NA ALGS Finals Recap: Bottom 20 Steals Title From TSM & C9

Bottom 20, also known as Team Kungarna NA, have won the NA ALGS Finals, a gorgeous trophy, and a hefty some of cash. The top-dogs NRG underperformed while TSM and C9 just barely failed to finish the tournament, giving Kungarna's Bottom 20 a golden opportunity to reach matchpoint and capitalize.

NA ALGS Finals Recap Bottom 20 Steals Title From TSM & C9 cover

The NA ALGS Finals are over, with winners Bottom 20 crowned. Going into the Finals, NRG was a favorite to take it all, but the  team drastically underperformed. Meanwhile, Cloud9 decisively played like the best team on the continent, and underdogs Alpine and ESA Black both competed impressively. However, in the end, it was underdogs/under-the-radar Bottom 20 of Kungarna esports as the last legends standing.

Despite its exciting outcome, the tournament truly was a TSM and Cloud9 show for its majority. After a win by ESA White and then ESA Black, things really picked up in Game 3 for TSM, as Snip3down approached the match’s end having been revived with no weapons. Nonetheless, he secured two kills with an heirloom alone, while Reps clutched the win with minimal health. Next time out, the squad hit 50 points, and were therefore the first team to reach matchpoint status.

The points-leaders briefly changed their team composition, somewhat as a disguise against targeting from the rest of the lobby; ImperialHal even made the massive switch from Octane to Gibby, but to no avail. Cloud9’s Zachmazer secured multiple Kraber kills for a win and second matchpoint qualification. TSM quickly returned to their normal comp, only to be eliminated by the new challengers and new favorites. 

After narrowly missing their own shot to win it all, C9 then assertively marched through My Little Phony and Team Liquid in a harrowing late game. Down to three teams, it was the powerhouses TSM versus C9, with Sentinels casted as successful spoilers.

In what turned out to be the tournament’s last match in Game 9, C9 and TSM were both unceremoniously eliminated. SSG, Renegades, and Bottom 20 were the final three, with only RNG lacking matchpoint eligibility. In the end, it was Bottom 20, barely shown on screen or mentioned at all before then, who took out both threats and took home the lion’s share of the NA ALGS Finals prize pool.

Truly, TSM and C9 were throwing the punches and winning the rounds, but Bottom 20 ended it all with a haymaker. 

A Champion is Crowned! Game 9 | ALGS NA Championship | Apex Legends

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