Genshin Impact Guide: What is Original Resin and How is it Changing?

Let's cover what Original Resin is, how the developers are ultimately using it to stagger players levelling up too fast and the way in which they intend to change it through the upcoming update. Genshin Impact developers miHoYo recently announced that they would be changing the game's Original Resin system, a feature which has been causing some unrest within the community.

Genshin Impact Guide: What Is Resin and How Is It Changing?

For those confused as to what Original Resin is, how it works and whether you should replenish it, hopefully this guide will provide you with enough information to understand it and make your own decisions. The rechargeable currency has been causing some unrest within the community due to its restrictive nature, and so this article should inform new players upon why that is. With the update coming early November, players will want to know how it’s changing and whether it is enough to satisfy the current end game crisis.

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What is Original Resin?

Original Resin is essentially Genshin Impact’s rechargeable currency, which in the current update takes around 16 hours to completely restore. It is used to claim rewards from quests and bosses such as the 3 Hypostasis, the Pyro and Cryo Regisvine, the weekly bosses Dvalin and Andrius, as well as the smaller Ley Line and Trounch Blossoms, which are dotted around the map.

Original Resin is essential to farming Ascension items, gaining XP and just generally grinding the game out. The rewards gained from such activities are locked until the player spends Original Resin in order to receive them. Depending on the activity, it usually takes around 20-60 Original Resin to claim your reward, meaning that the player can only do around 2-5 activities per day until you run out. You can spend your Primogems in order to replenish Resin so that you may receive rewards once again. However, this method is not sustainable unless you want to feed the developers money, as sooner or later you will run out of both Primogems and Original Resin, leaving you no choice but to wait 16 hours for it to replenish or spend some of your own money to continue grinding.

Primogems for Resin

Primogems for Resin

Fragile Resin

Players can also spend Fragile Resin to restore half of their Resin reserves; however, once again this is not sustainable as Fragile Resin is not an item players will find an abundance of either. Players gain Fragile Resin by levelling their Adventure Rank and redeeming the rewards from the Adventurers’ Guild. Some guides online even advise you to save your Fragile Resin specifically for end game, as it will essentially allow you to claim rewards and level up faster by constantly replenishing your Resin reserves. Eventually, you will reach the point of not being able to replenish this rechargeable currency, effectively leaving you stuck until sometime passes. It is this system in the game that many players have had problems with, as it essentially prevents one from receiving rewards and XP once they run out of Original Resin.

Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin

New Update

Genshin Impact’s quality of life update is reportedly arriving on November 11th, which will see changes to its Resin system. Essentially, the update will increase the amount of Resin you can hold from 120 to 160, allowing players to receive around one extra set of rewards before running out.

Many players, most notably Genshin Impact Youtuber Mtashed, simply don’t see this change as significant enough. In a recent video, Mtashed expresses his opinion as to why that is, stating that a change must be made to the replenish system rather than the amount of Resin a player can hold. Ultimately, the change would allow those who play once a day to receive an extra set of rewards before coming off; however, those players dedicated to grinding XP and looking to increase their Adventure Rank to the 40s and 50s will still have the same problem they initially had. As Mtashed expresses in his video, players will still have to buy and spend their Primogems in order to replenish their Resin just so they can continue to upgrade their characters and weapons, which by end game takes a lot of reward items to do.

Real Change?

For dedicated players, the change does not actually make much of a difference and only seems to benefit those who log in once a day to use their Resin, claim their rewards and then log out until it replenishes. Ultimately, Genshin Impact’s progression system seems to be locked behind a wall of Resin, which is essentially the most important item for levelling up in the game. Although the developers have opened up and taken in feedback to issue a change, it still may not be enough for the dedicated players. Perhaps this is all part of a plan to stagger players levelling up so that they can implement new regions and quests as the months go on.

The Resin Changes Are Not Enough: Genshin Impact Rant

I hope this guide was helpful in understanding both what Resin is, as well as how the upcoming update will change the way it works. If so, please do leave a like, comment and make sure to share for anyone else wondering how the developers will be updating the Resin system.

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