What Fans Want in Respawn’s Upcoming Singleplayer Game

Respawn Entertainment recently announced that they are working on a singleplayer FPS game set in the Apex Legends and Titanfall universe. As such, I asked the fans of both games what they wanted to see in this next entry to understand their expectations.

What fans want in respawn's upcoming singleplayer game

With Apex Legends season 14 on the horizon, developers have de-confirmed the release of any new PvE content for the game. Instead, Respawn Entertainment have stated that players should look forward to that in their upcoming singleplayer FPS game.

As development is still in very early stages, fans are not only curious, but also apprehensive; there are a lot of things they want to see and want left out. These are the main aspects that fans want in this upcoming singleplayer game, collected from two threads on the r/titanfall and r/apexlegends subreddit.

Improved Movement

There was a surprising amount of players asking for some return to Titanfall’s movement system. For context, Titanfall 2 was highly praised for its seamless wall-running, double jumping and slide-hopping mechanics.

These mechanics were dialed back in Apex Legends, likely to create slower pace gameplay that was more approachable and suitable for the battle royale. But clearly, fans enjoy the extra mobility, as the verticality and evasion creates fast-paced firefights with high counter-play potential.


Players have asked for less restriction of movement for this next game, as they enjoy the satisfaction of using terrain and obstacles to outmaneuver attackers and create awesome plays. In fact, players currently make extensive use of un-intended movement techniques such as bunny-hopping and tap-strafing. If players are already breaking the game just to make movement enjoyable, then the message is clear for what people want.

(OLD) 12.3 Without Fragboosting

For this upcoming singleplayer game, Respawn could add the double jump, add a limited wall run and increase the speed of slides. This would keep the movement relatively similar to Apex, whilst adding more aerial control and increasing combat pace.

Upgraded Legend Abilities

King's Canyon in Season 14

King’s Canyon in Season 14

One suggestion that saw a lot of traction, was to include Apex Legends abilities in this new game and increase their power levels. Since the game will take place in the same universe, this is a possibility.In Apex, there is a disconnect between what the abilities can do in lore and what they can do in gameplay, likely due to balance reasons. This user felt that, their abilities were nerfed so the legends could participate in the games fairly. However, in a singleplayer game, no such balance is needed.

Castle Mobile Shield

Castle Mobile Shield

Respawn’s singleplayer game could create a great environment to push the boundaries of character power with its campaign. If they implement upgrade and ability loadout systems, it would give players a sense of progression and a testbed for experimentation and personalization.

Imagine if you could bisect foes with Ash’s sword, super boost Valkyrie’s thrusters or scale skyscrapers like Revenant’s cinematic. You’d get more tools and potential for fun.

Deeper Story and Lore

A few users also expressed their desire to learn more about the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe. There are many different factions and groups that have yet to be fully explored, yet have a huge impact on the events of both games.

Castle with his family, prior to the games.

Castle with his family, prior to the games.

The Syndicate, Angel City, The Forgotten Families and Outland colonists are some of the perspectives Respawn could explore in this next game. Perhaps they could elaborate on IMC citizens like Bangalore, to give the world a sense of depth.

One user also requested for the ability to freely roam some of the more iconic areas like Angel City. This could feasibly work if Respawn opts for large instanced hubs like in Destiny.

Angel City from Titanfall.

Angel City from Titanfall.

No microtransactions

Fans are wary of EA’s monetization tactics. Even though this game will undoubtedly be a singleplayer experience, some fans believe that won’t stop lootboxes from rearing their ugly head.

There isn’t much precedence for this however, as Jedi: Fallen Order does not contain any microtransactions. That said, a possible counter-argument is that this singleplayer game’s connection to Apex Legends makes it more prone to monetization.

Apex Legend Season 6 skins.

Apex Legend Season 6 skins.

To alleviate concerns, Respawn should relegate cosmetic enhancements and skins to achievements. By doing so, the game would gain immense replay value and motivation for mastery, whilst rebuilding consumer goodwill.


Surprisingly, a lot of players, including Apex fans, want Titans to make an appearance in this game. These are giant pilotable mechs that carry a wide array of weaponry and equipment, fulfilling a wide variety of roles from area denial, sniper support, to full-on frontal assault.

Ronin execution. Titanfall 2.

Ronin execution. Titanfall 2.

As Titanfall 2’s campaign has been largely praised as one of the best FPS story modes in the last decade, it would be beneficial for Respawn to adopt more from it. In particular, the contrast between Titan and Pilot combat kept the experience fresh throughout the whole playthrough.

Cloak Pilot Execution

Cloak Pilot Execution

Gameplay never felt stale or monotonous. One minute you’re leaping from wall to wall, hosing down grunts with your Alternator and then the next, you’re dueling against a Tone, managing your cooldowns, timing your shield to catch its rocket salvo.

This mid-game genre shift from FPS to pseudo-hero shooter gave Titanfall depth, expression and variety. Perhaps Respawn should consider adding a few set-pieces of piloting to provide that same level of gameplay elevation.

Stand tall for Titan fall.

Stand tall for Titan fall.

Co-op Gamemode

Despite the game’s designation of being a singleplayer game, players still want some element of multiplayer. Perhaps this is a sign that Respawn have misjudged what their demographic wants.

Such a mode may allow existing Apex fans to transition over to the game, whilst retaining the PvE focus. It would also give the game some extra longevity outside of its story as post-game content to test your skills.

Apex Legends PVE event in Season 5

Apex Legends PVE event in Season 5

That’s it for now! Maybe you have some ideas for things you want to see in this upcoming game? Or maybe you disagree with what has been said in this article? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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