Apex Legends Has Added Penalties for Abandoning Arenas

In a recent update by Respawn, Apex Legends has added penalties for abandoning Arenas matches. The update also adjusts the distribution of backpacks and level 2 Evo Shields in the Battle Royale mode. Fixes for Wattson and Valkyrie have been implemented as well.

Apex Legends Has Added Penalties for Abandoning Arenas coverRespawn has released a new update for Season 9. Details about the update were revealed on Twitter. According to the developers, Apex Legends has added penalties for abandoning Arenas matches.

This update aims to fix one of the larger issues confronting the new game mode: players leaving matches before they finish. When Season 9 was first released, many people enjoyed the 3v3 elimination format. It combined the excellent combat of the Battle Royale mode with a buy phase similar to games like Valorant. However, persistent problems with quitters has hampered the experience. 

FIRST LOOK AT THE *NEW ARENA MODE!! (Apex Legends Season 9)

According to the patch notes, these new penalties for people who leave early resemble those for abandoning a Ranked BR game. In addition, players will receive a prompt before they can leave a game, warning them of an ensuing penalty. Penalties will only be applied if they leave while they had a full squad left in the match. (This doesn’t apply if they were partied up with a quitter.)

In other news from the update, Respawn has implemented a fix to Wattson’s fences. Enemies that run through them will now receive a reduction in movement speed for a short duration of time. In addition, the developers have patched Valkyrie. She is playable in the firing range again. They also fixed several exploits regarding her kit. These exploits allowed players to record stats in the firing range and use her Ultimate after using a Launch Pad.  

The distribution of loot in the Battle Royale mode has been adjusted as well. This aims to fix some of the problems regarding backpacks. Some members of the community have been asking Respawn to make the level 1 backpack part of the starting loot for all players when a game begins. 

While this update doesn’t start players with level 1 backpacks, the frequency of these items along with level 2 Evo Shields has been increased. 

Hopefully, the introduction of penalties for leaving games improves the experience of playing Arenas matches. With the promise of Ranked coming to the game mode, it will be interesting to see how its popularity grows in the future.  

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