Author: Joseph Pascoulis

Avid gamer and article writer, producing content from reviews and guides to interesting news and updates.

Best Weapons to Try in Warzone Post DMR Patch

Best Weapons and Loadouts To Try in Warzone Post DMR Patch

Let's detail the very best loadouts you can use right now in Warzone post DMR patch. Although Warzone has been a staple in the Battle Royale community for a while now, the introduction of Black Ops Cold War’s guns and battle pass saw new we...

Cyberpunk 2077 Overpowered Build

Cyberpunk 2077: Overpowered Superhero Build

Struggling to decide what attributes and skills to focus on during your journey in Night City? In this guide, I will take you through a very easy and satisfying melee build that focuses on taking enemies out like an overpowered superhero. T...

Demon's Souls Ultimate Beginners Guide for the PS5 Remake Cover

Demon’s Souls: Ultimate Beginners Guide for the PS5 Remake

As the Demon's Souls remake is finally out along with the next generation of consoles, I thought it would be useful to put together a beginner’s guide for those getting to grips with the game, especially considering it is one of the few lau...

Apex Legends: 6 Tips to Make Your Aim Better on Controller

In this guide, we'll explore the ways in which we can improve your aiming performance in Apex Legends in the hope of helping those who are struggling to get going in Season 7. These 6 tips include a variety of both game settings and gamepla...

Apex Legends Season 7 Guide to Olympus and Horizon

Apex Legends Season 7: Guide to Olympus and Horizon

Using this guide, you can detail the ins and outs of how you can be successful with the new legend, Horizon, as well as how you can dominate on the new map. Those looking for tips and pointers for Apex Legends Season 7 and the new map, Olym...

Genshin Impact Guide: What Is Resin and How Is It Changing?

Genshin Impact Guide: What is Original Resin and How is it Changing?

Let's cover what Original Resin is, how the developers are ultimately using it to stagger players levelling up too fast and the way in which they intend to change it through the upcoming update. Genshin Impact developers miHoYo recently ann...

Genshin Impact Guide: Ways to Acquire Ascension Items

Genshin Impact Guide: Ways to Acquire Ascension Items

This guide will go through the ways in which you can purchase, craft and find ascension items vital for both leveling up your characters and weapons in Genshin Impact. Although it may seem like a lot of farming, there is actually various wa...

Genshin Impact Co-Op Guide: How to Play With Your Friends Fast!

Genshin Impact Co-Op Guide: How to Play With Your Friends Fast!

Follow this guide to understand how to unlock Genshin Impact's Co-op mode and reach Adventure Rank 16 the most efficient way possible. Genshin Impact can be quite intimidating and confusing for new players, especially when it comes to initi...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - The Return of Dead Ops Arcade

Black Ops Cold War: The Return of Dead Ops Arcade Teased

A tweet from Treyarch has perhaps teased another mode Zombies fans will be excited for, the illusive Dead Ops Arcade. The reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode on the 30th September left fans excited to continue their jo...

Spellbreak review ps4 cover

Spellbreak Review: A Refreshing Take on Battle Royale (PS4)

Released by developer Proletariat in September 2020, Spellbreak is a new Battle Royale multiplayer experience which allows players to conjure spells and channel the elements in order to defeat enemies. Although Spellbreak has its rough edge...

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