5 Tips to Level Up Faster and Gain More XP in Apex Legends

To unlock cool gear you need currency in-game. To gain currency you can either pay or play a lot of Apex Legends. Here's how you can gain XP in Apex Legends a lot quicker to unlock your favorite skins.

5 Tips to Level Up Faster and Gain More XP in Apex Legends
Apex Legends is a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre. The game feature three kinds of currency. Apex Coin which you can buy directly from the store. Legends tokens and Crafting materials can be earned by just playing the game. The more you play the more you gain XP in Apex Legends. Once you level up the game rewards you with either a loot box or in-game currency to buy stuff from the store. Legend token will get you really cool cosmetic items or if you save enough you can buy Legends too. Crafting materials are there to purchase Trackers, Poses, Finishers and Legend Skins.

Here’s how you can easily gain more XP in Apex Legends to level up faster

Play with some friends: Don’t go on the battlefield alone. Take some friends because that can net you 5% survival time bonus and 300 XP if you finish in the top 3.

Kill The Leader: Killing the leader of a squad can get you bonus XP which is always good.

Keep an eye out for the Champion: Killing a champion will get you 500XP.

Get as many kills as you can in a session: The more kills you get in a game the more XP you will gain. In this game, you even get XP for damaging a player so make sure you aim right.

Try to win the match: Winning the match can get you a really big XP boost. Just play defensively where it’s possible and try to survive till the last 3 squads remain.

For more guides on Apex Legends, check out its official game page.


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    Haha so basically play the game and you will level up

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    You dont even have to get a lot of kills or damage. You get way more xp just for living long. Each kill is worth 50 xp and damage is only worth around 4 per damage. However, each second you survive is 3 xp

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    Drop of at the Pit, A lot of people don’t go there. It’s located right next to run off and has mid to high tier loot.

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    Loł thx

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    Thank you


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    “Win the match” No shit sherlock


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