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Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases

New to Apex Legends? Don't worry, we've got you covered with 10 Essential Terms and Phrases for beginners. With everything from weapons, items, and tactical terms this guide has a little bit of everything.

EA Games and Respawn Entertainment have been making headlines in the video game industry with their new addition to the Battle Royale genre known as Apex Legends. The game quickly rose to the top, alongside Fortnite and PUBG, reaching over 25 million players since launch. Taking various elements from existing titles in the battle royale genre and implementing exciting unique elements of their own, Respawn Entertainment and EA Games may have made one of the best titles in the genre.

Are you new to Apex Legends and are looking to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered with 10 Essential Terms and Phrases for beginners. With everything from weapons, items, and tactical terms, this guide has a little bit of everything.

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The Ring

Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases - The Ring
What is The Ring in Apex Legends?
Like Fornite, PUBG, and almost every other battle royale game on the market, Apex Legends is played with a map that constantly shrinks throughout the game. In Apex Legends, the play area is called The Ring. When it is announced that the ring is closing, all players must sprint toward the next playable area. When caught outside of the Ring, the player takes health damage until they break free of it.


What is Ping in Apex Legends?
An important aspect of Apex Legends team-based gameplay revolves around its pinging system. No, this does not refer to the amount of lag you may be getting on your server. Instead, players ping locations to give their teammates information. Players can ping locations of useful items by simply looking at it and selecting the ping button. Players can also open the map and ping the next desired waypoint. Players can ping locations of enemies as well.

In addition, teammates can confirm the ping by looking at it and selecting the ping button to notify that they have taken note of it. This system is important for designating the next waypoint for the team to travel to. Players can accept the new pinged location or ping a location of their own.


Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases - Respawn Beacon
What are Banners in Apex Legends?
A very interesting element of Apex Legends, which is different from other battle royale games, is its respawn system. Like all other battle royales, once the player’s health bar drops to zero, the player is knocked down and begins bleeding out. Teammates will have a limited amount of time to get to their fallen teammate and revive them.

However, after the player bleeds out, there is an additional way to bring the eliminated player back into the game. Once bled out or shot down by enemy troops, the fallen player drops a banner. To revive their fallen teammate, players must take the banner to one of various Respawn Beacons randomly scattered throughout the map.


Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases - Legends / Characters
What are Legends in Apex Legends?
As in the title of the game, Legends refers to the characters or heroes you play as in the game. Each legend has different attributes, special skills and plays a different key role in squad tactical gameplay. Some Legends have defensive skills like dropping a force field or healing drones, and others are combative or tactical like popping smoke grenades or calling in care packages.


What are Syringes in Apex Legends?
Primary health can be recovered by various items. The lowest level recovery item is the syringe. This syringe recovers 25 health points and takes five seconds to use.

Shield Cell

What are Shield Cells in Apex Legends?
In Apex Legends players start with just a primary health bar. Once armor is picked up, players will also have additional shield levels depending on the level of their armor. Once damaged, shields can be repaired by shield cells.

Knockdown Shield

What are Knockdown Shields in Apex Legends?
An ability unique to Apex Legends, when compared to other battle royales, is the ability to protect yourself while knocked down. When equipped, knockdown shields can be used to protect yourself from enemy fire while crawling for cover on the ground. 

Care Package

Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases - Lifeline
What are Care Packages in Apex Legends?
The character known as the Lifeline has the ability to call in supply drops known as care packages. These packages will include various items from weapons and weapon attachments to healing items and ammo.

Apex Coins

Apex Legends: 10 Essential Phrases - Apex Coins
What are Apex Coins in Apex Legends?
Much like V-bucks in Fortnite: Battle Royale, Apex Legends includes an in-game currency known as Apex Coins. Apex Coins must be purchased using real-world currency and can be used to unlock various cosmetic items in the game. Apex Coins can also be used to purchase Apex Packs and unlock other Legends.

Apex Packs

What are Apex Packs in Apex Legends?
Like lootboxes in other games, Apex Packs are mystery boxes that contain three random cosmetic items. The items include weapon skins, character skins, finishing moves, crafting metals and more. Each item is ranked based on a rarity scale. Luckily, no duplicate cosmetics are given in Apex Packs, meaning every time you open one you will receive three new items guaranteed.

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