Luminosity Suddenly Cuts Its Apex Team

Luminosity announced it would be cutting its Apex team, which most recently competed in Alpha League Network's Exhibition event. Luminosity started from scratch in 2019 by signing Team 789 and now seems likely to undergo a similar reboot.

Luminosity Suddenly Cuts Its Apex Team cover

Luminosity has cut its competitive Apex Legends team, the organization announced on Twitter today. The team, formerly known as Team 789, was signed in 2019 after its three original members won fifth in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, while Luminosity’s own previous team failed to live up to the organization’s expectations.

In July of 2020, Luminosity added Anatoly “Wrugb” Belousov, Oleksander “Sanya” Bokuchava, and coach Oleksandr “Xeon” Bakumenko. These three comprised the current team, along with “Xron,” who was signed in December. They most recently placed third in Alpha League Network’s Exhibition event, but Luminosity has not reigned first in an A-Tier event since December of 2019. Each member, save for Sanya and Xeon, retweeted Luminosity’s announcement, while Sanya thanked the team for the opportunity. 

With Luminosity’s Apex team cut, it’s unclear what they may have planned for the future. It is possible that another full recasting is on the horizon. With the Apex eSports scene relatively calm at the moment, Luminosity has time to handle the situation carefully. Recent focus on the organization has been devoted to its Valorant efforts; on March 19th, they will face off against Envy in the VCT Lower Bracket.

Luminosity REWIND 2020

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