Valkyrie Might Be Overpowered According to Respawn Dev

Apex Legends Season 9 introduces Valkyrie to the arena. Daniel Klein, lead designer on the game, thinks Valkyrie might be overpowered. Here is a breakdown of some of her possible abilities including Hover and Flight Core based on what is known already.

Valkyrie Might Be Overpowered According to Respawn Dev Cover

Season 9 of Apex Legends, also known as Legacy, launches on May 4. Respawn recently revealed the next Legend entering the arena is Valkyrie. While hype for the new season continues to grow, Apex Legends lead designer, Daniel Klein, fears that Valkyrie might be overpowered.

In a Reddit post, Klein addressed the possibility of Valkyrie dominating the arena when she releases with Season 9.

New Legends have been a mixed bag over the last few seasons of the game. The Legend released for Season 7, Horizon, has become one of the most played characters in the game. On the other hand, Season 8’s new Legend, Fuse, has the lowest win rate of any character. It could take a couple weeks to see where Valkyrie fits into the Season 9 meta, but Klein’s comment suggests that her assortment of abilities might be overpowered. 

Apex Legends – Legacy Launch Trailer

While Respawn hasn’t revealed all the specifics in regard to Valkyrie’s abilities, the Apex Legends Season 9 launch trailer provides some clues to her kit. In the trailer, Valkyrie is seen flying across the battlefield wearing a jetpack salvaged from the remains of a Titan. Based on the newest Stories from the Outlands animated short, this Titan is a Northstar. The Northstar Titan is a playable Titan class from Respawn’s 2016 game, Titanfall 2. In that game, the Northstar Titan has the ability to Hover in the air for a short duration of time. This suggests that Valkyrie’s kit might include the ability to Hover as well.

The launch trailer also shows off Valkyrie unleashing a barrage of missiles against her enemies. This is reminiscent of the Northstar Titan’s Core Ability: Flight Core. In Titanfall 2, players can activate Flight Core, giving them the ability to fly in the air and unleash a salvo of missiles. The art for Apex Legends Season 9 furthers the likelihood of this being one of Valkyrie’s abilities, as she is seen firing missiles in the same way as the Northstar class Titan.

Titanfall 2: Meet Northstar - Official Titan Trailer

The Season 9 gameplay trailer launches on April 26. This trailer should give a much better look at Valkyrie’s abilities, and whether Valkyrie might be overpowered like Klein anticipates.

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