Best Revenant Reborn Tips and Tricks on Apex Legends

Reforged and reprogrammed into an aggressive menace, Apex Legends unveiled Revenant Reborn to the server to terrorise his enemies. This guide will explain his new abilities, optimum usage and playstyle, and the best Legends to play with him.

Best Revenant Reborn Tips and Tricks on Apex Legends

Revenant was reborn in this season of Apex Legends with a full new kit and exciting new addition to his lore and character. With visual as well as playstyle updates, Revenant thrust himself back into the spotlight and fit the season’s theme perfectly. He now can spearhead attacks with unrelenting aggression with his Pounce, and his Ultimate gives him team fight durability in a different way than any other Legends on the roster. Both from a playstyle and story perspective, his character has gone through changes that make him more fun and interesting to play, with his skill ceiling being raised to more individually suit his needs. 

His Kit

Revenant got a complete rework to his kit and he’s more fun and viable to play in both Casual and Competitive game modes. With the Living Shell trio game mode coming to the game, now feels like a perfect time to master Revenant Reborn. Revenant is also unlocked and free to play for all players this season, which makes him a good starter Legend for anyone looking to try out the game. For both hardcore Rev enjoyers and players who want to try another aggressive Legend, Revenant will be a fun character that has undeniable pop-off potential. 

Revenant feels like a skill-check character that can be oppressive against inferior opponents much like Reyna in Valorant. His Ultimate allows him to siphon and sustain himself in prolonged team fights, and if he’s getting kills, he can still keep fighting.

Unlike other Legends, his abilities feel selfish which is in character with who he is versus his pre-rework abilities which were still in character but definitely leaned more into team play. I think Revenant’s kit gives him more individual chances to pop off and clean up, and adds a hyper-aggressive Legend to the roster which is the opposite of Legends such as Caustic who excel in defending space.

No more Totems but Revenant's shroud is arguably more terrifying.

No more Totems but Revenant’s shroud is arguably more terrifying.

Assassin’s Instinct

Revenant keeps his wall climbing abilities but gets more horizontal movement doing it which allows him to manoeuvre around buildings and pop up in unexpected areas for flanking or securing kills. He also retains his ability to crouch walk quickly so it’s good for strafing and to reduce his hitbox size during fights. 

His passive also highlights nearby enemies low on Health, with the added bonus of highlighting them to teammates if Revenant was the one that reduced their health. The marker can be seen through obstacles and facilitates chasing down opponents who are weak. It’s another scan that many will argue could be harmful to the game but a lot of it can only be seen through Revenant’s eyes unless he does the damage, and it fits in with his other abilities which is all about aggression and securing kills.

Revenant has some cool skins to equip.

Revenant has some cool skins to equip.

Shadow Pounce

Shadow Pounce is an engage or disengage ability that can be used as a precursor to the start of a fight when close to enemy squads. As a movement ability with a 25-second cooldown, Revenant cannot spam Shadow Pounce and it will feel like a long while until he gets his Tactical Ability back, especially in the middle of a fight. It’s important to hold the charge of his pounce until the red shadows appear on the screen, for maximum efficiency. It’s important to note the cooldown decreases to half during his Ultimate, so he gets more mobility during this time to chase straddlers and eat up space. The movement of his pounce is pretty quick and players shouldn’t get lasered out of the air unless they’re leaping vertically. 

The angle of your FOV is important during the Shadow Pounce as even looking straight ahead will give Revenant elevation during the jump. Looking at a 45-degree angle for the ground is optimal for short vertical elevation while not sacrificing too much horizontal movement, but in order to eat up the most ground, looking down will allow Revenant to cover the most ground during the pounce. It’s important to note Revenant can pounce onto or off zip lines so he can reach areas other Legends cannot and add another layer of movement to his abilities. 

Revenant can chain his Shadow Pounce with other movements such as super gliding or tap strafing in order to make him unpredictable and not just go towards the way his body is facing. I think players who are comfortable with movement tech can get the most out of Revenant, but it isn’t a necessity as linear jumps with low angles still make him too quick to track in most instances. This ability has a high base power but also has a high skill ceiling when combined with movement tech and Revenant’s passive ability to climb walls for extended periods. For anyone who enjoys movement tech, Revenant opens up a whole new area of possibilities to experiment with.

Revenant's mobility will give him aggressive pushes.

Revenant’s mobility will give him aggressive pushes.

Forged Shadows

Revenant channels his Ultimate to get a 75 HP shadow around him that increases his hitbox outwards and recharges slowly over time or through knocking or killing opponents. Lasting for 25 seconds, the Ult turns Revenant into a tank and gives him an edge against opponents through both his increased HP and reduced cooldowns on Shadow Pounce.

The Ult is good when you get someone low and your team need to secure the advantage. Popping Ult and Pouncing to the enemy’s last seen location to secure a kill will instantly give Revenant 75HP and effectively a blue armour swap, and the reduced cooldown of his pounce should allow him to jump out if he needs to or chase down another enemy. 

High-level Revenant players go in without popping their Ultimate start team fights and pop it mid-fight to give themselves an advantage and surprise opponents with the extra health he has to work with. Pairing him with someone who uses a good poke weapon will allow him to pounce when teammates can get a good few shots on enemies and make them low. For this, the Ultimate gives him safety and sustain and is integral to this play style.

Best Legends to play with him

The best Legends to play with Revenant are ones that can support and keep up with his aggression. Revenant punishes bad positioning or individuals with his kit, so Legends that can keep up and make sure he’s safe when he’s leaping towards and onto targets are the ones to play with him.


What Newcastle provides is stability in a volatile comp that hinges on aggression and the ability to keep getting eliminations against enemy teams. Revenant’s kit is designed for him to seek out engagements if he sees anyone, and Newcastle can give him cover and protection as Revenant goes in and causes chaos. When Revenant leaps into the enemy with his Shadow Pounce, Newcastle can jump onto Revenant with his Castle Wall to give cover for the team to play around and give space so teams will either have to back off or fight against a team with cover. I think this will make Revenant’s aggression less of an int and give an upside for coordinated team play around Newcastle’s utility.

Newcastle can leap to Revenant to give him some safe space to work with.

Newcastle can leap to Revenant to give him some safe space to work with.


As far as Scan Legends go in the current meta, Bloodhound would be the best choice to pair with Revenant as it seems like he’s the only one that can keep up with Revenant’s playstyle. Crypto and Seer are constrained by space as while they have a better ability to lock down certain areas, teams outside of it won’t be as effective and Revenant needs bodies next to him to keep the team fighting which ticks both of them off this list.

Vantage is interesting but a lot of her info gathering is similar to Revenant, but it can be an alternative to Bloodhound if the team is averse to playing Bloodhound. Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather is more suited to on-the-go recon, and his Beast of the Hunt will allow him to keep up with Revenant as he dives into backlines. Overall it’s another Legend that prolongs his power spike through eliminations, which is the same as Revenant.

Bloodhound is the best Legend to keep up with Revenant.

Bloodhound is the best Legend to keep up with Revenant.


The Revtane meta was one of the worst metas in Apex Legends history. Death Totem and Launch Pad terrorised the ranked playlist as teams jumped onto others without fear of dying due to the effects of Revenant’s Totem. Now not as oppressive, Octane and Revenant still work well together due to their styles leaning into the hyper-aggressive style of negating the space between themselves and enemies and fragging on top of enemies due to their space-closing abilities. Launch Pad and Revenant’s Leap will cover significant ground and will not allow enemies to escape wherever they may go. While lacking the safety Newcastle may bring, it does provide another dimension and more aggressive tools for the team to play around, and any squads confident in their close-range combat should try this duo for devastating effect.


Another space closer, Pathfinder can also keep up with Revenant’s aggression while being able to hold different angles with his abilities. Pathfinder also provides more verticality to the team and punishes Legends that can go back to cover high ground such as Valkyrie. If using Revenant as something like an all-in tank, Pathfinder is the perfect flanker that can chip away from range or from the side to give Revenant another target to hunt, and another angle to see the fight.

The strength of Pathfinder compared to Octane is that he doesn’t have to hold two close-range weapons as alternate angles can be further away from high ground or from the side. This means it’s less likely to clash with Revenant’s gun choice which will be likely more close-range-centric. I think out of the two, Pathfinder gives different angles and more vision, while Octane beefs up the frontline push ability. Both can be used to support and facilitate Revenant’s power spike and work off it effectively.

Pathfinder can grapple for alternate angles.

Pathfinder can grapple for alternate angles.

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