New Apex Legends Character, Map, and Vehicle Coming November 2020

Respawn have revealed a trailer called "Promise" showcasing a new Apex Legend character, map, and vehicle. The announcement draws Season 6 to a close and promises great things for the upcoming Season 7 called "Ascension", dropping November 4th.

New Apex Legends Character, Map, and Vehicle Coming November 2020

The secrets out! After weeks of teasing and completing mysterious tasks for an unknown character, Respawn have dropped a new trailer for Apex Legends featuring the new Scottish character and a brand new map. 

The trailer, titled ‘Promise’, sets up the tale of tragedy. Horizon, our new hero, travelled across space to find crystals which would fix her kingdom’s energy crisis, only to be betrayed by a jealous scientist. Holding onto the titular ‘promise’ made to her son, she seeks her return to her home planet to see him once again, but time has passed with unfavourable speed. 84 years later she manages to make it home and finds her home in what looks like a vortex – a black hole which has shattered across space wrecks havoc in the distance. “Don’t worry,” she whispers toward the skyline. “I’ll make that promise yet. It’s just a matter of time.”

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Promise”

Astrophysicist Horizon’s specific abilities are unknown, with hints towards being gravity-based and able to commander a new vehicle. Past weeks have seen anti-gravity beacons placed near towers, accessible after completing Horizon’s tasks in the current season. The trailer also highlights the new map called “Olympus”. The “beautiful, lush city in the clouds” is featured in concept art on loading screens and can be navigated with the new vehicle called Trident. 

The trailer for Season 7 “Ascension” drops tomorrow at 3pm GMT. So, tighten your space boots and get ready to fly into the sky with the biggest Season update yet. 

Until then, players can continue enjoying After Dark: the Halloween-themed event available until November 3rd. Let us know your thoughts on the latest legend below!

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