Apex Legends Season 8: Fuse, The New Weapon and Obliterated Kings Canyon

Apex Legends new Season 8 is around the corner, leaving players like myself intrigued about what we can expect in the new update. With a new Legend, map and weapon, the new gameplay trailer that was released on January 26th had a lot to show off. In this article, I will detail what players can expect from Fuse, the new weapon and map when they dive into the latest season.

Apex Legends Season 8: Fuse, The New Weapon and Obliterated Kings Canyon

In the past week, developer Respawn Entertainment released the gameplay trailer for the new season coming out on February 2nd, titled Mayhem. The trailer for season 8 of Apex Legends featured the new legend Fuse, along with the new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater, and map, Obliterated Kings Canyon. In this article, I will be breaking down the trailer and pointing out the important points, as well as explaining Fuse’s abilities and what he will bring to the table.

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New Legend: Fuse

In the new Apex Legends Season 8, players will welcome new offensive legend Walter Fitzroy, better known as Fuse. Just from the trailer, it is clear that this will be a chaotic, explosive character with abilities that will hurt the enemy rather than protect your team. Fuse’s abilities are based around explosives, making him the perfect character for anyone who loves projectiles and setting things ablaze.

Tactical Ability

Fuse will have an Airburst Grenade for his tactical ability, an explosive that can be launched from his arm and detonated in mid-air, great for dealing with the more mobile characters in the game. In the trailer, we see Fuse use this on Caustic and Mirage, causing them to flinch and take damage, eventually finishing them off with the new weapon.

Fuse's Arm Launcher

Fuse’s Arm Launcher

Ultimate Ability

Fuse will also have an area of effect ultimate called The Motherlode; a missile fired from the canon on Fuse’s back, which explodes and leaves a ring of fire around the enemy. To see what this ability could potentially look like and the damage it may deal, check out this video by staycation on YouTube, which shows how Respawn Entertainment has teased the new legend’s abilities in-game.

Apex Legends - First Look at Season 8 Legends Ability!

Passive Ability

Lastly, Fuse’s passive allows him to launch projectiles at a faster, more accurate and further range, a useful ability for those who love to bombard teams with explosives. In the trailer, Fuse launches an Arc Star very fast at Octane, who’s mid-air after hitting his jump pad, showing how accurate and fast it can be to throw projectiles with this new legend. This means you can expect Thermite, Arc Star and standard Grenades to come at you even faster and more accurately than ever when Fuse and the new season drops.

30-30 Repeater

As well as a new legend, players will also experience a new weapon, the 30-30 repeater. From the trailer, this new weapon looks like a fairly versatile marksmen rifle that will be most damaging when aimed at the head. The weapon seems to have lower recoil but a slower rate of fire as expect with a rifle. As the weapon has been identified as a ‘repeater’, perhaps we can expect a Wild West theme around the gun, potentially being a high damage weapon as long as you have a fast trigger finger and precise aim. Within the trailer, we also get to see the iron sights, as well as a clip with the 2x – 4x sight attached, showcasing the fact that the weapon will be useful in mid to long-range engagements. Does this mean the G7 finally has some competition? Guess we will find out come February 2nd!

Fuse Holding the 30-30 Repeater

Fuse Holding the 30-30 Repeater

Obliterated Kings Canyon

As well as Fuse and the new weapon, Apex Legend’s new season also brings massive changes to the beloved original map, Kings Canyon. With the cinematic trailer dropping on the 21st, players saw Kings Canyon get completely destroyed, being renames Obliterated Kings Canyon. From the gameplay trailer, we were able to see more of how this explosion changed the map. Although within the trailer, we can see familiar places such as the Redeploy Beacon outside of Salvage, there does seem to be a drastic change with locations now being completely unrecognisable. This could bring a refreshing new feeling to the original Apex Games map, exciting players to come back to the game and experience Kings Canyon like never before.

I hope you found this article on Apex Legend’s new season 8 weapon, map and legend Fuse useful and informative, be sure to check out the new gameplay trailer below and let me know in the comments if there’s anything I’ve missed!

Apex Legends Season 8 – Mayhem Gameplay Trailer

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