Genshin Impact: How to Raise Scarlet Sand Slate Clearance Level in Sumeru

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 introduced the Deshret Desert area of Sumeru and it is full of secrets to discover. Many of these secrets require something called a Clearance Level. The higher your level, the more access to special puzzles and mechanisms you have. Here's how to start the quest you need and how to raise your Clearance Level to max.

Genshin Impact: How to Raise Scarlet Sand Slate Clearance Level in SumeruSumeru’s newest area, the Deshret Desert, is one of Genshin Impact’s densest areas with secrets and puzzles. The arid dunes hide many things including a lot of Primogems and rewards that players will want to get their hands on.

However, there are a few roadblocks. The main one is something known as the ‘Clearance Level’. Certain puzzles and mechanisms around the Deshret Desert cannot be activated unless you have the required Clearance Level. There are a total of 4 different levels (as well as 2 special levels). How exactly you increase these, or even how to get the first level, isn’t exactly very clear.

Here’s how to raise the Clearance Level of the Scarlet Sand Slate in Genshin Impact Version 3.1

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What Clearance Levels Look Like

To understand your current level, you must understand what each Clearance Level looks like.

Depending on how high the required puzzle or mechanism needs, you will see a different set of symbols and shapes emblazoned upon it. The most common symbol is shaped like a fancy ‘U’ with a circle at the centre.

Clearance 0

Clearance 0

  • If there are no shapes or symbols, you only need the Scarlet Sand Slate to activate it.
  • If there is one symbol, you will need Clearance Level 1.
  • If there are two, you will need Clearance Level 2 and so on. 

There are two other symbols that you may stumble across in your journey in the sands. These are a square made up of lines reminiscent of a ‘G’ and a circle similar to the Hydro symbol. Both of these are quest related and you cannot unlock them if you do not go through the required quest steps.

Now that you know what the symbols look like, how do you get started?

How to Get the Stone Slate

To begin the process of raising your Clearance Level, you will first need to get a certain item. This is the Scarlet Sand Slate, a very important item that unlocks access to many areas as well as guides you through Deshret’s underbelly. 

The Slate records the amount of Clearance you have as well as what you can currently unlock. You can find the Slate at any time in your Key Items section of the inventory. 

So, how do you get this item? 

First, you must make it to Aaru Village. From here, you should find a man named Bonifaz, a merchant from Mondstadt. He will have a quest for you and when you begin it, you will start the important side quest called Golden Slumber.

Follow this quest until a certain point and you will receive the Scarlet Sand Slate item from the researched Tizard.

Slate Tutorial

Slate Tutorial

Raising Clearance Levels: Day 1

Now you can begin to raise your Clearance Level. There is a catch, however.

You must follow the Golden Slumber quest essentially the entire way through. This is because the quest itself gives you access to Clearance Level 0 and Level 1, as well as the first special symbol. These are all required to complete the quest line and will unlock your ability to find and activate other mechanisms. 

Complete the Golden Slumber quest to continue onwards. In the end, you should have access to Clearance Level 1 and the symbol which unlocked Khaj-Nisut. 

Scarlet Sand Slate

Scarlet Sand Slate

Raising Clearance Levels: Day 2

A new quest will be available with access to more of the quest if you wait until the next daily reset.

Once reset has hit return to the Aaru Village Statue of the Seven. After you get there, a cutscene will play of Paimon and Traveller discussing the fate of Jhet and Tizard, people you ventured with from the Golden Slumber quest. As this is happening, another researcher from the Akademiya will approach you and request your aid in a new commission.

This will begin a new important quest titled Old Notes and New Friends. 

Following this quest will unlock the second special symbol and a new area. This is required to get full Clearance, as this locked area houses one of the devices which grants higher Clearance Levels.

From here, you can follow the Slate to the position of the other devices which will raise your Clearance level. Do note: you can find 2 of these before completing this quest by just exploring the Deshret Desert. However, at this point in the quest on Day 2, the device will specifically guide you to these areas using waypoints and markers and so it is recommended that you wait if you’re having trouble.

Each location you visit has a massive structure surrounded by 4 of the Primal Ember puzzles: find all 4 and you will be granted a Clearance Level. Here’s where to find the 3 puzzles required to raise your Clearance Level from 1 to 4. 


Place of Rebirth

The Place of Rebirth is the easiest to reach. If you want to get there on your own and without guidance from the Slate, first go to the Dune of Magma.

Enter the Dune and you will find a puzzle inside involving Clearance Level 1 devices and Primal Embers. This should be a relatively easy puzzle to solve. 

Once you have, the centre of the Dune will open and reveal a hole that goes deeper inside. Drop down and there will be a torch puzzle. Next to this puzzle is a massive tree root which stretches into an even deeper hole in the earth. Jump down. 



Follow the path you land in and you will eventually find yourself in a massive room with several exits and entrances, as well as a big temple off in the distance. There is also a teleport waypoint here for you to activate for easy use. From the Waypoint, travel towards the temple. You will see 2 Pyro Monuments, one on the left and one on the right. Below the one on the right is a small hole and in that hole is a Hilichurl. Enter the hole and follow the path to a drop. 

When you reach the bottom, you will be in the Place of Rebirth, which will currently be covered in water. Complete the necessary puzzles inside (which includes another torch puzzle involving Verity Cells) and you can return to the central structure to receive your next Clearance Level. 

Place of Rebirth

Place of Rebirth

Place of Breath

It can take a bit of time to get to the Place of Breath. First, you must make it to Sekhem Hall. You will need Clearance Level 2 to access this area.

Begin at the Khemenu Temple, the area you travelled to during the Golden Slumber quest. Directly ahead of the teleport waypoint is a massive room with an elevator in the middle. Instead of going to it, bank right and enter the first room you see.

Inside will be a large broken ship that you had to climb on during Golden Slumber. Past it will be a closed door and a Clearance Level device. Once you open it you will see a hallway with a bit of a broken walkway. Jump down.

Sekhem Hall

Sekhem Hall

When you reach the bottom, start making your way forward until you enter a large chasm. There will be a path to the right (which leads down) and a path to the left (which goes up a slope). You should go left. At the top, you will find another Clearance Level mechanism which conceals the entrance to Sekhem Hall. 

Sekhem Hall has 4 different floors and while all 4 contain various secrets, puzzles and prizes, you want to head to the top one for the Clearance Level. On the left side of the Hall (from where you enter) you will find an open doorway on the top floor. When you enter, you will be met with a series of corridors, elevators and drops. Navigate these until you find yourself on the bottom floor.

Reaching the bottom, you will find the Place of Breath and the unlit Primal Embers. The sources you need to activate can be found around the various corridors you just travelled through. Gather them all and you will get Clearance Level 3.

Place of Breath

Place of Breath

Place of Swallowing

The Place of Swallowing is the only location that is inaccessible until day 2. Both the Place of Breath and the Place of Rebirth can be found on your own on day 1. This is because you need to unlock  Duat Hall.

The Old Notes and New Friends quest should direct you to this location. The easiest way to get here is to teleport to the waypoint you activated in the Place of Rebirth. Instead of dropping into the hole below the Pyro Monument, continue into the temple. You’ll pass one of the obelisks which need Sacred Seals and find a set of stairs on the right. Follow these up and you will find a massive door and a mechanism locked with a strange symbol.

Duat Hall

Duat Hall

Once you’re on the Old Notes quest, you can open the door to reveal Duat Hall. The entire main hall is a staging ground for the Place of Swallowing puzzle as it contains many different Primal Embers and fans you need to navigate. 

The Place of Swallowing itself can be found on the bottom floor of Duat Hall. Glide down to find a door on the right-hand side. Go down the stairs and make a left to find the room waiting for you. Complete the puzzle and voila.

Place of Swallowing

Place of Swallowing

That is how you increase your Clearance Level to the maximum in Genshin Impact Version 3.1.

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