The Best Landing Spots on World’s Edge in Apex Legends

This guide gives you a look at some of the best landing spots on World's Edge. With so many different named locations on the map, it can be a daunting task trying to decide where to drop. You will be shown where to land to find some rare loot and some of the best spots for rotating into other areas to take advantage of third-party opportunities.

The Best Landing Spots on World's Edge in Apex Legends cover

With three different maps now included in the Battle Royale mode, Apex Legends contains a wide variety of different locations to explore. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a landing spot. Do you want to land safe and find a solid loadout? Or are you looking to drop hot and chase that elusive 20 kill game? No two drops are the same. No matter what style of player you are, this guide has you covered.

With the first Ranked split for Season 9 underway, here are some of the best landing spots on World’s Edge in Apex Legends. These selections are in no particular order. 

Once you’ve discovered the top locations in the game, find out which Legends are the best to take into battle.  

1. Countdown

Season 6 introduced a variety of new locales to the map. One of the most notable of these is Countdown. Set in the northwest section of the map, this location provides high risk, high reward opportunities in skirmishes. It can be selected as the hot zone as well. This makes it a solid option for obtaining a good loadout right away. However, better loot means that there are usually a few squads that will land at this location as well, so you will need to be ready for a fight. 



One of the positives of landing here is its size. The roughly oval-shaped facility contains two main buildings with two smaller structures near the bridges that connect the complex together. These bridges on both the left and right sides of the area can be raised by interacting with a panel on either side of them. The key feature of this location is the pit in the middle of the complex. By activating one of another set of control panels, a secret loot compartment can be raised from beneath the center of the area. This loot normally includes high-level Evo Shields along with weapons and shields.

This gives you the option to collect the valuable equipment stored there. Unfortunately, the loud sound made when activating the loot chamber alerts nearby teams. The low ground also makes you an easy target for opposing squads. Nevertheless, sometimes obtaining a better Evo Shield early in a game can be worth the risk. The guarantee of above-average loot, along with easy rotations to places like Train Yard and Skyhook, make Countdown one of the best landing spots on World’s Edge.      

2. Geyser

Nestled amongst the jagged cliffs, Geyser provides a visually stunning landing spot. It contains a nice mix of buildings along with a lot of wide-open areas. This makes for some interesting and varied fights. It also strikes a good balance between a not too passive drop while at the same time usually not bringing half the lobby to the location at the beginning of the game. 



As the name suggests, this location includes an active geyser. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic of the surrounding area, but it also creates opportunities to reposition during a fight. Furthermore, it is close to one of the loot vaults on the map. Landing here with a Loba on your squad provides you with the opportunity to steal one valuable piece of loot from the vault through the use of her Ultimate, Black Market.    

3. Trials

Housing a collection of fearsome Prowlers, Trials gives you the chance to obtain some rare items. One of the more unique locations in the game, it offers you the chance to engage in PVE battles against Prowlers. There are three tiers of loot that can be obtained. Each tier is earned after defeating a new wave of attacks from the creatures kept at the location. However, you don’t need to worry too much about them. They don’t inflict a lot of damage and are quite easy to defeat.   


This is a great spot to land if you want to get some high-level loot off spawn with relative safety. It is located in the far northwest corner of the map. Most teams overlook this location, electing to land in the more active regions of Skyhook and Countdown. Trials’ close proximity to these larger areas makes it easy to third-party ongoing fights. A Jump Tower located near the entrance of the area lets your team easily reposition to go on the offensive after looting. 

4. Fragment 

Divided into two separate locations on the map, Fragment East and Fragment West are grouped together to encompass the ruined remains of the central city of the map. Due to its plethora of buildings, this location offers plenty of opportunities for close-range engagements while also giving you ample perches to snipe from long range.  



While not the best choice for those that want a more passive drop, this landing spot provides a great opportunity for aggressive players to rack up high kill, high damage games. Its location towards the center of the map helps funnel squads towards its skyscrapers. In addition, its many structures mean lots of loot available after landing, giving you a better shot of making out of the city alive. 

5. Harvester

Arguably one of the game’s most iconic landmarks, Harvester’s red beam acts as a beacon showing you where to find the middle region of the map. Just make sure not to fly through the middle of the laser. It is instant death for your team. (Not that I’ve ever done that before.)



With a group of passageways that snake away from an elevated middle structure above a pool of lava, this location offers some interesting high ground to fight from. Numerous supply bins can be found here, supplying a decent amount of loot for your team. There is a good chance of Replicators spawning at the beginning of a game here as well.

It is also located near the center of the map, meaning that you probably will find yourself not needing to run from the damaging ring. It is also close to Sorting Factory and Fragment, making it easy to rotate to those typically highly populated locales in an attempt to find fights with a third party. Its position on the map makes this one of the best landing spots on World’s Edge.    

6. Lava Fissure

Located on the far west edge of the map, Lava Fissure provides a good choice for a safer drop. While this area can sometimes receive a lot of early game activity depending on the dropship’s route, it often is overlooked for larger places such as Countdown or Skyhook. Even though this might be more of a passive strategy, it still is large enough to have ample loot for a squad. Furthermore, it usually contains a Replicator for crafting

Lava Fissure

Lava Fissure

Lava Fissure creates interesting dynamics in a firefight due to its multiple levels. Most of the walkways that branch across the pools of lava have another bridge underneath them. These different layers offer players opportunities to flank enemies while staying undetected.

In addition, this location contains a Jump Tower, giving you the opportunity to reposition to more active places such as Countdown or Skyhook after finding your desired loadout. This can be handy considering this location’s proximity to the edge of the map. Using the Jump Tower, you can quickly make your way towards the center of the zone if you have a long way to run from the ring that surrounds the map. 

What do you think of this list of the best landing spots on World’s Edge? What’s your favorite location on the map? Let me know in the comments below.

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