100 Thieves Sign Gigz & Teenage as Apex Legends Pro Players

A new dawn is approaching; a contest which will decide the real Champion! Apex legends eSports will be its name, and Apex Legends is the game. One of the biggest Orgs, 100 Thieves, is wasting no time gathering their best squad together.

100 Thieves Signs "Gigz" as First Apex Legends Pro Player
Per the success of the new battle-royale sensation, Apex Legends, and with much support from a lot of major streamers; an eSports bracket for Apex Legends is more or less guaranteed. Some large Organizations are already putting together their dream team of content creators and pros from other eSports. 100 Thieves did just that by recruiting the very popular Destiny 2 player, Connor "Gigz" White, to their future Apex Legends professional team as its first member.

100 Thieves also announced that they acquired "Teenage" as their second professional Apex Legends player. "Teenage" is tied for the kill record in Apex Legends at 41 kills, and is also known for being the #1 Widowmaker player in the world. Between his stats and his popularity, he will be a great addition to this now forming, elite squad.

Connor is a born Destiny player, having achieved two World Firsts for raids in Destiny 2, he is well known and respected in the gaming community. An Apex Legends eSports is not officially created but it is only a matter of time, but with 2700 wins and 277 kills, I can't wait for Connor to dominate the battlefield.

What do you think about how the new team is forming? Let us know in the comments, and if you would like to read other news and tips for Apex legends, click below.

Apex Legends is out on PC, Xbox One, & PS4 for free!
You can find Gigz, Teenage, and 100 Thieves on Twitter.

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