Apex Legends Season 7: Guide to Olympus and Horizon

Using this guide, you can detail the ins and outs of how you can be successful with the new legend, Horizon, as well as how you can dominate on the new map. Those looking for tips and pointers for Apex Legends Season 7 and the new map, Olympus, need look no further!

Apex Legends Season 7 Guide to Olympus and Horizon Cover

Apex Legends’ new map Olympus is the latest location to be added to the map roster, bursting with bright colours and an array of open spaces and tight buildings. Olympus seems to take inspiration from the previous arena, World’s Edge, where players experienced a much longer ranged and tactical space for gunfights compared to the original map, Kings Canyon. However, in the same breath, Olympus does feel much more refined and less empty than World’s Edge, as although there are many large open spaces, places for cover and protection are much more abundant than its predecessor.

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Ways to Dominate

In Olympus, rotation is key, keeping a keen eye on the circle and setting out a comfortable path for you and your team to traverse is more important than ever. Unlike any of the previous maps, Olympus does have some features which both encourage and provide fast rotation across the map. One of the biggest spectacles in Olympus is ‘Rift’, a location with not just a lot of loot, but also a portal called the ‘Phase Runner’, which can take you to the centre of the map or even further if you wish. During my playtime, I found this very useful, as if the circle was ever across the map from where my team landed, the Phase Runner was always a quick option to relocate. There is a danger in taking this portal, however, as there may be others awaiting your arrival, so use it wisely!



Olympus is also home to Apex Legends’ first vehicle, the Trident, a fast hovercar that can carry the whole team. Of course, this introduction of vehicles further encourages and helps fast rotations for players, but much like the Phase Runner, this comes at a risk. Enemy teams will be quick to shoot and engage with any team using the vehicle, as any damage the Trident takes is shared to the team, leaving you wide open. Although the damage is shared, so you may not lose as much health or shield as you would being hit directly, it is still a danger as a coordinated team of three can easily focus fire and cause a lot of hurt. Having said that, if used efficiently, players will find the Trident as a useful new feature for rotating into the storm, not spending too much time in it, but rather using it to quickly traverse the map to a safe location.

The Trident

The Trident

Once again, like the previous maps, high ground is king. Olympus features locations with more layers than players have seen before, from buildings with multiple floors to underground tunnels for sneaky angles and flanks. For example, recently I had a game end around the Grow Towers, a location that features three tower structures with 3 layers. As my team was able to secure the highest floor on the tower in the final circle, we were easily able to pick off teams attempting to run from the storm and eventually win the game from the high ground. There are many locations and circle patterns in Olympus which feature high and low grounds, and in my experience so far, it is those teams who dominate the high ground that usually become the champion squad.



Apex Legends new character Horizon is an offensive legend with the title ‘Gravitational Manipulator’. Her abilities revolve around mobility and immobilising the enemy, using her tactical to gain the upper hand on the enemy and her ultimate to trap them. For her ultimate ability, Newt, which is the name of her robotic counterpart, can be thrown to create a black hole, causing an area of gravitational pull that enemies can get trapped in. Although players can shoot Newt who resides in the middle of the black hole, it does take a decent amount of damage to do so, and if caught off guard, players will find it very hard to escape. Some legends can counter the gravitational pull, such as Octane, who can stim his way away from the area of effect. However, once again, if placed well enough and you are able to catch them off guard, her ultimate can be very effective.

New Legend Horizon

New Legend Horizon

Further, Horizon’s tactical ability is called the Gravity Lift, which essentially allows her and anyone else who interacts with it to elevate and reach higher ground. This gives Horizon an edge of mobility and speed into her playstyle, especially as her passive ability Spacewalk provides more air control and most importantly, allows her to land from heights without taking the impact delay other legends experience. This tactical can also be used to traverse horizontally (pardon the pun), as sliding into the Gravity Lift will actually boost you up and in the direction of your momentum, much like a less rudimentary Octane bounce pad.

Horizon fits in nicely with the already present set of legends, providing those who prefer the offensive playstyle with a touch of crowd control, and in some cases, defense with her Black Hole ultimate ability. For a visual on how you can be effective with Horizon, as well as more tips on Olympus, check out Youtuber Zeus’ helpful video on Season 7 below.

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  1. Avatar photo

    After at least 50 rounds, I have to say it’s really pretty but not much fun.
    As a matter of fact, when you think about it, there really aren’t any fun places to battle on the entire map. It always feels either too open or too cramped.

    They did an amazing job on the aesthetics though.


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