Genshin Impact: Where to Find and Unlock the 3 Large Obelisks in Sumeru

Sumeru's Deshret Desert has a bunch of secret areas and puzzles in Genshin Impact. One of these new puzzles is that of the 3 Large Obelisks, massive structures that can be activated using the ancient technology of the land. Here's how to activate them to get a few chests as well as a secret achievement.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find and Unlock the 3 Large Obelisks in Deshret DesertGenshin Impact Where to Find and Unlock the 3 Large Obelisks in Sumeru

The new Deshret Desert area of Sumeru in Genshin Impact is filled to the brim with secrets and hidden areas to explore. Many are locked behind strange mechanisms and ancient technology.

One of these structures that players can come across are a series of large Obelisks. From the outside, these seem like giant stone pillars, often surrounded by a beautiful oasis. Their doors are locked, however, and no matter how hard you try, they cannot be opened from the outside.

What riches lay inside? Well, if you manage to unlock all of the Obelisks in the Desert you’ll net yourself 3 Precious chests as well as a nice little achievement for your trouble.

Here’s how to find and unlock all 3 of the Large Obelisks in the Deshret Desert of Genshin Impact.

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There are a few things that you need before you embark on your journey into the Desert. The most important is that you have the right tools for the job.

Several of the Obelisks contain the same ancient technology that is found strewn all across the Deshret Desert. These pieces of ancient tech require something known as a Clearance Level to activate – there are 4 different types of Clearance Level, defined by the number of symbols on the devices. 

To increase your Clearance Level, you must begin the Golden Slumber quest in Aaru Village. Find a Mondstadt merchant by the name of Bonifaz and you will begin this very important subquest. That isn’t the end, however, as you will need to increase your Clearance Level up to Clearance Level 3, at least, to access all of the Obelisks.

If you wish to know how to increase your Clearance Level (including up to maximum Clearance) on the Scarlet Sand Slate, you can find our guide on it here on KeenGamer. 

Clearance Levels

Clearance Levels

Large Obelisk Locations

There are 3 Large Obelisks amongst the sands of Sumeru. You can see them all pretty clear from the map. 

All Obelisks have a front door but they will all be closed upon the first visit. To access them, you will need to enter via the various caverns and caves found all over the Desert. The images below have the location of both the Obelisks and the caves you need to enter to reach them.

Obelisk 1 Location Guide

The first Large Obelisk in Genshin Impact can be found in the Southern part of the Deshret Desert. To get into this Obelisk, you need to do a little puzzle.

Upon reaching the cave entrance at Lamb-Carver Rock, you’ll find a massive door which is locked. An interactable terminal is in front of it and the entire area is swarming with Eremites. If you try and interact with it, you will learn that you need a password.

To get this password, you will need to listen in on one of the patrolling Eremites as she walks around the camp. Get too close too soon and everyone will aggro on you. You need to sneak about until you hear the password. Once you’ve done that, return to the terminal and it should open up.

Continue walking on through the cave that opens up. You know you’re going in the right direction when you enter a room full of gold and treasure, as well as a few trapped Seelies. Explore this room and there will eventually be a path downwards.

After some time you will find a large room with tall ceilings and Anubis statues all over. This is a reoccurring room between all the Obelisks and contains a timed puzzle for you to complete involving the invisible barriers of ancient technology. 

Complete it and a Precious Chest is yours. Ascend the elevator and you will find yourself before piecing of ancient tech that needs a high Clearance Level to activate.

Activate it and that is one Obelisk down. The surrounding oasis will be revitalised afterwards.

Inside the Obelisk

Inside the Obelisk

Obelisk 2 Location Guide

The second Obelisk can be found nearby the first, only a little further North. This is honestly the simplest one to find and activate.

Once again, the door to the Obelisk is locked. There are 2 entrances to this cave, but the second one (by the teleport waypoint to the West of the Obelisk) will only open after you have travelled through the cave once already. As such, the first cave entrance is more viable.

You will have actually traversed through this area before during the Golden Slumber questline. The cave can be found in Abdju Pit, the place where you first find Tizard, Jeht and her father. If you have previously explored this area, go to the Domain and look straight ahead. You’ll see the entrance to a temple on the lower floor. 

If you go through you’ll eventually find yourself at an impasse. The left path goes deeper into a temple (with an Ember Brazier outside it) so instead, take the right path. From this point, keep moving toward the path that leads underneath the Obelisk. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you reach a tight set of corridors filled with Geo Fungi enemies. 

Inside is another puzzle room and another Precious chest to find. Go up the elevator and there is the second Obelisk. 

Puzzle Room 2

Puzzle Room 2

Obelisk 3 Location Guide

The final Large Obelisk in Genshin Impact is to the North-West of the Desert, right by the death border. You have to complete a few puzzles to get into this one.

Next to the closest teleport waypoint, there is a massive hole in the floor. If you jump down it there is a path North and a path South. Take the Northern path which is actually underneath a large headless statue.

Inside this corridor is a series of puzzles and fans. You will have to time the turning off and on of the fan with the movement of a spark down the hall. If you manage that, the Brazier at the end will light up and a fan will activate to take you further up into the structure.

Another few puzzles will await you, including another fan that leads upward. When you reach the very top, you will find the final puzzle room. 

Grab your Precious Chest, activate the monument and the third and final Obelisk will be yours. Once all 3 of them have been activated the Scarlet Reign’s Great Red Sand achievement will be yours.

Final Puzzle Room

Final Puzzle Room

That’s how to activate all 3 of the Large Obelisks in Genshin Impact.

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