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5 Best Places To Drop in Apex Legends Season 7 Olympus

Season 7 of Apex Legends has started, and Olympus is a brand new map, so here are 5 of the best spots to land. With the new map being available for a few weeks now, Olympus has been studied by thousan...

Apex Legends: 6 Tips to Make Your Aim Better on Controller

In this guide, we'll explore the ways in which we can improve your aiming performance in Apex Legends in the hope of helping those who are struggling to get going in Season 7. These 6 tips include a v...

Apex Legends Season 7 Guide to Olympus and Horizon

Apex Legends Season 7: Guide to Olympus and Horizon

Using this guide, you can detail the ins and outs of how you can be successful with the new legend, Horizon, as well as how you can dominate on the new map. Those looking for tips and pointers for Ape...

Apex Legends Season 7

Apex Legends Season 7 “Ascension” Gameplay Trailer Released

Respawn has dropped a new Apex Legends Season 7 trailer. The colourful new map Olympus and new character Horizon were featured in the fast-paced gameplay trailer, which sets the tone of an exciting se...

New Apex Legends Trailer Announces New Character, Map, and Vehicle Coming November 2020

New Apex Legends Character, Map, and Vehicle Coming November 2020

Respawn have revealed a trailer called "Promise" showcasing a new Apex Legend character, map, and vehicle. The announcement draws Season 6 to a close and promises great things for the upcoming Season ...

Apex Legends Announces Fight or Fright Halloween Event Cover

Apex Legends Announces Fight or Fright Halloween Event

Apex Legends has announced its Halloween Fight or Fright event is making a return. In this new Shadow Royale game mode, your departed teammates will rise from the dead as shadows. If all of the remain...

Apex Legends Gets An ESRB Rating For Switch

Apex Legends Gets an ESRB Rating for Switch

Apex Legends on Switch finally receives an ESRB rating. While a concrete release date still hasn't been set, fans can be assured that the game is still coming. Luckily the game received the same rati...

Apex Legends Season 6 Changes Cover

Apex Legends Season 6: All Big Changes

Apex Legends Season 6 is almost here. There are many game-changing additions to look forward to. First of all, Rampart, the new Apex Legend. There's also a new crafting system coming in Apex Legends f...

Respawn To Open New Studio Focusing On Apex Legends

Respawn to Open New Studio Focusing on Apex Legends

Respawn have given us some of the best games this generation has had to offer, including the insanely popular Apex Legends. To celebrate the studio's tenth anniversary, Respawn are now opening a new s...

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