Apex Legends Gets an ESRB Rating for Switch

Apex Legends on Switch finally receives an ESRB rating. While a concrete release date still hasn't been set, fans can be assured that the game is still coming. Luckily the game received the same rating it has across all consoles, so no worries possibly having to convince parents to let you play on Switch. Also with the recent addition of cross-play, you can play with your friends no matter what platform.

Apex Legends Gets an ESRB Rating for SwitchIf you were excited by the announcement of Apex Legends on Switch then this might do the same as the ESRB gave the game a rating for Nintendo Switch recently. This may be a good sign for gamers who wanted to play the battle royal on the go. The game received the same Teen rating on Switch as the rest of the consoles. Unsurprisingly of course, but still good to know for kids whose parents pay attention to that kind of thing.

The game was announced for Nintendo’s home/handheld hybrid console earlier this year. A specific release date was never given but was teased to be coming sometime in the fall of this year. The developers have also recently added cross-play to the game, allowing players to play with friends on other consoles. It might be in beta right now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Switch port launched with this feature. Hopefully, the game gets a proper release date soon. 

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