Lifeline Is Strong in Apex Legends According to Dev

Season 9 brings some major changes to Lifeline's abilities. Daniel Klein, the lead designer on the game, believes Lifeline is strong in Apex Legends. Details on her popularity and success in Arenas are given. Also, a possible buff to Revenant in the future is mentioned.

Lifeline Is Strong in Apex Legends According to Dev cover

Season 9 has altered the meta in a number of different ways. One substantial change pertained to the nerfs/buffs to some of the game’s most popular characters. In a developer AMA on Reddit, Daniel Klein, lead game designer, commented that he thinks Lifeline is strong in Apex Legends

These comments from Klein reveal the popularity of the game’s medic. Part of the original cast of characters when the game first launched in 2019, she has remained a solid choice in battle.  One reason for her popularity probably has to do with her win rate. While the post didn’t give an exact win percentage, his comment that “she wins too often” alludes to the fact that she is a pivotal part of success for both game modes. 

The post specifically mentioned her success in Arenas. Even though potential nerfs to her Tactical and Ultimate abilities were mentioned along with changes to her hitbox, Klein suggested that equipment might be one of the reasons why she is strong in the new game mode. The major problem stems from the cheap price of the gold backpack. (It only costs 250 credits.) This gives teammates additional health and shields after being revived. Her Passive, D.O.C. Heal Drone, makes this piece of equipment even more powerful as it becomes much easier to revive fallen allies.       

While Klein mentioned a few possible concerns regarding the character, he also seemed relatively pleased with her place in the current meta. He believes that her Passive is much more balanced since the removal of the res shield. He noted that this ability rewards smart decision-making. Despite acknowledging that Lifeline is strong in Apex Legends, the developers don’t seem to be considering a nerf anytime soon.     

In other news from the developer AMA, a possible buff for Revenant was mentioned. While this update to the simulacrum is in the early stages, the developers hope to make him a top-tier pick in the future. Despite not being one of the best characters in the game, his Death Totem does provide his team with a good offensive weapon. It will be interesting to see what direction Respawn takes in buffing his power. 

What do you think of Lifeline in Season 9? Does she fit into the game’s current meta, or does Respawn need to nerf her abilities? Let me know in the comments. 

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