Apex Legends Gaiden Skins and Other Cosmetics

After a recent handful of surprising leaks had the Apex community eagerly awaiting the next collection event, Respawn finally released an official announcement confirming their season 13 anime-themed event: Gaiden! The Apex Legends Gaiden Event is full of highly anticipated limited-time skins and other cosmetics!

Apex Legends Gaiden Skins and Other Cosmetics

Apex Legends fans and data miners are notorious for leaking information and hyping the fanbase up. Recent leaks of a potential anime-themed event has led to the excitement of many players. Additionally, the rumors and leaks have now finally been confirmed by Respawn in an even more recent announcement. The Apex Legends Gaiden Event is officially dropping July 19, 2022 along with new heroic skins!

This announcement can be found on the official Apex Legends Twitter account along with an official link to details regarding this anime-inspired event:

The Apex Legends Gaiden Event brings with it a bunch of heroic anime-themed skins up for grabs. There is a total of 40 event-exclusive skins and other cosmetics to either win or purchase during this event. Some of these cosmetics include new legendary skins for a handful of characters. There is a legendary Evangelion themed Revenant skin, a legendary My Hero Academia themed Mirage skin, a legendary One Piece themed Octane skin, and a legendary Naruto themed Wattson skin.

These event-exclusive cosmetics can either be purchased or gambled for in Gaiden Event packs. Furthermore, showcases for the legendary character skins can be seen below from the official Apex Legends website:

Additionally, there are two unique weekly challenge tracks full of cosmetics and other goodies to win by playing the game. These items include an epic Fuse skin, a 3030 skin, an Apex pack, and even a free Gaiden Event pack! In addition to a plethora of event cosmetics is also yet another prestige skin. Bangalore fans will be happy to know that, upon obtaining all 40 event-exclusive items, Bangalore’s new “Apex Commander” prestige skin will also unlock.

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Source: Apex Legends Twitter Post, Apex Legends Gaiden Event Details

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