Could a TSM Esports Skin Come to Apex?

Artwork for a TSM-themed Wraith skin has surfaced on Twitter - could it make its way into Apex Legends? No official acknowledgment has occurred, though eSports fans and those of Team SoloMid support the concept, nonetheless.

Is a TSM Esports Skin Coming to Apex? Cover

A potential skin design on Twitter has eSports and Apex Legends fans clamoring for it to be in-game. On Sunday, May 9th, the org known as Team SoloMid tweeted an image of a currently nonexistent Wraith look which resembles the character’s recognizable “The Liberator” skin, except with themed accents and color swaps here and there.

TSM’s support of the concept may elevate it beyond mere fan art. The work’s creator, known as Fr0sty, originally posted the image alongside a similar Counter Logic Gaming-themed concept for Bloodhound. Prior, Fr0sty has created various Apex-related content, such as wallpapers, animations, and thumbnails. 

The post also comes as Warzone honors CDL champions Dallas Empire with an in-game statue. With TSM as Apex’s Masters Spring champions, it’s not unfathomable that Respawn would also honor their eSports scene. However, no one with the power to implement the skin has openly acknowledged it.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Apex is certainly no Fortnite when it comes to crossover and promotional skins. However, a crossover with Chinatown Market streetwear was in the works, until the fashion company changed its name mid-promotion.

Additionally, one Apex developer has expressed interest in Animal Crossing-themed skins. However small, these efforts bode well for an otherwise unlikely addition to Wraith’s wardrobe. 

Despite excitement over this TSM-themed Apex skin, and despite developers’ openness to crossovers and promotions, it’s not very likely we’ll see it within the game. As for Fr0sty, eSports fans can hope he’ll continue producing eSports-themed skins; the creator has many big-name ALGS Championship participants to choose from, including Cloud9, NRG, Team Liquid, and Sentinels.

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