Cloud9 Shakes Up Apex Legends Roster

The NA ALGS Finals runner-ups Cloud9 have decided to part ways with Knoqd in favor of TSMFTX streamer Albralelie. The move elevates the former Apex retiree and streamer from Team Liquid, while Knoqd remains a C9 streamer for now.

Cloud9 Shakes Up Apex Legends Roster cover

Cloud9 will be remodeling their Apex Legends roster by replacing Logan “Knoqd” Layou with former Liquid player and TSMFTX streamer Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith.

It has been deemed a somewhat controversial move by C9 to replace Knoqd after the team’s 2nd-place performance (1st in points) at the NA ALGS Finals. Within the Finals, C9 nearly secured a 1st-place victory in a showdown against fellow matchpoint-qualified TSM, but Sentinels were able to win the round and prolong the tournament. 

The original roster, consisting of Zach Mazer, Knoqd, and Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis was signed this May, after the org’s half-year Apex stint in 2019 failed. 

Albralelie, who had been taking a short break from competitive tournaments, will retain his TSMFTX label just as he did when competing for 17th-placed Team Liquid. Meanwhile, Knoqd will similarly remain a streamer for Cloud9 despite the probability of competing for other teams.

Albralelie is the second most profitable Apex player behind only ImperialHal. In 2020, he briefly left the game, saying in a TwitLonger, “Apex feels like a sinking ship to me and well, its time for me to get off before I sink with it.”

It is not yet known when the new Cloud9 Apex Legends roster will debut, nor with what level of success they’ll do so. 

Albralelie Joins Cloud 9 Roster - Apex Legends Highlights

(Video by Zipp).

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