Apex Legends Season 7 “Ascension” Gameplay Trailer Released

Respawn has dropped a new Apex Legends Season 7 trailer. The colourful new map Olympus and new character Horizon were featured in the fast-paced gameplay trailer, which sets the tone of an exciting season after 2 weeks of the Halloween Fight or Fright event.

Apex Legends Season 7

Apex Legends season 7 “Ascension” is set for release in early November with a new gameplay trailer showcasing the brand new lush map “Olympus”, a new character named Horizon, and a new vehicle called Trident. The game’s official Twitter further revealed the addition of “Clubs” – a feature where players can join and create their own clubs to track and play alongside. 

The trailer shows familiar characters jumping around Olympus, lush with colourful flowers. Horizon’s gravity abilities are on full display, shooting enemies up into the air and disabling movement for a limited time.

Additional to the season 7 update is “Clubs”. “More than just a secondary friends list,” as written on the official Apex Legends news source, “clubs are a way to keep in touch with your clubmates, see what they’ve been up to, and send club-wide party invites.” Players will be able to form their own unique clubs or join others which suit their skills and play-styles. You can view club progress in a timeline featuring players who have joined and left, as well as the Club chat where players can interact. Clubs are based on a ranked system: at the top end is the Owner and the Admin, who can post updates and allow new players to join, with all new members joining as a Grunt. All club members can earn badges showing their dedication and achievements.

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Gameplay Trailer

Players can continue to enjoy the Halloween Fight or Fright event running until November 3rd. On November 4th, Apex Legends season 7 drops, and we can all begin to grind through the ranking system once more. What do you think of the new Clubs system? Excited for Horizon’s gravity-defying abilities? Let us know down below!

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