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Apex Legends: How To Check Your Career Stats

After playing a lot of Apex Legends, you're bound to want to check your career stats. We'll show you how to do that! With this comprehensive guide, you'll be tracking your kill and win ratios in no time. All the better to brag with.

Apex Legends: How To Check Your Career Stats

With Apex Legends’ lack of leaderboards or statistic tracking websites, finding out your personal in-game stats is going to take a little time investment and hard work. 

Discover your total kill count so far

The first step here is to go your chosen Legends’ character page. Once you have chosen a Legend, your kill count for the Legend specifically can be found on the Banners tab. This isn’t a completely ideal work around as it is going to require a pen and paper. Even at this point, Respawn isn’t explicit in how to learn this information as it is tied to your Trackers. From here on out, you’ll need to access each of your Legends one by one, make a note of how many kills they have racked up and then do the simple math. 

Apex - how to find your kills

In the interest of chasing your own personal quality of life update, we can add these kill counts to your character banner with the use of a Legend’s badges. Boasting rights that we’ll get into in a moment. Here’s where the extra work comes in. You’ll have to unlock this with 30 Crafting Metals. Just right click the lock next to the Tracker and pay the price. Failing that, you could always get lucky with an Apex Pack. Although, we all know what a steep numbers game loot boxes are – you’d probably be quicker farming those Crafting Metals. 

Discover how many wins you have earned

Sadly, racking up your total win count in Apex Legends is a similar story to finding out total kills. That’s right, head back into your Legend character screen, again click Banners and Tracker. Now you dig out how many wins you’ve had with that character specifically. Although, in this instance, there’s no section that says explicitly “matches won”. So you’ll need to look out for “Times placed top 3“. As we know, Apex Legends is squad based and if you’re one of those three – you’ll most likely be a winner. This is not an ideal resolution but it’s the closest we can get to knowing what a badass you are. Jump from character to character, take a note and do the math.

It is now also easy to find out your winning ratio. Just do

Times Placed Top 3 / Games played * 100 = winning ratio percentage

Apex - how many wins do you have

Publicly boasting is the result of hard work

If you choose to display each of these kill / win statistics on your character banner, it’s going to cost 30 Crafting Metals in each instance. Farming enough for each of your Legends to display these stats is going to be a long hard grind (if you don’t want to spend any money, that is). In order to display the full information for each and every Legend, you’re looking at spending days worth of grind in Crafting Metals. 

Apex Legends: How To Check Your Career Stats - Where you'll find Crafting Metals
Possibly more than that, as each match rewards players with one lootbox containing Crafting Metals so… this could take some time. Who knows, Respawn Entertainment may update Apex Legends with a leaderboard system soon. After all, they have stated recently “As you can imagine, when you drop your game out of nowhere and 25 million people show up in the first week, there’s going to be all kinds of issues

If you’re new to Apex Legends and have been playing PUBG or Fortnite for a long time, the new terminolgy can be a little unusual to wrap your head around. Perhaps, this is your first Battle Royale? If so, check out our terms and phrases guide and get clued up before your next clash of Legends.

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“Times placed Top 3” refers to top 3 squads, so that stat is not the same thing as wins, as you imply.


Yeah, I agree. This post is definitely wrong on that. Top 3 means top 3 squads, not 3 individual players.

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