Genshin Impact New Star Update Cover

‘A New Star Approaches’ is Bringing Fresh Content to Genshin Impact

Are you like many others that have run out of content to stay busy with in Genshin Impact? Well fret no more! Genshin Impact is bringing you a load more content in update 1.1 'A New Star Approaches'. No more waiting on resin resets. Genshin...

Genshin Impact Players Aren't Happy With Resin Update

Genshin Impact Players Aren’t Happy With Resin Update

Following MiHoYo's surveys of Genshin Impact player experience, the developer announced an update to the Resin system that many fans have heavily criticized. Unfortunately, the tweak fails to address the problem with Resin refreshing and fa...

Genshin Impact Updates Coming, Including A New Zone

Genshin Impact Updates Coming, Including a New Zone

Although they've already got a hit on their hands, developer miHoYo has outlined big Genshin Impact updates coming in the next years. Among these will be map expansions, the ability to use food and medicine without opening the inventory, an...

Genshin Impact's Launch Biggest Ever For A Chinese Game

Genshin Impact’s Launch Biggest Ever for a Chinese Game

According to analysts, Genshin Impact's launch has been the biggest ever global launch for a Chinese game. Released on PC, PS4, and mobile by developer miHoYo, the game has received generally positive reviews despite negative early comparis...

Genshin Impact's Final Closed Beta Arrives July 2; Will Support Cross-Platform Play

Genshin Impact’s Final Closed Beta Arrives July 2; Will Support Cross-Platform Play

Developer miHoYo's upcoming open world action RPG Genshin Impact will hold its final closed beta test on July 2. The beta will include a co-op mode that allows fans to play with one another across PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. The ...

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