What’s Going On With Shiv’s Twitch Ban?

Shiv received a one-week Twitch ban for raging against an infamous hacker, known as Tufi, during an Apex match. This article expands on the argument made by him and his fans that the suspension is undeserved, considering the stress brought about by incessant hacking and trolling.

What’s Going On With Shiv’s Twitch Ban? cover

Twitch has evidently failed to lift its temporary ban on Shiv, based on his submitting a second appeal today. On Saturday (April 24), the Luminosity-aligned Apex streamer faced off in-game against the hacker known as Tufi, who had been locking him out of games and generally toying with his ability to play and stream. So when he defeated said hacker, ShivFPS responded somewhat excessively. 

Shiv's Revenge On Tufi With Intense Rage | Shivfps Rage Moments | Apex Legends Funny/WTF Moments

Several F-bombs and derogatory comments are what presumably led to Twitch’s dispensing the seven-day ban. However, given the circumstances, Shiv and his supporters contested that the ban was overly harsh and undeserved. The streamer, though enraged, restrained himself from saying much beyond creative variations of “FU.” To his credit, he did not stoop to the racism, sexism, or homophobia some gamers and streamers opt for in trash-talking sessions.  Additionally, it seems Tufi either received no punishment–or circumvented it– for his antics within Apex, while Shiv suffered the consequences.

Shiv announced his decision to appeal the ban and also offered more context to the hacker’s behavior via Twitter:

Based on Twitch’s guidelines, it’s likely that Shiv’s own words were deemed “hateful conduct.” In the email he received and posted on Twitter, he is likewise accused of using “hateful slurs” targeted at another player. Additionally, it seems that repeat offenses may lead to a Twitch ban rather than a mere warning; he had previously been banned for one week in 2020 for a similar offense, rumored to have been in retaliation to a racist comment pertaining to the ISIS terrorist organization. 

As for Tufi, the infamous hacker cheats his way into games amongst the world’s top 500 Apex players (especially Shiv) and uses aimbot to win, not to mention he’s also hacked and delayed entire Apex tournaments. Little is known about him, so one can only assume he’s just the kind of person who likes to watch the world burn.

It remains to be seen whether or not Twitch will retract this controversial ban on Shiv. 

(Video by Gamingzone Of Simba)

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