Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in Sumeru

Domains are a very important part of exploration in Genshin Impact and the Altar of Mirages is a new one in the Deshret Desert. Getting to it can prove to be a bit of a hassle, however, so here's a guide on what quests you need to do and what steps you need to take to unlock this new Domain.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in SumeruGenshin Impact Version 3.1 has bought with it an expansion to Sumeru in the Deshret Desert. As with all locations in Genshin Impact, the Desert is full of secrets, puzzles and tricks that the players be rewarded for finding.

A staple of exploration in Geshin Impact is Domains. These are special, curated challenges of either exploration or combat that reward the player with lucrative boons should they complete them. Deshret Desert is no different and has several unique Domains for players to stumble across.

One of these Domains is the Altar of Mirages Domain, which is pretty well hidden beneath the sands. You have to go through several steps to get to the Domain, including an important subquest that the game does not tell you about. As a result, finding the Altar of Mirages can be pretty difficult.

Here’s how to unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact. 

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Where to Find the Altar of Mirages Domain

The Altar of Mirages Domain can be found in a pretty interesting spot. It is directly in the heart of the Desert – buried beneath the Mausoleum of King Deshret.

The closest teleport point is the Khenemu Temple waypoint. From where you spawn in, walk directly forward into a large room filled with torches and intricate architecture. Take the right side of the room and enter the first door. 

Inside, you’ll find a massive broken wooden ship. There are a few shattered pillars on the floor and the room is in general disrepair. Past it, you’ll find a locked door. The path to the Altar of Mirages Domain is behind this door and is a simple hop, skip and jump away. 

However, at this point, you won’t be able to get to the door or even the room it’s located in. Both are locked to you until you progress in a certain quest line.

Ship Room

Ship Room

How to Open the Locked Door

There are two main problems here. The first is that Khenemu Temple is locked and you cannot access it. Massive mechanical doors or invisible barriers will bar any attempt to get inside.

The reason for this is that you have to go through a quest to unlock the Temple (and in doing so, unlock the way to get to the Altar of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact). 

Unlocking Khenemu Temple

To even access the inner sanctum of the Khenemu Temple, you must start and progress the Golden Slumber quest. This is a very important questline that is integral to exploring the Deshret Desert completely. To accept it, go to Aaru Village and go to the second level. You’ll find a travelling merchant named Bonifaz who has a quest for you. This is the Golden Slumber quest.

During this quest, you will unlock the innards of the Khenemu Temple and you will even explore the room with the boat. The problem is that your Clearance Level will be too low.

This is where the second problem emerges. The door in question is locked by a book-like mechanism with several symbols on it. If you try to interact with it, it will tell you that your Clearance Level is too low. Clearance Levels are a special system in the Deshret Desert and many puzzles and mechanics are locked behind having a certain level of Clearance.

You will only have the base level of Clearance at this point, whereas this door requires a Level 2 Clearance Level. Unlocking the Altar of Mirages cannot be progressed until you have Clearance Level 2. You can find our guide on how exactly to get to Clearance Level 2, including a breakdown of where and how to get to maximum Clearance Level, here on Keen Gamer.

Continue on the Golden Slumber quest until you complete it.

Clearance Levels

Clearance Levels

Unlocking the Door

Once you have completed the Golden Slumber quest and you have risen your Clearance Level to Rank 2, you can return to Khenemu Temple. 

Follow the same route as before and you can now enter the door with Level 2 Clearance. Once it opens, you can enter it to see a small corridor with the floor collapsed in the middle. Jump down this hole and you’ll find yourself in an underground cavern. Turn around and you will see the fabled Domain. 

Complete this combat challenge Domain to receive the rewards for Behind the Illusionary Curtain. This includes Primogems, some Talent Material books, artifacts and more.

Altar of Mirages

Altar of Mirages

That is how to unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact.

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