Apex Legends: Vantage – What You Need to Know

The newest and 14th season of Apex Legends brought us an exciting new update, along with a completely new legend called "Vantage". We've gotten more familiar with her kit since the start of the Hunted season, making it easier to distinguish her strengths from her weaknesses. This guide brings you everything you need to know about Apex's new recon legend!

Apex Legends Vantage What You Need to Know Cover

Vantage is the 22nd and latest Legend to be added to Apex Legends. Her abilities make her a perfect fit for the recon class among other recon characters like Bloodhound and Pathfinder. Since her launch, players have been discussing her viability. Even the pro scene gave her kit flak when she was first released. Many questioned her ultimate ability, and wondered if it was really worth using over other standard weapons.

Vantage is quite a unique character, with a gameplay style we haven’t really seen before, so rest assured if you don’t immediately get the hang of her or her cute bat friend.

Now that some time has passed and everyone has gotten more used to Vantage’s playstyle, it’s easier to answer questions like these. That’s why we’ll delve into the good and bad about vantage. We’ll take a look at her background, the arsenal of abilities she has at her disposal and the optimal way to play her.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Apex’s newest Legend: Vantage.

Meet Vantage | Apex Legends Character Trailer

The History of Xiomara Contreras

Every character in Apex Legends has their very own motive to join the battle. And Vantage isn’t an exception. She needs to win, no matter the costs, as something very dear to her is on the line.

Vantage didn’t have the easiest time growing up, as she had to do so alone with only her mother available to guide her. But when she gets taken from her, everything changes, and nothing is like it seems.


18 years ago, in the year of 2716, Vantage was born. Named Xiomara, she was raised by her mother on the Fringe World called Págos; a frozen and dangerous planet. Amidst the wildlife, it’s survival of the fittest, and so her mother taught her two very important things: “everything wants to kill me” and “there’s only a single rule, survive”.

For one of her birthdays Xiomara was gifted a sniper rifle, which is the same weapon she later uses in the Apex Games. Her journal shows she mastered the weapon fairly quick, although she was often bored and felt lonely. She did live in the wilderness after all.

Vantage with the rifle she got for her birthday

Vantage with the rifle she got for her birthday

During one of her hunts, she managed to shoot down a bat. To her surprise, the animal survived and tried to get away, scurrying off into the wreck of an old ship called the Vantage. Her mother had talked about this ship before, mentioning that it was just an empty cargo ship, and that she should stay away from it. Regardless, Xiomara didn’t plan on letting her prey get away. And so she followed despite her mother’s warning.

After wandering through the ship, she finally found the wounded bat sitting on top of a console. As Xiomara walked closer, the bat unknowingly activated the ship’s systems. Before she knew what was going on, she was scanned by the Vantage. It mistook her for her mother, and a loud voice commanded her to return to her cell.

The ship mistakes Vantage for her mother

The ship mistakes Vantage for her mother

The Apex Games

Overwhelmed by the news, she ran away. Her mother lied to her. This isn’t a cargo ship, it’s a prison ship. And her mother used to be a prisoner! Xiomara tried to get away, but the Vantage’s defence mechanism fired at her, causing the ship to lose its traction and fall into the depths below.

Debris from the wreck were flung at her, and with a desperate attempt she tried to signal for help with her emergency whistle, but it was no use. Before she could signal for help, Xioamara blacked out.

Vantage passes out

Vantage passes out

After a while, a rescue team arrived which arrested her mother and found Xiomara under the rubble. Apparently, her mother had found her and called in the rescue forces, sacrificing her own freedom. With time, Xiomara recovered. The wounded bat, who she later named Echo, stayed by her side throughout all of it.

As soon as she was able to, Xiomara visited her mother to try and free her. But her mother resisted out of the fear her daughter would be locked up as well. As Xioamara left, she saw the Apex Games on the monitor. And with the goal to free her mother in mind, she signed up.

Vantage teams up with Fuse and Horizon to win

Vantage teams up with Fuse and Horizon to win

Vantage’s Kit Overview

Vantage’s abilities are unique, as we haven’t seen any legends in Apex that have abilities quite like hers. It’s possible to compare her bat Echo to Crypto’s drone, or her ultimate ability to a regular weapon. This isn’t the case though, as there’s more to it. Like the other candidates, Vantage sports 3 different abilities in her kit.

Spotter’s Lens

Her passive ability is called Spotter’s Lens. When Vantage aims down the sight of a weapon with an optic that grants at least a 2x zoom, her eyepiece will show an indicator which displays the bullet drop-off of her current weapon. On top of that, hovering your cross-hair over an enemy will show you which Legend you’re facing, how far away they are and the Evo-Shields their team is wearing. Note that all of these advantages also work when zooming in when Vantage is unarmed.

Scope out the enemy with Spotter's Lens

Scope out the enemy with Spotter’s Lens

Echo Relocation

Vantage’s tactical ability is called Echo Relocation. Whenever you activate this ability, Vantage deploys her pet Echo in the direction you’re currently facing. He will follow you around whenever you move further than 55 meters away. Whenever you press the button again, Echo will relocate himself to the next position you’re looking at. If you keep the button held while having a direct line of sight to Echo, Vantage will launch herself towards him, granting a smaller double jump afterwards. You can crouch mid-air to cancel this at any time.

Relocate to an advantageous position with Echo Relocation

Relocate to an advantageous position with Echo Relocation

Sniper’s Mark

Vantage’s ultimate ability is Sniper’s Mark. This ability grants her access to the A-13 Sentry sniper rifle that was gifted to her by her mother for the entire duration of the game, and it doesn’t work like any other abilities. Every 40 seconds, this rifle automatically generates a bullet, filling 20% of Vantage’s ultimate gauge up to the maximum of 100%.

Hitting an enemy deals 50 damage, and applies the “marked” status effect for 10 seconds. Marked enemies will receive +15% damage, and gain double damage from the next hit of Sniper’s Mark. This doesn’t stack for subsequent Sniper’s Mark bullets. Be careful, as aiming with this rifle will reveal a bright orange laser to whoever you’re aiming at!

Weaken your foes with Sniper's Mark

Weaken your foes with Sniper’s Mark

Vantage’s Playstyle

As we mentioned in this guide before, Vantage is a recon legend in Apex Legends. Her strengths lie in scouting the area and informing your teammates through her high mobility and info gathering abilities. It’s important to be aware of opportunities to scout ahead and provide your team an advantage before the fight starts. She works a lot like Seer or Bloodhound in that regard.

Use Echo to seek the high ground and gain an advantageous position, as her name suggests. Before you engage in battle, utilise her passive ability to scope out the area. Especially early game it’s important to look at the enemy’s Evo Shields. If their shields are lower than yours, you’ll know your squad has the advantage. If not, you might want to change your plan and retreat. You can also see if the enemy squad is missing a member, giving you even more of an edge.

Give your team an advantage by scoping the area.

Give your team an advantage by scoping the area

Her ultimate, Sniper’s Mark, can be a useful opener to a fight. It’ll allow your team to deal extra damage if you manage to land the first shot. Don’t get too caught up in the sniper role though. A mistake players make often is keeping their distance and letting their squad duke it out in a 2v3. Her ultimate ability granting you a sniper doesn’t mean you can’t help your allies fight up close.
In fact, having a sniper rifle built into her kit opens up 2 slots for other weapons, besides a sniper. It often proves useful to carry two closer range weapons along with her ultimate, like shotguns or ARs. Tag your enemies beforehand if possible, then join your team to knock them with the damage boost you provided.
Don't be afraid to join your team in battle

Don’t be afraid to join your team in battle

Vantage’s Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you know everything about Vantage’s kit and how to utilise it, here are some short tips and tricks to push your skills to the next level.

  • DON’T fail to inform your team of who you’re tagging with your ultimate. Your allies can see your laser sight as well, so tell them to keep an eye on it.
  • DO pair Vantage with a Valkyrie. Use Valk’s ultimate whenever you need to relocate from your high ground within the circle.
  • DON’T keep Echo out in the open. Recall him when you have no need for him, as he gives away your position.
  • DO bring a Wattson, as throwables like grenades and arc stars directly counter you. Wattson can nullify these with her ultimate.
  • DON’T forget to ping an enemy while using her passive, it will reveal their shield type and the players alive in their squad to your team.
  • DO use Vantage’s passive to see enemies through shrubs and windows.
Don't forget to recall Echo whenever you don't need him

Don’t forget to recall Echo whenever you don’t need him

This is everything you need to know to dominate the battlefield in Apex Legends with Vantage.

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