Genshin Impact Yoimiya Best Build Guide

Yoimiya is the daughter of Naganohara Fireworks and the Queen of the Summer Festival. Her unique playstyles makes her a nice choice for those who want something a bit different than the typical Bow playstyle. Here's a guide on how to best build Yoimiya, including her best weapons, her best teams and her best artifact options.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya Best Build Guide

Yoimiya was one of the first characters that players met when they stepped foot onto Inazuman shores for the first time. As a 5-star Pyro character, Yoimiya is the Queen of Summer and wields a Bow in combat that doesn’t typically conform to how Bow characters traditionally play in Genshin Impact. That unique playstyle allows Yoimiya to become a potent main or sub-DPS in a lot of situations, with one of the most powerful elements to boot.

Since Version 2.0, Yoimiya has only ever rerun once – in the latter half of Version 2.8.

Here is all the information you need to make the best Yoimiya build including her required Ascension materials, which order you prioritise levelling her talents, what her best weapon is, what artifact set bonus you should go for, and overall the best team compositions that make Yoimiya shine. 

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Character Demo - "Yoimiya: Dazzling Lights in the Summer" | Genshin Impact

Who Is Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya?

‘Frolicking Flames: The daughter of Naganohara Fireworks.’ Yoimiya Official Bio

Yoimiya is the daughter of Naganohara Ryuunosuke and the owner of Naganohara Fireworks. She has been dubbed the Queen of the Summer Festival by those in Inazuma City and beyond for her lovable and colourful personality as well as her tendency to put on incredible fireworks shows. With a pinch of childlike innocence and kindling of obsessiveness, Yoimiya is constantly trying to better herself so that she can create better fireworks and better memories for the people of Inazuma.

Throughout the first part of the Inazuman Archon Quest, Yoimiya plays a big role in helping you get through the city. You even join her on a venture to help some children with fireworks for an upcoming festival. She is carefree to a fault and is always willing to lend a hand to others.

How Do You Get Yoimiya?

As a 5-star character in Genshin Impact, Yoimiya is only available when she is on the rate-up Event Wish Banner.

So far, she has only appeared twice, once on her first appearance and once on her rerun.

Yoimiya has been available on: 

  • Yoimiya’s Banner (Version 2.0) – August 10th 2021 to August 30th 2021
  • Yoimiya’s First Rerun (Version 2.8) – August 2nd 2022 to August 23rd 2021
Tapestry of Golden Flames 2.8 Banner

Tapestry of Golden Flames 2.8 Banner

Yoimiya Level Up Resources

To Ascend Yoimiya, you will need the following Yoimiya Ascension Materials:

  • Naku Weeds
  • Agnidus Agate Crystals (Pyro Crystals)
  • Divining Scrolls
  • Smouldering Pearl

Naku Weeds are a speciality of Inazuma that grow all over various islands. They grow out of the ground as small purple plants with a diamond-shaped top. In total, Yoimiya will need 168 Naku Weed to get from level 1 to level 90. The map below is provided by Genshin Impact Interactive World Map and showcases where exactly you can find Naku Weed. If you are having trouble, Gorou’s unique passive is the ability to ping Inazuman specialities on the mini-map so try him out.

Divining Scrolls are items dropped by Samichurls, the magic-wielding faction of the Hilichurls. Samichurls are found in every region of Teyvat and are likely to be found alongside fellow Hilichurls or Mitachurls. Samichurls have their segment in the Adventure’s Guide. Use the guide to track down the Samichurls specifically so that you can defeat them for the Scrolls. Yoimiya will need a total of 18 Divining Scrolls, 30 Sealed Scrolls and 36 Forbidden Curse Scrolls.

Smouldering Pearls are an item dropped by one of the more annoying bosses, the Pyro Hypostasis. This world boss can be found North of Kannazuka on a small island. Make sure to bring a Hydro character so that you can easily destroy its Pyro shield. Yoimiya requires 46 Smouldering Pearls as her Ascension Materials.

Flaming Hypostasis

Flaming Hypostasis

Agnidus Agate Gemstone will come naturally from fighting the Pyro Hypostasis or from doing daily commissions. If you need a higher rarity Gemstone, remember to trade in 3 of a lesser quality at the Alchemists’ table. You could also use Dust of Azoth to turn different elemental gemstones into Pyro ones. Yoimiya will need 1 Sliver, 9 Fragments, 9 Chunks and 6 Gemstones overall.

Like all other Genshin Impact characters, you will also need 420k Mora and 415 Hero’s Wit EXP Books to ensure you take Yoimiya to level 90.


Yoimiya Ability Overview

In Genshin Impact, most characters who use a Bow deal high damage or support in one of two ways: either through charged shots or through Elemental Skills and Bursts. There are exceptions, like Childe, and Yoimiya is one of those exceptions.

The most important part of Yoimiya’s kit is her Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up. Unlike other Bow characters, Yoimiya’s main DPS potential comes from a combination of her Normal Attacks and a buff granted to her by her Elemental Skill. When used together, Yoimiya is capable of hitting very hard, but even without the Skill, her DPS potential with her Normal Attacks is still very important. Firework Flare-Up is a 5-hit combo and it is worth mentioning that her Charged Shot does have a 2nd charge level that creates homing Kindling Arrows that hit additional targets. This Talent also effects her Plunging Attack DMG.

Her Elemental Skill is called Niwabi Fire Dance. After waving a sparkler around, Yoimiya becomes buffed for 10s. During that time, all Normal Attack arrows fired by her are enhanced with Pyro damage and have increased base damage. They become Blazing Arrows. While Yoimiya has Niwabi Fire Dance active, her second charge level on her Charged Shot does not activate. However, this is not the biggest deal as Yoimiya is primarily focused on Normal Attack damage, something her Skill greatly buffs.

Finally, her Elemental Burst is Ryuukin Saxifrage. During this move, Yoimiya leaps into the air and fires homemade rockets at targets. This deals Pyro AoE dmg and marks one of the targets hit with a debuff called Auroras Blaze. This mark lasts for 10s and makes it so that any active character who hits the target (other than Yoimiya) will cause a Pyro AoE explosion to occur. When you defeat the marked target before the 10s are up, it transfers to a new target.

Sharp Shooter With A Smile

Sharp Shooter With A Smile

Special mention to Yoimiya’s Ascension Talent called Tricks of the Trouble-Maker. Here, any Normal Attack performed under the Niwabi Fire Dance state will boost Yoimuya’s Pyro dmg by 2% for each arrow hit. This is very important and can exponentially increase Yoimiya’s damage potential.

Overall, Yoimiya plays quite unlike any other Bow character in the game. With a focus on Normal Attacks over massive damage in her Burst or Skill or even through her Charged Attack, Yoimiya stands out. While many consider her playstyle to be a bit simple and some have complained about Normal Attack tracking, it’s such a unique appeal that Yoimiya is worth getting just to see another side to combat.

Talent Priority

The priority order for her Talents is as follows:

  1. Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up: this is Yoimiya’s main damage source. Even without the Niwabi Fire Dance buff, having her Normal Attack dmg high is going to work out much better than anything else. She is a Normal Attack-focused DPS unit, this is the absolute priority when it comes to levelling up her Talents.
  2. Niwabi Fire Dance: this is honestly down to preference. Both Yoimya’s Skill and Burst should be levelled somewhat equally, but because her Skill will be the focus as it grants bonus Normal Attack dmg. With high investment, her attack will increase to an insane degree and her Pyro arrows will be able to trigger a lot of high-power Elemental Reactions.
  3. Ryuukin Saxifrage: a great utility option. This will allow Yoimiya to work great as a sub-DPS who provides a lot of damage and support at the same time. The Burst may not deal mind-blowing damage on its own, but it will certainly give other characters the opportunity to pull off something incredible. A higher level of Ryuukin Saxifrage will certainly not be wasted, increasing Aurous Blaze Explosion damage too.

All of Yoimiya’s Talents require the following items: Teachings / Guides to Transience (Mondays/Thursdays/Sundays), Divining Scrolls and Dragon Lord’s Crown. These come from the weekly boss Azhdaha, who is unlocked after completing the 2nd Zhiongli story quest.

Friendship Fireworks

Friendship Fireworks

Best Weapons

Due to the strange nature of Yoimiya’s kit, finding a weapon for her can be kind of difficult. Her nature as a Normal Attack-focused Bow character makes it hard to recommend many favoured bows. She still has a lot of different choices, however. 

Ideal Choice

The best of those choices is the Thundering Pulse 5-star Bow available from the gacha.

2.8 Special Weapon Banner

2.8 Special Weapon Banner

This weapon was first launched with Yoimiya back when during Version 2.0 and it seems specially built for her needs. The Thundering Pulse increases CRIT DMG by up to 66% at level 90 and has a base damage of 608. What makes it special is the unique weapon ability. Firstly, it natively increases the user’s ATK stat by 20%. Secondly, whenever they hit an enemy with Elemental DMG, cast an Elemental Skill or have less than 100% Energy (Burst), they will receive a Thunder Emblem. This Emblem stacks up to 3 times incr. Stacks of Thunder Emblem increases Normal Attack damage by 12/24/40% depending on the stack. 

The Thundering Pulse is adept on Yoimiya, increasing every part of her kit’s potential tenfold. With the increase to both ATK and CRIT DMG, she will be dealing higher damage overall and the Thunder Emblems only intensify that. Yoimiya will always have at least 1 Emblem at her disposal. If you are lucky enough to get the Thundering Pulse, make sure to stick it on Yoimiya.

The Replacement Options

What if you don’t have the Thundering Pulse?

Due to the nature of Yoimiya’s kit, it can be harder to find a replacement weapon. However, there are options.

These will all be 4-star replacement options. If you have any other five-star Bows, try them out first as they typically have higher base damage and better skills. Try them out before committing to a 4-star weapon. Skyward Harp and others like it will likely be better than any 4-star option.

Yoimiya’s replacement options are: RustHamayumi and The Royal Bow.

Rust is possibly Yoimiya’s best replacement option. The weapon increases ATK natively to a maximum of 41% and has an interesting weapon skill. Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks are increased by 40-80% (depending on refinement) in return for a decrease in Charged Attack dmg. Considering that Yoimiya is all about Normal Attacks, this is a trade-off worth its weight. Rust can only be earned through rolling on the gacha.

Trusty Rust

Trusty Rust

Hamayumi is a newly craftable Bow introduced with Inazuma. It too increases the ATK stat natively, up to 55%. The skill on the Hamayumi is that Normal and Charged Attacks have their damage increased (16-32% and 12-24% respectively) from the get-go. Once elemental energy reaches 100%, that bonus to damage is also increased by 100%. This is just a very solid weapon that will continually increase Yoimiya’s damage output significantly. To get this weapon’s blueprint, you must give Tanaka 3 Mysterious Conches each day for 7 days, upon which the chest will give you this bow.

The Royal Bow is a strange one and is only available through Paimon’s Bargains for Stardust. Once again, it increases ATK up to 41%. When dealing damage with this Bow, CRIT Rate is increased by 8-16% for each hit. This stacks up to 5 times. Once a CRIT has been achieved, this effect resets. While not as potent as Hamayumi or Rust, this does make it so that Yoimiya is essentially guaranteed a CRIT hit at some point. A good option if you feel like you need more ATK. 

Best Artifact Set for Yoimiya

There are 3 main options when it comes to what artifact set you should get for Yoimiya. These depend on your Yoimiya build overall.

  1. Four-Piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

This set is a good fit for such an ATK-heavy character like Yoimiya. The two-set bonus simply increases ATK by 18%, like Gladiator’s Finale. The four-piece, however, is more interesting. When you cast an Elemental Skill, if you have 15 energy or more, it will consume 15 energy in return for a Normal Attack increase of 50% for 10s. This matches up perfectly with Yoimiya’s Elemental Skill duration and allows for some decent damage without needing to rely on other characters in the party for buffs or additional effects.

Fire Powered Arrow

Fire Powered Arrow

2. Four-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames

Compared to Shimenawa, this set is more for if you are focusing on building Yoimiya around Elemental Reactions such as Overload or Melt. The two-piece bonus boosts Pyro DMG by 15%. The four-piece bonus boosts Pyro reaction damage, increasing Overload and Burning DMG by 40% and Melt and Vaporize by 15%. It also boosts the 15% Pyro bonus to 50% upon Elemental Skill cast. With a team built around reactions, Yoimiya can deal very high damage with her Pyro imbued arrows.

3. Two-Piece Crimson Witch, Two-Piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

This is more if you just want higher damage on Yoimiya without worrying about additional effects. The 2-piece bonuses give additional ATK and Pyro DMG, making for some nice damage potential on Yoimiya’s base kit without requiring much else. While not as potent as either above option, it is a far simpler option and will fit into any team composition a lot smoother as a result.

Main Artifact Stats You Need

The main stats that Yoimiya needs on her artifacts are:

  1. ATK
  3. CRIT Rate
  4. Elemental Mastery
The Queen of Summer

The Queen of Summer

ATK is the most important here as it will increase the damage of everything that Yoimiya does. Making sure to have a high ATK stat will mean that no matter what else you are using, you will maintain a high and sustainable amount of DPS for Yoimiya to continue thriving. Having Yoimiya’s ATK at the max it can be will help most.

CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate are two sides of the same coin, with the focus being on CRIT DMG. Yoimiya gets up to 66% CRIT Rate natively from Ascending so you only need a few extra points in that to be viable. CRIT DMG will help you maximise that high output, which when paired with high ATK will do wonders.

Elemental Mastery is good on reaction-heavy teams. This stat governs how much damage your reactions with Yoimiya will do, something that is very important for any class but specifically reaction-heavy teams. A few points here and there will help out massively but focus on the three stats above first to ensure that you have a good base for damage.

As Yoimiya is a character who deals with a lot of Pyro damage through her Skill, pick up a Pyro DMG bonus goblet. This will help increase her damage potential far more than any other piece in that slot. 

Best Team Compositions for Yoimiya

Yoimiya works best as a main DPS for her teams in Genshin Impact, but she is also a potent sub-DPS too. 

This will include a budget team which does not require any gacha characters and is made from characters who are or have been available for free or through easy means (such as Noelle’s guaranteed banner).

Main DPS Team

This team consists of: Yoimiya, Yun Jin, Bennett, Xingqiu.

Main DPS Normal Attack Team

Main DPS Normal Attack Team

This team is all about letting Yoimiya shine primarily through the use of her Normal Attacks. We recommend 4-piece Shimewana’s for this team.

Yoimiya will be acting as the main DPS, doing big damage with her Pyro imbued arrows and Normal Attacks.

Yun Jin here is a great buffer of Normal Attacks, as she buffs Normal Attacks upon activating her Burst. She also provides Shields with Geo Crystallize to keep the party protected against attacks, something needed of a character as squishy as Yoimiya.

Bennett provides two benefits. The first is the Pyro resonance bonus giving Yoimiya an additional 25% damage bonus. The second is that his Burst is a great source of healing and an additional ATK bonus, giving even more raw damage to Yoimiya.

Xingqiu gives Yoimiya her main Elemental reaction source in Vaporise and also gives a bit of healing with his water swords. However, he is easily replaceable with characters like Fischl or Yae Miko who can give other reactions and provide more opportunities for damage. 

Overall, this team allows Yoimiya’s main DPS capabilities to shine with essentially every part of the team contributing to her damage and capabilities.

Main DPS Team: Reaction Based

This team consists of: Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun, Bennett, Zhongli.

Main DPS Reaction Based Team

Main DPS Reaction-Based Team

This team hones in Yoimiya’s potential for high reaction damage – we recommend Crimson Witch here. 

Yoimiya and Bennett both serve the game roles as before. For Yoimiya, it’s big damage with her Normals and Pyro application through her Skill imbued arrows. Bennett is for healing and the 2 layers of ATK bonus.

Raiden Shogun is our access to the Overload reaction, something she can do without even being on the field. It will also trigger it automatically on Normal Attacks, making it a great pick for Yoimiya. Shogun also serves as a great battery for elemental energy and as a backup sub-DPS if needed.

Zhongli is mostly here for utility purposes. While he doesn’t buff ATK like Bennett or provide reactions, his shield is a mighty help to Yoimiya as she is pretty weak. This lets Yoimiya stay up close and personal to her targets for as long as possible without retreat. His Burst is also a great crowd clearing and damage tool. 

Compared to before, the damage potential here lies in the teamwork between Shogun and Yoimiya to pull off big Elemental Reaction damage. You can alternate Shogun out for other Electro characters like Fischl, but Shogun does work best in this team. 

Budget Team

This team consists of: Yoimiya, Amber, Noelle, Barbara.

Budget Main DPS Team

Budget Main DPS Team

Amber acts as our way to get the Pyro resonance bonus and 25% extra damage. Surprisingly, she also acts as a great source of crowd control with Baron Bunny and her Burst, something Yoimiya is pretty weak at.

Noelle is here to provide shields so that Yoimiya can stay fighting for longer. She also acts as a great sub-DPS when needed and can even serve as a healer. Noelle is just a jack-of-all-trades and useful to almost any team.

Barbara is the team’s dedicated healing unit, but she also applies Vaporise easily as a Catalyst user. Pairing her with Yoimiya will keep her alive and give her the chance for some big damage.

Other characters like Kaeya work here too as he would provide Melt DMG, but this team can easily both buff Yoimiya’s main damage output and sustain themselves very easily.

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