Top 5 Date Destinations in Genshin Impact

Looking for the best romantic spot for a virtual visit? Does your partner desire a more anime approach to dating? Check out this exclusive list of Genshin Impact's most snog-inducing locales, and really impress your partner with your romantic video game knowledge.

Genshin Impact Date Destinations

I keep hearing people say over and over and over, “There’s no place for romance in video games.” Just recently, I spoke with my extended family and my uncle brought it up. It seems to be on everyone’s minds lately, and I’m here to put an end to it. Romance is in everything we do! The only change we can make is to strive to be more serious about dating and romance. That said, here are the best date destinations I found in Genshin Impact.

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5. The Temporary Shelter on the Bishui River

“I have an excellent view of the surrounding area here, so I think this is where I’ll camp for the night” -Roald, Adventurer

“I have an excellent view of the surrounding area here, so I think this is where I’ll camp for the night” -Roald, Adventurer

Perched on a rolling hill East of Mt. Aozang, and looking over the illustrious Bishui River is a tent left behind by one Roald the Adventurer. This locale includes dazzling foliage known to the Aozang area and plenty of exploring potential. If your partner is the adventurous type, this quaint tent-on-high may be the perfect expedition home-base. You can venture around, into the abandoned buildings of the area, where treasure and experience await. The real treasure, in fact, is the love you find along the way.

4. The Adeptus’s Abode

What do you mean,

What do you mean, “How do I get down?”

“Baby, let me assure you that this mountain is surely high enough.” You may utter these words to your thrill-seeking partner as you rise above all else in search of terminal velocity. A free fall from this home of a literal demigod will plunge you into the misty depths of the Huaguang Stone Forest. Sources say the next Bachelor was seen bungee jumping from this very spot stark naked on a two-on-one date. No place in Liyue will bring you closer to the stars.

3. Knights of Favonius Library

There's something very romantic about decaying literature.

There’s something very romantic about decaying literature.

If you’re a nerd, there’s a lot of books here. I think. I wouldn’t know because I have literally never been to a library.


2. Liyue Harbor

The streets aren't totally crowded with people looking down on you.

The streets aren’t totally crowded with people looking down on you.

This city seems built for nightlife. You and the apple of your eye can stroll the ambiguous shops that may or may not actually sell anything. If you’re looking to get judged by the elite class of Liyue, stop by the Yangshang Tea House. Should you try, security will immediately kick you out like some sort of street urchin. If you aren’t affluent enough to handle the city’s fine dining, you won’t be disappointed ending your night with some street food. After all, according to Su Er’niang, “There’s nothing better than piping hot Zhongyuan Chop Suey!”

1. Mystery Paradise

They say you can find a new Paimon behind the waterfall.

They say you can find a new Paimon behind the waterfall.

Looking for a mysterious hideaway for your partner and you? Check out this absolutely gorgeous off-the-map paradise that you literally can’t get to. A vacation destination so splendid, Paimon will stop you from going anywhere near it. It gets Paimon’s seal of disapproval, which can only mean that it must be the best looking place in the whole game. Travel where nobody has before with this mystery location, and maybe you can even name it after your partner.

Wrap Up

Romance is in the air this Halloween season. Seize the day and take your loved one on a dream date to some of the virtual world’s finest waypoints. I’ll be back soon to show you the hippest spots in your favorite game. Let us know in the comments what video game gives you the smooch vibes, and let’s keep romance alive, together.

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    Where is the Mystery Paradise? And can I actually go there or…

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      i have no idea, i would like to know too

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    the knights of favonius library truly is romantic. i too have never been to a library, so the added thrill of such an unfamiliar environment really adds to the emotion


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