Arenas Gameplay Trailer Reveals Info on Mode and Legend

Respawn has unveiled the permanent game mode called Arenas. New details about this mode have been announced through an Arenas gameplay trailer and news update. In addition, new info on Valkyrie has been revealed along with new changes to Olympus.

Arenas Gameplay Trailer Reveals Info on Mode and Legend

Respawn has dropped the Arenas gameplay trailer for Apex Legends on the internet. They also released a news update, giving additional info on the mode. Along with unveiling the new permanent 3v3 mode, additional details on Valkyrie and the new weapon, Bocek Compound Bow, were given. 


The Arenas gameplay trailer gives a first look at the new mode that is being added to the game with the launch of Season 9. Unlike Apex Legends’ Battle Royale mode, Arenas pits 2 teams in a 3v3 elimination match. The news update emphasizes that third-parties won’t be an issue in this game type. 

Apex Legends – Legacy Gameplay Trailer

The new mode will launch with 2 custom made maps: Party Crasher and Phase Runner. In addition, Respawn will include 3 maps from preexisting Battle Royale locations. These locations include Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and Golden Gardens from Olympus. According to the news update, these Battle Royale locations will be rotated bi-weekly. This bi-weekly rotation means that the custom Arena maps should appear more often when playing the new game mode. 

Arenas mode introduces a pre-round phase to battles. In this phase, players use materials to purchase weapons and equipment to use during each round. Additional materials can be gathered from canisters around the maps (canisters give each player on a team 200 bonus materials for the next round). Players can gain 75 additional materials by killing enemies as well.

A look at the pre-round shop. Players can spend materials on weapons and equipment before the start of each round.

A look at the pre-round shop. Players can spend materials on weapons and equipment before the start of each round.

This pre-round acquisition phase is reminiscent to games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Beyond buying weapons and equipment with materials, enemies that are eliminated during a round drop their loot, providing the opposing team with extra resources to use during battle. However, one difference with Arenas mode in Apex Legends compared to the games mentioned above is that all players lose their weapons and equipment at the end of each round (except for Tactical and Ultimate ability charges). 

Arena matches consist of rounds. A point is awarded to a squad for winning a round. In order to win a round, one team must first eliminate all members of the opposing squad. The first team to win 3 rounds is crowned the champion. However, a team must win by 2 or more points. In the case that neither team gains a 2 round advantage before reaching 3 points, the game will continue until a team leads by 2 points. If both squads win 4 rounds, than the match goes to sudden death with the winner of that round also winning the match.    

Respawn noted that the Legacy Battle Pass can be leveled up through playing both Arenas and Battle Royale modes. In regard to the Battle Pass, the trailer also reveals new skins for Wraith, Rampart, and Mirage.   

According to the news update, Respawn plans to implement a Ranked mode for Arenas in the future.

A look at Phase Runner, one of the custom maps for Arenas.

A look at Phase Runner, one of the custom maps for Arenas.

Valkyrie and Bocek Compound Bow

The new Arenas gameplay trailer provides a more detailed look at the newest Legend in the arena, Valkyrie. Her abilities, reminiscent of the Northstar Titan in Titanfall 2, include the ability to fire a salvo of rockets from her jetpack. She can also launch herself and the rest of her team high into the air. The trailer shows how Valkyrie can reposition her entire team during a fight, and how they can use her Flight ability to get better positioning to utilize their Ultimate abilities.

The Bocek Compound Bow is seen as well. The trailer details new attachments designed for the bow. These include Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo. Shatter Caps turns the bow into a quasi-shotgun, while Deadeye’s Tempo allows the weapon to be fired at a faster rate. Firing what appears to be a projectile based arrow, the weapon seems to have a high skill cap. 


A sneak peak at the changes to Olympus are shown. The Arenas gameplay trailer reveals that the once pristine landscapes of Olympus have become infested with new plant growth. Roots can be seen wrapped around structures at various locations on the map such as Carrier and Bonsai Plaza.

Arenas mode along with Valkyrie and the Bocek Compound Bow release with Apex Legends new season, Legacy, on May 4.  

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