Apex Legends: Hunted Revealed, Level Cap Finally Being Increased

Apex Legends has revealed its next upcoming season: Hunted. This season will bring a new Legend to the games called Vantage, a revamped Kings Canyon and the long awaited Level Cap increase.

Apex Legends: Hunted Revealed, Level Cap Finally IncreasedRespawn has revealed the next season coming to Apex Legends titled Hunted. The reveal cinematic trailer showed off the new Legend being added while the website hinted at the new map we will get to explore and the long-awaited level cap increase.

Some of this information has previously been leaked, but this article will go ahead with knowledge and information only revealed through official channels.

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Apex Legends: Hunted Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Apex Legends: Hunted revealed the new Legend: Vantage.

The official Hunted website reveals that Vantage was raised on the icy moon of Págos where she was trained by her mother to become the ultimate survivor. Respawn posted a teaser trailer for the Hunted season several days which showcased the events that led up to Vantage’s entrance into the Apex Games.

As for how Vantage plays, it seems that she will be a Recon character of some form. Several shots in the trailer show Vantage being able to scan enemies, with the most obvious being at the end of the trailer where she likely uses her Ultimate Ability – here, Vantage can see the exact distance that an enemy is away from her while using a unique sniper rifle to knock them down. Whether the sniper rifle is also a part of her kit or is a brand new weapon is not known right now, but it’ll likely be a part of her kit considering that Vantage uniquely disassembles the weapon for storage. Additionally, she also uses her small bat companion, called Echo, for aid as it attacks an enemy squad, something that would fit well with her Tactical ability. 

Vantage Ability

Vantage Ability

Aside from Vantage, the official Hunted website reveals some more information about what the new map will be for this season.

‘Reforged Kings Canyon’ will be the location for the next season. This could hint at the map being completely rebuilt and remade to be how it was when the game launched back in Season 1, seeing as it was subsequently destroyed over the following few seasons. The trailer does show some popular landmarks from Kings Canyon, including a new version of Skull Town, so there will at least be some reformation from how the map previously was.

The main draw for many people will likely be the increase in the player level cap. Currently, this sits at 500, with the ability to earn Packs every 5 levels being taken away once you hit that level cap. To many, grinding for new Apex Packs is one of the main reasons to return to the game, so seeing that we will finally be able to earn them once again past level 500 in Hunted is a great sign. 

How much the actual increase will be isn’t clear right now, but many expect it to be around 100-200, which would be a substantial increase.

There is also the Hunted Battle Pass, but more information on that, as well as an official gameplay trailer, will be released over the coming days. 

Apex Legends: Hunted launches on August 9th.

SOURCE: Apex Legends: Hunted Launch Trailer + Apex Legends: Hunted Official Website

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