genshin Impact

Finally, a new arena, similar to The Spiral Abyss, will be added. You will be able to fight different baddies with increasing difficult for the chance to win Mora, different resources and, of course, Primogems.

The Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume Festival comes with lots of fresh ideas and toys to play around with. It will run until April the 5th, so make sure to clear your schedule if you want to get all the rewards.