Apex Legends: How To Gain More RP in Ranked Leagues

New to Apex Legends and want to know how you can improve to achieve a higher rank? This article will detail how you can gain more RP in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues. Whether you are playing solo, duo or with a full squad of three, there is something important here for everybody to learn and understand to gain more RP and achieve a higher rank.

Apex Legends: How To Gain More RP in Ranked Leagues

In the past week, Apex Legends has hit an all-time high player count, amassing an incredible 228,439 players at one time on Steam this month. With this new influx of players, as well as the recent release on Nintendo Switch, I’m sure there will be a heap of new players getting to grips with the more competitive, ranked side of Apex Legends. Let’s get into the ins and outs of ranked and, most importantly, how you can gain more RP (Ranked Points) and improve your game.

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Stick with the Team

Although it seems obvious, many players will think they are doing this but are ultimately lacking synergy with their team. One thing teams will struggle with in ranked, especially when you start to achieve Gold, Platinum and even Diamond, is the initial drop into the map. Make sure you are dropping together, keeping an eye on where other squads land in order for your team to get a safe landing. Loot up quickly, get a gun and a shield if you can and just stick with your teammates.

Don’t overextend without them, or try to take fights on your own too early unless you know an enemy is an easy target. Stay patient and let the fight come to you; stick with your fellow Legends and support each other right from the start; this will help you gain more RP as a team or even when solo queuing.

Understand Your Role

Remember, Apex Legends is a class-based team game, with every Legend fulfilling a certain role. If you are playing a defensive Legend, make sure you are playing defensively, let your teammates playing more offensive roles do their job, protect them when they need it, and make sure you’re letting them know when they overextend. Offensive and Survey Legends will need to be more involved in the fight than Defensive Legends, but at the same time, they must always make sure they are within range of their team, do not overextend; otherwise, you will be punished!

For example, if your team composition is Wraith, Gibraltar and Bloodhound, Gibraltar should act as the team’s anchor, holding down a safe position while the other two get different angles for damage. Understanding these roles also means understanding when to get a different angle and when to get back to your team’s defence, not straying too far while your defensive character holds down the best position. Ultimately, playing your role will allow your team to play to their strengths, fundamentally allowing you to gain more RP, as you will be dying less to silly decisions and overextensions.

Team Composition

Team Composition

Play for Placement

Playing for placement is a more passive way of playing the game, allowing the fight to come to you rather than forcing fights outside of the circle, gaining more RP from getting a better placement rather than hunting for kills and assists. Keep an eye on the ring and make sure you are not caught in rotation; sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing; if you find yourself in the circle already, protect what you have and stand your ground.

In competitive play, especially once you hit Platinum and Diamond ranks, most squads will be playing for placement. Don’t worry too much about getting KP (kill points) during the first couple of rings; let the fight come to you, and don’t force engagements during a rotation. Trust me; you will be rewarded with more RP for staying patient and holding down good positions in the circle, as towards the end game, kills and assists will start to come to you if you’re in the desired position.

Placement Point Breakdown

Placement Point Breakdown


In Apex Legends, communication is key; if you’re not communicating with your team and letting them know what you’re thinking, it’s likely that it will fall apart due to a lack of teamwork. As Apex is a team game with three players, of course, there are going to be conflicting ideas of how you should approach a situation or move throughout the game. At the end of the day, this is normal and can actually help the team as long as you communicate.

Share your ideas with one another, get an overall perspective on the situation and discuss how you should go about executing your plans. Even if you don’t have a microphone, Apex Legends has a great ping system and wheel, allowing many options for letting your team communicate with one another, so use it! Not only is this important when rotating and landing, but it is also essential when you are in fights and final circles, as using teamwork and a deeper understanding of where your squad-mates will be when in those situations could be your ticket to gaining more RP.

Ping Wheel

Ping Wheel

Watch the ALGS

Just like in sports, you’ll find that watching competitive esports events for Apex Legends like the AGLS (Apex Legends Global League Series) will be a helpful tool when it comes to improving your rank and knowledge of how you can gain more RP. Watching these tournaments allows you to see exactly how those who are the best at the game are playing. Watch their rotations, how and what fights they take, as well as what Legends they are using.

While watching, take notes on how close they stick with each other, how far they extend and how they communicate with one another; this could give you insight into what you’re doing wrong and fundamentally give you an idea of how you can survive longer to gain more RP. You can find all the dates for the upcoming broadcasts on Respawn’s website, as well as full videos of the recent events, one of which will be posted below; make sure you check it out, especially if you haven’t seen competitive Apex before!

TSM Win Game 3! | ALGS NA Winter Circuit #4 | Apex Legends

I hope this guide was useful for those looking to improve and gain more RP in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues. Be sure to leave a comment and check out some of our other articles to help improve your game!

Video credit: Apex Legends Global Series on YouTube


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