5 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 9

With every new season of Apex Legends, a whole slew of new weapon skins comes along with it. However, this season has been particularly exciting and unique where these are concerned. Come dive in and check out the best new designs!

5 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 9 Cover

While there are many new things to discuss in Season 9, I particularly noticed the new cosmetics for the weapons. While gun skins are nothing new in Apex, the range of designs in this new season is exciting, taking influence primarily from Japanese culture. Here are the 5 best weapon skins in Apex Legends Season 9!

1. Way of the Serpent (M600 Spitfire)

One of the best is one you can get easily. Showing up in the first level of the premium battle pass, Way of the Serpent has a strong look with a striking sense of style. It goes on the M600 Spitfire, one of the most popular and acclaimed weapons in the game.

The serpent design is staggering.

The serpent design is staggering.

Featuring primarily red and green colors, with black and white highlights, it gives off a distinct fantasy feel. It looks exciting and highly unique, with enough personality to distract on the battlefield. The barrel of the gun coming out of the serpent’s mouth is another nice touch, which adds loads of personality to an already fantastic design.

2. Enflamed (Longbow DMR)

While most gun designs are made to be flashy, Enflamed picks a different route. Taking the original colors of the Longbow and replacing the green body with a flame pattern might seem cheap. But to me, it looks understated and beautiful.

While it is simple, I couldn't ask for a better skin.

While it is simple, I couldn’t ask for a better skin.

The flames stretch across the entire body, which in description might sound excessive, but in execution, looks flawless. Ever since unlocking it, I have chosen it over my legendary skins for the gun. Another big pro is that it is also easy to get, as you can unlock it at level 7 of the premium battle pass.

3. Streaked in Blood (Wingman)

The Wingman is one of the most revered pistols in the game, and this cosmetic gives it the credit it deserves. Streaked in Blood is a simple change to the gun, but one of the most beautiful I have seen.

Just the right amount of flash.

Just the right amount of flash.

Made with a signature mix of red, black and white, the pattern here is dazzling and bright. It stands out immediately against some of the other popular Wingman skins, and in my opinion, goes head to head with many legendary ones. Being able to unlock it at a mere level 17 is insane, as this is a top-tier design.

4. Demonic Resolve (Sentinel)

While the Sentinel may not be everyone’s favorite sniper, this design is sure to turn some heads. Not only does the name promise quite a lot, but the execution of that name is top-notch. It unlocks at a rather high level 65, but it is worth it.

This gun looks properly devilish, in the best way.

This gun looks properly devilish, in the best way.

Primarily featuring colors of yellow and red, with a hint of purple, Demonic Resolve looks stylish yet terrifying. Built into the pattern on the gun are multiple Tengu masks, driving home the Japanese stylization of many weapons here. It may not be the best Sentinel skin, but I certainly love the design.

5. Dragon’s Spine (Devotion)

While every season to date has had a great skin for completing the battle pass, Season 9’s is my favorite thus far. The Devotion has never been one of my favorite guns, but this one will make me use it more.

The mixture of colors never ceases to amaze me.

The mixture of colors never ceases to amaze me.

Adorned in a staggering mixture of purple, gold and green, it catches the eye the moment you see it. It replicates the look of a dragon perfectly and creates a sense of awe. It also features an array of shimmering effects on the magazine and the scope, which look fantastic. This pattern oozes cool and never looks too flashy for its own good.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the best weapon skins in Apex Legends Season 9! Have you checked out this season’s weapons? Do you have any favorites of your own? Discuss in the comments below!

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