5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz

Looking for BACKOFFMYJANKZ' Apex Settings? Getting started on a new battle royale game can be tough and Apex Legends is no exception. Here are the 5 Best Apex Legends Xbox One and PS4 controller settings from streamer BACKOFFMYJANKZ.
5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz

5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz

Looking for BACKOFFMYJANKZApex Settings? While Fortnite was the game everyone was talking about a year ago, Apex Legends has managed to steal some of the spotlight from Epic Games’ hit battle royale. Now, Apex Legends seems to be the rising star in the battle royale genre. There may be no building mechanic to learn, but Apex Legends has its own quirks and unique gameplay that’ll take some time to get used to. For players both new and experienced, here are five of the best Apex Legends Xbox One and PS4 controller settings from streamer BACKOFFMYJANKZ.


Apex Legends - BEST Settings for Console


Best Console Settings from BACKOFFMYJANKZ 

Gameplay Settings

While there are a variety of gameplay settings to mess around with to your heart’s content, below are two of the most important.

Interact Prompt Style: Default (for new players), Compact (for experienced players)

What is Interact Prompt Style in Apex Legends?

While this may seem like a small detail, the Field of View taken up by the item description decreases by over fifty percent. This means more open area, less distractions, and more awareness of your surroundings. On another note, the user experience just feels more clean and smooth in Compact mode.

Damage Numbers: Floating Stacking*

5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz - Floating
What are Damage Numbers in Apex Legends?

Floating means the overhead display will show the damage given by each individual shot that hits your enemy. This is a similar damage counting style utilized in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Setting the damage numbers to Floating minimizes the risk of confusing how much damage you actually dealt to enemy players. The default Damage Numbers mode on Apex Legends is Stacking.

Stacking means that if your first shot deals 20 damage and the second shot deals 20 damage again, the first number overlay will read 20 and the second will read 40. In essence, the system is stacking or adding the sum of all shots. This means that in total, you dealt 40 damage to your enemy. However, it’s easy to mistake these numbers to mean your first shot dealt 20 damage and your second shot dealt 40 damage for a total of 60 damage, which would be incorrect.



For those of you that migrated to Apex Legends from Fortnite, this would be quite confusing and would take a while to get used to, as Fortnite: Battle Royale also uses damage counters closer to the Floating method.

*BackOffMyJankz has updated his setting recommendations and not prefers Stacking numbers. 

Controller Settings

Response Curve: Classic
5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz - Response Curve
What is Response Curve in Apex Legends?

Basically, the Response Curve is the speed at which the game registers movement of your reticle in response to when you move the thumbstick and how long you keep it in that position. The Response Curve is a measurement of how fast you want your maximum sensitivity speed to kick in. It functions as another element of look sensitivity and how your sensitivity is inputted into the game. While this may seem like a small detail for the average gamer, in a game where people can empty a full clip of ammunition in just seconds a difference of milliseconds matters when aiming. This is even more important when playing against higher caliber players.

Look Deadzone: Large
5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz - Deadzone
What is Look Deadzone in Apex Legends?

If your controller is old, you may experience character or crosshair movement while you are not even holding the controller. This means the thumbsticks are registering movement that you haven’t inputted. If this is the case, set your Look Deadzone to large to minimize the swaying that may occur in older controllers.


Field of View: 110 (max) 100
5 Best Apex Legends Controller Settings from BacKoFFmyJanKz - Field of View
What is Field of View in Apex Legends?

As the title suggests, the field of view increases the amount of the map shown on your screen. Meaning at 110, an enemy player may be visible in the corner of your screen who would not be visible at a field of view of 70. Put simply, adjusting the field of view is almost like zooming in or zooming out, but does not affect resolution or visual quality.

*BackOffMyJankz has updated his setting recommendations and now runs a 100 field of view. 

In Apex Legends there are many various gameplay settings to choose from and customize to your gameplay style. While these settings are ideal for streamer BACKOFFMYJANKZ, you may experience different results and should adjust these settings as you see fit.

Have you made the jump to Apex Legends from a different battle royale game? Let us know which game and why in the comments below. 


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    Anyone that doesn’t feel comfortable with these setting feel free to use mine, 6 ~ 5 Linear with small dead zone 110 FOV also I’d u wana bhop and don’t have paddles I use L1 for jump the right thumb stick for crouch and also have crouch set to hold. Not essential but will allow u to bhop and also improve movement without taking your thumb of your aiming thumb stick to jump

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    love this worked for me

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    Lol um no. Max deadzone? Distorting field of view? Wut.

    Increasing deadzone decreases input.

    Increasing FOV creates “fisheye,” increasingly distorting images of targets at distance and peripherals.

    It’s fair to make a guess that this was intended to troll new players. Common sense and a little experience would have you believe this advice to be very antagonistic.

    Good luck friends. Lol

    • Avatar photo

      BackOffMyJankz mentions many times in his video that these settings work for him and may not work for everyone. However, he has updated his recommendations slightly since then and this article has been updated to reflect that. Needless to say, BackOffMyJankz has over 300k subscribers on Youtube and he didn’t get there by “trolling new players” so I hope any future readers take everything BillBrasky says with more than just a grain of salt.

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    I just wanted to say, for a beginner this article would definitely be helpful. But anyone that has played from season 1 has probably already done all of this, at least to their personal preference. Although many new players aren’t going online for beginner tips. Usually, they learn the most from friends; then when they want to get an edge, they start looking for “advanced” tips online.
    That’s the only reason why I would think anyone would say something so negative about an article that’s titled as yours is.
    This really didn’t answer any of our questions on the subject, so it talks about settings but has no settings. We were looking for in-depth explanations on what each response curve actually does for example. Another example is different response curves and their perspective sensitivity for different high tier streamers. Plus if they use a different keymap and more in this category.

    • Avatar photo

      Thanks very much for the useful feedback! This was meant as a basics article for beginners, but I see where you are coming from. We’ll definitely add a more advanced guide to our backlog!

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    This is a trash article lmao

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