EA Cancels Both Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile

At the end of January, Electronic Arts announced they canceled the development of Battlefield Mobile, while the Apex Legends Mobile will be supported only until May. The teams agreed on halting their endeavors as both games either failed to meet their expectations or could not see them performing well in the future.

EA Cancels Both Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile

EA have canceled Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. They announced it at the end of January and plan to support the latter only until May. They arrived at such a decision after being dissatisfied with the plummeting popularity of Apex Legends Mobile. In terms of Battlefield Mobile, the game did not fit their future vision of the franchise anymore.

Regarding Apex Legends Mobile, the cancellation was not entirely expected as the game launched powerfully. The Apex Legends team, in collaboration with Respawn Entertainment, stressed their gratitude towards the players who enjoyed the mobile version. Although they were excited they could bring the unique experience to another device; the teams settled on stopping the development after several months.

Officially, the support will end on May 1st, 2023. The in-game store no longer accepts real money and will not address possible refunds.

Apex Legends Mobile: Champions Gameplay Trailer

Simultaneously, EA halted the development of Battlefield Mobile. They announced the game in 2021, assuring fans they were creating a fully-fledged entry meant solely for the mobile platform. However, the EA canceled Battlefield Mobile even without launching it.

According to EA, not only does Battlefield Mobile not fit into their strategy anymore, but they also claim there is no space for such a game in the ever-evolving gaming ecosystem. They aim at expanding the Battlefield franchise differently, but at the same time, EA claimed they are not giving up on the mobile players and wish to deliver them something else in the future.

SOURCE: Apex Mobile Legends and Battlefield Mobile Strategies, Apex Legends™ Mobile Update | 1/31/2023

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