Apex Legends: New Chaos Event, Caustic Town Takeover and Heirloom

Recent leaks and in-game teasers about Apex Legends' upcoming event, Caustic town takeover and new heirloom were uncovered these past few weeks, generating a buzz around the community for what's in store. Let's get into detailing the leaks and in-game Caustic teasers, as well as presenting the new heirloom, which will be arriving with the new event.

Apex Legends New Chaos Event, Caustic Town Takeover and Heirloom Cover

As Apex Legends’ Anniversary Event comes to an end March 2nd, recent leaks and in-game teasers have been pointing towards an interesting new event and town takeover in the future, revolving around popular Legend, Caustic. As well as this, data miners have also uncovered the newest heirloom set to be released for the original Legend, Bangalore.

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Caustic Town Takeover

Over the past few days, Respawn Entertainment has implemented teasers hinting towards the new event and Caustic town takeover in-game. A few days back, When players were loading into Kings Canyon, Caustic was seen alongside a large yellow canister, looking particularly suspicious. As players aren’t used to seeing any Legends during the load time before a game, players went looking around the location he is seen, Crash Site, finding an audio log detailing Caustic’s plans to refine and mould the huge amount of toxins caused by the space ship explosion seen in the Season 8 cinematic trailer.

New Apex Legends Caustic Easter Egg & Event Teaser Found! #shorts

Since finding this, players have found 2 other audio logs, one just outside of Containment, in the yellow buildings next to the vault, and one above Water Treatment in the same yellow style building next to the water. In the second audio log, Caustic implies testing his plans on ‘human subjects’, in other words, the players. In the third log, Caustic talks about manipulating those behind the Apex Games to allow him to deal with the toxic water in order to execute his seemingly evil plan. It seems in the next event; Caustic will be fulfilling the role of Apex Legends’ villain, with these audio logs hinting towards a possible town takeover in Water Treatment in the south of the map. 

Along with these in-game teasers, a Target listing also suggests that the new Apex Legends event will be named ‘Chaos Theory’, further linking the event to the science-themed Legend, Caustic.

New Heirloom

Data miners have also unearthed that the new heirloom for this event will be for one of the original and greatly loved Legends, Bangalore. Just like any other event, those who acquire all of the items in the event collection will receive her heirloom, which is said to be an ‘exotic-looking knife’. Check out the image below to see what this new heirloom will look like, and let us know in the comments if you are planning to acquire it!

Bangalore's Heirloom

Bangalore’s Heirloom

As with the other town takeovers and heirloom collections, this new event will also see a big new update in which players may finally see the end of the Mastiff’s reign, with supposed big changes coming in update 8.1. The new event is expected to arrive on March 11th, so stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and comment below if you are excited about what Caustic has planned!

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