All 20 Teams Going to the NA ALGS Finals

Here are all the teams that qualified for the NA ALGS Finals, which will be held June 13th, and will whittle 20 teams down to one champion. The prize pool is partially crowdfunded from in-game bundles, with the champs set to take home a $250k portion.

All 20 Teams Going to the NA ALGS Finals cover

The NA ALGS Finals are upon us, as the 20 best teams on the continent battle for pieces of a partially-crowdfunded prize pool. Up top on the board is NRG, followed by consistent first-place winners TSM. Other big names include G2, Team Liquid, Sentinels, Cloud9, and Counter Logic Gaming. Notably absent will be Complexity and XSET.

NRG, TSM, MLP, G2, Team Liquid, Alpine, KNG NA, Sentinels, Letter E, C9, CLG, ESA Black, ESA White, FYP, Obey, SSG, Wallie Catchers, CLT, ESA Red, and Renegades will all be competing. Headed into the Finals—according to stats posted by Zac Conley—NRG boasts three of the group stage’s top five kill leaders, all three of whom were the only leaders to break 20,000 damage. Additionally, the org placed first in 1/3 of their matches.

Meanwhile, C9 notably rose from 38th place after Day 1 to 10th overall, and were even treated with Apex skin designs by Fr0sty:

Based on the Match Point ruleset, specific to the Apex battle royale, the winner of the Finals will have to be the last man standing. As one Reddit thread words it in regards to APAC North, “There is no game limit and the first team to reach 50 points and win a game after the one they reached match point in will be the first ALGS Champion of its region.” Points, therefore, will not be the only deciding factor in this tournament.

It's Now or Never! Apex Legends Global Series Championship - ALGS NA Day 3 - Game 5

The ALGS NA Finals take place June 13th, with the champions set to win over $250,000. 

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