Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked Details Revealed

In a news update from Respawn, Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked was announced. New details regarding maps and split dates for the upcoming season of Ranked were given. Respawn provided statistics on player distribution between ranks for Season 8 as well.

Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked Details Revealed

Season 8 of Apex Legends comes to a close soon. With the end of Season 8 approaching, Respawn provided an update on the state of Ranked mode based on statistics from last season while revealing Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked for next season.

Respawn began the news update by providing some information on Season 8. They detailed the distribution of players with over 5 hours of Ranked as of 4/22/2021. The percentages from Season 7 are given in parentheses.   

  • 17.87% Bronze (16.35%)
  • 17.86% Silver (23.86%) 
  • 31.84% Gold (32.09%)
  • 26.16% Platinum (23.13%)
  • 5.86% Diamond (4.37%)
  • 0.4% Master & Predator (0.20%)

Citing the statistics shown above, Respawn noted an upward trend in players’ competitive ranks. Not only does this trend keep players motivated to play Ranked matches, the developers pointed out that the quality of matches during Season 8 improved due to a larger amount of players available to fill Ranked matches.

Apex Legends – Legacy Launch Trailer

Respawn revealed the maps and split dates for Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked. World’s Edge makes its return to Ranked for the first half of the new season. The map has not been a part of Ranked since Season 7. The first split for Ranked is scheduled to end on June 15, 2021. Olympus will return to Ranked for the second split. This will prove interesting given the new changes coming to the map with the Infestation update arriving in Season 9. King’s Canyon is absent from Ranked in Season 9. After complaints from the community in regard to the map, King’s Canyon’s removal from the rotation for Ranked shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

In addition, the news update provided a look at Season 8 rewards for Ranked play. Players reaching Diamond or higher receive a dive trail signifying the rank they achieved in game. In addition to dive trails for high level players, everybody that played Ranked in Season 8 receives a badge corresponding to the rank they reached in that season. 

A look at the Season 8 Ranked rewards players will receive at the start of Season 9.

A look at the Season 8 Ranked rewards players will receive at the start of Season 9.

According to the news update, the developers have no plans to alter the RP system for Ranked in Season 9. Overall, they are pleased with the current state of Ranked in the game.

Respawn: There’s a lot to look forward to in the Legacy update, and we’re happy to continue letting the adjustments in Season 8 settle and take hold before we make any more major decisions regarding the mode’s core tuning.

Legacy Ranked starts when the new Season of Apex Legends arrives on May 4.

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